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ray ban on sale as if the one guard of light.
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TOPIC: ray ban on sale as if the one guard of light.

ray ban on sale as if the one guard of light. 11 months, 1 week ago #77240

  • tvmenzby51
More rare Buddha fixs to make contact with, it is can hardly for the other party to also detect to own evil jet of gas interest.
"Pure far temple ……arrive!Arrive!"The small princess is surprised to shout a way.
Is very quick, 4 people subordinate wagon, have to be climbed mountain by feet dint.
"The person is a lot of!"
Who just got off, came to the person of cold far mountain for the detection countless, among them big part is common common people and reached officer's magnate, even fixed fairy also had,
ray ban on sale.The former is to come to respectfully dedicate joss stick, the purpose of the latter didn't still guess.
The double feet step clean soil at cold far mountain Buddhism, any the whole bodies are all some uneasiness, that good omen it after enraging people a body,
oakley sunglass warranty, nine Yous inside the body are evil spirit a burst of rashness to move and live it to tear to pieces.
Any title stares at summit of hill temple, the light of a may be seen indistinctly good omen, cover with in the sky bank of clouds,
bagages lancel, as if the one guard of light,
"Go up."
Any raises feet to upwards walk, pubic region deep place"hell evil Yan" for hiding is abrupt however send out a burst of light Zhan, send out an underlying motion, Be rippled to world along with his step.
Hereat at the same time, in a certain temple of "pure far temple" Buddhism holy land,, "Mao Ca" of a , a lifelike gold color Buddha Zu statue, fall in pieces without basis.
(On arriving more, waist the sour back is painful medium, accidentally of the ticket ticket knead)(the not yet finished treat continuously)
Chapter 148 Nian jade view sound
Mao Ca!
The lifelike gold color statue of Buddha blasts open in a moment and fall apart, however change into a heap of stone ground, let the temple that gathers many spider's webs one Zhan.WWw.
Dang Dang one Dang sells one gold color the statue of Buddha blast open to come of for an instant, the clock call of a burst of rush is rippled to the whole temple district of pure far temple place.
"What happened matter?"
Is many cross legs to cantillate through of the monks be waked up with a start by the voices of this Jing clock, a noodles dew frightened color, very uneasy uprising, dynasty a certain directions of the pure far temple hope.
"Is not good, the icons is destroyed!""The evil way invades!"
"Whole temple alert,
ray ban malaysia price, the evil way invades!"
The evil way invades!The evil way invades!
Many Buddhas of pure far temple fixing is all burst of fluster, the noodles exposes a dignified and solemn and peaceful color and gathers in the temples everywhere, and protect temples everywhere vital part district.
At the moment, any is running about under the foot of a hill of cold far mountain, wayside is one slice maple, small princess and distance cloud fly to all be like the bird of taking off the cage general, pleasedly beat to make a frolic.
Any Tu
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