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gucci boston bags is very uncomfortable
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TOPIC: gucci boston bags is very uncomfortable

gucci boston bags is very uncomfortable 11 months, 1 week ago #99502

  • mcqvcujyh28
Jian, but these three night clocks, the Xiao of the green jade refines the time of this clock and integrated into oneself's feeling to the way Wu in this process in those early years, Yang Jian at this time a shot compare with Long Tian and green jade Xiao to make moves differ a great deal, but this among them way oneself's Wei power, isn't a few monks to arrive naturally.
"Live …… stop ……" tight that Luo light breathing, light voice from in spread, disgrace a full face is to lachrymally hand tight that Luo to come out, tight that what Luo dared not believed come out to kneel on the ground:"This ……is this really the teacher's aim idea?Can't of ……can't of ……how will the teacher bum out me out of the Buddhism?……"
"Tight that Luo teaches the Zu method the aim, are you to connect or don't answer?"Monk's voice is even unpleasant to hear, tight that Luo doesn't talk and shiver on the ground and shake to sway be like want to fall flop go to similar, top the bad monk continue way:"You originally in order to teach the pupil of the most satisfied Zu, ground fairyland a war, teach win manies all see as you my Buddha such as to similar existence, take measure against you to deprave world of mortals, don't think to repent."
"Have no, the I has no, have no, have no ……" tight that Luo the blood on the body slowly flowed out, although the that knife of original oneself have a blood to come out, also have no how much, just in the despair, the heart's the most honorific teacher for oneself incredibly doesn't believe himself/herself and bums out oneself out of the Buddhism, oneself exactly is where do amiss, a hundred years come from F one heart expand Buddhist doctrine and don't hesitate more to die it rob to preach, is this getting wronger?Be getting wronger?
Tight that Luo part continuously ask himself/herself, part answer oneself have no, but the commotion of in the mind is need not to query, oneself Chong believed so several years of teacher, so several years of Buddhism, abandon oneself like this.
The blood has already flowed 1 ground, tight that Luo's facial expression more and more of pallor, abashed hand in a side:"You have no wrong, wrong is me, you killed me like, and tight that Luo didn't relate to."
"Ah ……" Long Tian again sighs, cold to monk's ways of this tops:"You be still even if, otherwise don't the strange I opened rule against killing.I an open rule against killing can't take care of you to after death have a few sages."
"You dare?"The monk looking at to wear surly Long Tian, the in the mind is mercilessly still bad appearance, really make Long Tian, is very uncomfortable, the Buddhism always pays attention to mercy degree a life time, have never thought this a few monks but thus stubborn, basically be like rascal in the street of personal boundary.
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