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Of place.As the Wu work properly can ignore the whole living creatures and spirit, only Luo's orchid, she works properly to the Wu to say to is special existence, common of the sorcery demon don't dare to use that tone to describe Luo's orchid."
"That is to say ……you or put it to run."
"The then circumstance even if you are also canning not change what."Listen to a disaffection and complaint of You Jin's words, summer Er also not glad.
"I can't indulge an enemy to sneer at me thus at least,"Being cold to hum is a from after death spreading a step voice to make You Jin pile up a leave to smile, face to a bearer.
"Sea because of emperor's son,
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"Archduke, I and big ministers once negotiated and decided to hold to teach a hat rites tomorrow."Is far far and then hear those 2 people at the issue what, sea because of is hesitating and depend up to explain the date that hold a rites still waits their issue over, see You Jin have already become overdo,
louis vuitton handbags cheap, he has to crustily skin of head up.
"Tomorrow is, very good ……" is more early more good, the summer Er decides that visiting Anne is virtuous strong, she isn't very rest assured to the words of mysterious sorcery demon,
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Probably ……can work properly person of virtue to get an explanation there from the Wu.

Chapter 3 regulations, dogma, believe in(three)

Along while time that beat to deliver surplus in library at Royal, is summer Er to return to sea because of specially prepare for her of bedroom after,, discover that the comfortable soft big bed has already been been bold-faced to occupy by another guy.
"I remember your room's another head of in the hallway."Stare a wait you for a long time facial expression of You Jin, the summer Er anti- hand closes the door and waits on the youth led the way cluster to isolate in the outside.
"While doing not think in the rest I still have to dike daring thieves."
"Afraiding of death don't show off everywhere."After made a showdown, You Jin's attitude than before worse, the natural summer Er can't gives him good facial expression to see, either,
"Let's are blood alliances."Tu ground, You Jin mentions this matter that letting the Er heart in summer living is surprised.
"You mean to say what."
"Last time at Yi benefit Sen, is who said so generously, will protect me."
"……" Freely says of, he returned really.
Looking at the wear to smile have no heart have no lung of guy, the summer Er bands together matchless.
Who strong who
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