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TOPIC: " Emit the ray of light of excitement in the eye

http://raybancliponsunglassesc​ " Emit the ray of light of excitement in the eye 11 months, 2 weeks ago #75656

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Can not beg for to go so much! Certainly pass by this to fight he also experienced the Dou teacher Dou skill of strong, multiply greatly not know how many years of Dou skill,, seem also not is devoid of any merit, just oneself's real strenght didn't attain before, didn't get in touch with just. The Dou teacher Dou skill that Ma Ku Si displays the grade is affirmative not high, the power isn't weaker than he"the ghost burns not yet finished",, if is a deluxe Dou skill, can not peter eight Zhi female? Add the type of evil machine the method that increases an attack again, see ……the strong of this world have no him phenomenon of so weak. "Ha ha, more and more interesting, only wish don't make me be getting more lonesome!" Emit the ray of light of excitement in the eye, the lightly muttering voice rings out from the youth, at silent of the long street more float more far …… :Later renewal time certain for a while, noon 9:00, 6:00 p.m...Everyone sees basic and then haded this time, , if add more, will notify in advance, a day two more basic promise..

Chapter 065 music person
Eight absolute being Ans aren't the villains that specially loves to kill, this is from he and grass 薙 city of many to war can see out. Grass 薙 city is his predestination opponent, can say to is also the person whom he hates bitterly most from cradle to the grave, but ……take a wide view 95, 96, 97, seem to be every him can kill the other party,
lancel montreal,, but let the other party live down every time. This pour isn't him of the real strenght isn't enough, but if really killed the other party ……is himself on the hoof to still have what meaning? BE more opposite than the villain that the external world alleges, cruel, he in fact and more likes a quiet life, a person pulls beloved violin in the music band and sing oneself writes of song …… However these affair, just the wishes in his heart, he wants to attain than the normal person want a difficulty to become must times!Pour not because is another, be because he is eight absolute being Ans!Peak strong in the world, matchless crazy Ao, eight absolute being Ans of matchless solitude! "The night breeze blows, many star Gus. Wander about unhurriedly road in, float zero bitternesses alone,
lancel bags discount. The years,
louis vuitton purses on sale,such as knife, urges a person old, lonesome whole life sky also Nu. Ask for world of mortals, any heart envies. The one disappointed chest didn't tell place! There is heart that see a flower flower not to open, the Fang grass is floating about to exert in the limits of the earth road ……" Is lightly muttering oneself give hemp temple Athena writes of song, trample a step son to slowly go straight up. The song of this song is oneself
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