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Chapter 38 war rises(three)

The snake treads to have no article rank, so is opposite other achievement the method but speech Be better to commence,, the snake treads to originally have three types, can when the transmigration of soul palace closes the border for four years, forestry's three among the months then and exclusively study this achievement method, unexpectedly drive created fourth type!
The world there is no weakest fighting skill and only have a weakest person,
gucci bags uk!
Match with in the forestry and Zhang Tao under, severely wounded six small Fengs, in the duke breeze eyes Ya color flash across, the complexion is dignified later on,
"Small Feng!"
The together simple and honest urgent voice rings out, marking time of close behind"Dong Dong Dong" voice spreads.
Is exactly distance don't originally just put together the honest monk of Dou with bodyguard.
Honest monk's fighting skill isn't equally weak, if make him join again to fight regiment, that forestry and Zhang Tao Liang people before discards to devote dint, the advantage almost getting at deceitful way severely wounded six small Fengs is getting aller gone.
"It is alas..Your opponent is me."Runs about at the honest monk of in the road, a figure that wears to take rain hat on the black dress head bursts upon, the old voice spreads, honest monk's mind an earthquake.
The rain hat slowly takes away, a taking is helpless, mercy of the face appears,
louis vuitton wholesale.
"Win an uncle Shi?!"The honest monk can not keep equanimity and exclaim to make a noise, " is this what is the row?"
"Did not need to ask more, those 2 people could not move."Win a master Yao to point a forestry Zhang Tao Er people to no longer talk more.
The forestry mind is one earthquake, looking at beaming with smiles Zhang Tao to think of unclearly, before coming once accompanied Zhang Tao to have ever been to once already the prime minister temple that the wildfire destroy, after coming out, Zhang Tao once said, winning a tonight will appear, and will certainly help each other.
Indeed as expected speech in!
Although is curious,
lancel 135, can be not more either to ask at present what of time, war regiment saturation,
ray ban for men, the common lake personage of river is almost exhausted cut to kill, those forbid a soldier, bodyguard to also withdraw in succession purple forbid of the Dian hold cross bow to take precautions against under.
The Yao Liu Fang Liang people match the Gu city of the leaf whom the achievement suffers from slight wound at present.
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