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ray ban wayfarer cheap *******************
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TOPIC: ray ban wayfarer cheap *******************

ray ban wayfarer cheap ******************* 11 months, 1 week ago #77215

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Of, seem to call white Xi and dragon if come, also take an ice beauty!"Traverse a crystal temple main interrupt a way.
Han Yun smells a speech exultation way:"They come,, ha ha, now where?"
"BE accompanying in nine Xiao palaces, immortalization eldest brother and purple female phoenix!"The purple emperor says with smile.
Once Han Yun Teng's body jump then facing setting sun to soar to the skies to step to go,
ray ban wayfarer cheap, ha ha say with smile:"There is companion that come from afar, not as well happy, the Niang sons, is man go to also!"
"Smelly man!"Traverse a crystal temple lord Chen way.
Suddenly seven colourful ray of lights twinkle, many females are light similar, the vision together and together falls in spending seven Xuan Jiangs of prosperous Kun jade dish.(The whole book is over)
Ps:Fire away the last wordses, there is the felling of a kind of as if relieved of a heavy burden, follow but is a burst of empty to fall of feeling.Last more than 400 days, 《rare article fairy 》 finally ended.More than a years of strenuous effort sprinkles to infuse, it is already to conclude a fruit on the whole.With gratitude always support pond son, support the book friend of《rare article fairy 》 , appreciate that everyone gave me the power for writing, especially those good children's shoeses for subscribing, the words thanking not much say, 90 degrees bow to make a bow with hands folded in front and revolve 360 degrees circumference again.
《Rare article fairy 》 is a pond son the second network novel, result not calculate well, but also not throw a person.The lord station clicks to approach 3,,000,000, the wireless clicks 4,000,
ray ban sunglasses prices,000, 16,000 collect, red ticket about 80,000, all of this are doubly the quite a few of the pond son first work 《fairy Huan legend 》 ,
cheap oakley sunglasses uk,, the subscription is of no consequence high, but at maneuver don't calculate the residue residue class as well,
gucci bags sale, Gao Ding hopes to break thousand.All of this depend on the great strength of all book friend to support and the responsibility plait of pond son listens to the instruction of breeze small building, urge on,, guide and support, Be from the bottom of the heart thank pond son for harbouring here foolish of the beauty responsibility plait listen to breeze little elder sister Lou.
Moreover everyone may ask the pond son the business of the new book.H'm,, new book estimate the meeting meet with everyone in February, please the everyone lately old book friend keeps in mind the renewal notice of《rare article fairy 》 at any time, by that time will momentary notice everyone.Remember BE,
lancel new york, fight river's lake again by that time, not leave without seeing each other,
ray ban kids sunglasses.
Finally wish each book friend New Year to progress, the source of money is billowing, cultivate flowers a flower to blossom, have a meal rice joss-stick, keep a pig strong, chase younger sister fatty, waist good, hip good, good appetite.Extremely proud of success that horse's hoofs disease ah ah ……
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