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TOPIC: you this is the stem hemp

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Or make me advise him first."Lin Pei Pei explained purpose with teacher.
Xu Cai Qiao at one side surprise:"?You top which have so big younger brother?"
"Is not a close younger brother" the white of Lin Pei Pei Xu Cai Qiao's one eye.
", That is all right.This classmate isn't me this be a teacher of don't speak face, it has been 45 days since you said to school begins all, I urge him to have a haircut every day and wear schools to take, he with don't hear, this is to have to do so, believe that the parent can't have, either today what opinion, at school, the student is controled by school is as it should be.However, if he would like to from have been already shorn, that is certainly better."The teacher nods to the leader of class point, the leader of class immediately released cow shell west.
"Hum"ed a cow shell west to hum 1 chillily, jilt the hand of opening the leader of class and tidy up the next clothes.
"Shell west, you this is the stem hemp?"Lin Pei Pei stretches hand to pull him:"Is very not easy to test to go into a medium, you make so Teng, wanting to make very?"
"Who are you ?"The cow shell west nowise shows consideration jilting of noodles to open Lin Pei Pei's hand:"My business is dry you what matter?I love how how, you this busybodies of 38!"
"Ah~ …""Alas!, he how says so …" around rings out an one sob.
Lin Pei Pei is choked caught unprepared, cow shell the words of the west say very heavily, the in the mind immediately starts to be suffused with one sour:"The west of the shell, you ……"
"I?I what I?Haven't I asked you to want a debt.You not is say that I pass examination a medium pick the head to me when does the ball kick?Good, I pass examination now, you pour is take off?"Cow shell west one face owe to gather together of facial expression, take a nostril inclined Lin Pei Pei.
"You ……" cow shell west really has some excessively, Lin Pei Pei is annoyed some brain anoxia, shell west he clearly knows from have already so said of intention, but he ……in the moment present that, always smiling face shamelessly breaks from already the cow shell of the small creation west, western with at present this domineering cow shell, how to also lap over to add not to get up two faces.
"How do you talk?"Xu Cai Qiao sees the one good heart of Lin Pei Pei but is been by a boy so many people's noodles to say strong words and sign Ma Zhan to come out a way:"It is really a dog to bite Lyu Dong Bin, don't know good public.She this all not for the sake of you good?Make you are pulled by force into classroom, compulsorily shear to turn around to deliver you happy is be not?You had a face is be not?You hereafter still have a face to raise head before person?Hum, conscienceless thing!"
"Who want her to take care of?I shear bald also need not her tube isn't to shear a hair Yao, I would like to be compulsorily had a haircut, how?Is more difficult to see me more happy"say, a Duo leads the scissors in the leader of class hand and toward from already of the hair keep on shearing:"
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