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ray bans sunglasses mumbling way
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TOPIC: ray bans sunglasses mumbling way

ray bans sunglasses mumbling way 11 months, 1 week ago #77158

  • azgsaaag52
Inside, the Hong show in quiet lies on the bed, pale of the face top have no one silk blood-red color, graceful Liu Ye Mei Ning become a fast knot, it is weak to breathe Lei, pure forehead already Qin very airtight sweat bead, root of hair already whole wet!
Cold frost walks in quick time to before the bed, grasp a Hong show slightly ice-cold hand,, slightly shook to shake, mumbling way:"Younger sister Shi, you how?You can must not occupy!"The Hong show is to harm for saving him thus, if the Hong show now dies, he all wants to live in to be sorry and ashamed this lifetime Be getting iner the middle!
9 walk to come forward, let cold frost stand first to one side, he then sits on the vein elephant that the bedside shows a vein for the Hong and touch the pure Hong showing, his eyebrows then deeply wrinkles up,
ray bans sunglasses, way:"Four young masters, the Hong miss harms too heavily, if you like this and directly take her to walk,, afraiding of the Hong miss will have life danger!"
"Nine childes, how that is is good?"Cold frost is a bit anxious, the favour asks a way!
9 wanted to think, way:"Want to be not so, you go first an outside etc., I luck achievement cure for the Hong miss!"
Cold frost immediately noodles dew happy expression, the favour embraces a boxing way:"Good,!That thanked nine childes,
gucci boston bags!"His heart knows nine inside achievement deep, Hong show again condition of the injury severity, if have nine cure for Hong show, probably can save Hong to show one life!
"Need not stand on ceremony,
louis vuitton usa!"9 puts a hand, again to Han Cheng Chuan's way:"Distance Chuan, you help me to stay by the side at the outside,
lancel messenger bag, I carry the time of achievement don't bother me before making anyone near!"
Han Cheng Chuan embraces a boxing way:"Good!"Finish saying, toward cold frost several people did a posture that"please",
polarized oakley sunglasses, cold frost several people understand, the favour turns round to outwardly walk to, only zero leaves of Wei still stand at first,, an on every occasion!
Zero leaves of Wei don't know a luck achievement is do what, think of last time she saw nine bodies around appeared a spirit wall Han Cheng Chuan shouted "Gang absolute being in the sky achievement", thought very naturally nine again wanted to be like last time so"from destroyed", unavoidably had some to worry in the heart, she slightly make hesitant,, empress low voice asked a way:" Elder brother, that can I leave?I want to keep you company,
sac lancel 1876!"
The orchid English smells speech and exceed the step of to living ground to accept back and turn head and nervously looking at nine mouths, obviously want to listen to for the Wei zero leaves' requesting do nine meetings how reply!
9 smiles to order, soft track:"Certainly!"
In brief of four words listen to in zero leaves of Wei and orchid English ear but is two kinds of as different as chalk and cheese reactions:Zero leaves of Wei immediately noodles dew happy expression, radiant Mou son to ascend nine wearing a smile double of eyes, corner of mouth Qin a put on shallow shallowly smile an idea;Orchid English body clearly Zhan for a while, the canthus immediately appeared 1 F very thin water fog, the facial expression is already that the one is pale
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