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ray ban 3026 " 】
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TOPIC: ray ban 3026 " 】

ray ban 3026 " 】 11 months, 1 week ago #87246

  • knxnt50xag34
Destiny pulse of coming out.
On the time in Ao cloth, this guy incredibly wants to assault lord angel, so will never allow to pass.
Bang of a , the double sword of the double knife and destiny pulse of female martial absolute being bumps shot together.Female Wu Shen didn't move, but the destiny pulse is shaken of countermarch.Can't, the margin of two set machine bodies is a lot too big,
ray ban 3026.
ray ban for sale!!" 】
The voice of the other party pilot roars in the public channel.Mary clapped to clap helmet and really dared not sang praises to this person's character.The destiny pulse rises the double cannon of back and toward female Wu Shen continuously strafe.The Mary tiny rock operation pole stayed away an attack and used up a bunch of gun to return shot at the same time, people started launching the combat of precise gunning, however Mary's technique obviously wants Gao Yi Chou.If the words that say bombardment, Mary's precise degree also only have top-grade levels just.But the words of precise gunning, that is super top-grade, S class.
The gun in the destiny pulse hand is ruined by the shot, fling out of the dart is to have to don't return.After an arm is also ruined by the shot, Ma Lie as a pilot any further not want to beat, head also not return of behind withdraw, at this time he but discover,
gucci usa online shop, Venus incredibly and lord angel entwine at return the warship still return not to go together, helpless under will seek to withdraw another warship.And same time, Mary also also discovered this circumstance, and ander the rise than what Ma Lie discovered.Venus warship Shou the positive electricity son cannon of the department was to shoot status!
"We were taken aim at!"
Ba Ji being a warship to grow the dew dew loudly shout a way,
aviator sunglasses ray ban.
"Can..Can not move!"Fu Lei loudly arrestment way.
Not is that she makes silly, also not is that she isn't afraid to die.Just lord the angel is after death a tile Er number in the radicle.That is the real flagship.If that battleship is destroyed, not only fight will fail, Mary also come to a bad end.So thought of here, Fu Lei also simultaneously cry, part arrestment lord angel move.
Expect a radicle dew dew to also understand this and take advantage of this spare time to visit the smoke of Luo Ming that the eye distance fights and helplessly thought of:Is really sorry, probably still have to die.
The resolute arrestment of the Fu Lei delayed time, this in a short instant turned to read but had already made time bad.Venus' warship head gun muzzle will soon be critical.
Finish this time!Really hope Mary hereafter remember me.Even cannot compare with to wink, Fu Lei
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