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lancel rome the Ze Ze is really great."
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TOPIC: lancel rome the Ze Ze is really great."

lancel rome the Ze Ze is really great." 11 months, 1 week ago #73394

  • drencxdc9ai
(In fixed time renewal didn't since the effect,, sad urge)
Is green even part drink wine, part also with public and similar, listen to those bee mercenary soldier regiments of young tiger type the big fellow talk over there,
lancel rome.
These people seem to follow mercenary soldier regiment to walk the south rush for northern many years, so from the mouth in the thing spreading is also each place will have.
For be like this type of green even young man that just walked up the mainland to say, specially there is attraction, so was green even to slowly also listen to of become fascinated.
"Think those early years, as we are just joining mercenary soldier regiment,
louis vuitton discount, you are to don't know, I the home town envying of person's look in the eyes, that felling, the Ze Ze is really great."
"Who say be not,, isn't that I blow, although our real strenght of the bee mercenary soldier regiment isn't the strongest, if make me choose to join now which, I still keep choosing to join bee, the bee mercenary soldier regiment is absolutely the best to common people."
This person just finished saying,, be at first talked of the person claps for slap past.
"Who say our mercenary soldier regiment isn't real strenght the strongest of, talk nonsense what?Moreover two mercenary soldier regiments, where compare lead us, not letter shout them to compare row compare row."
Is this person obviously is adoration very much to the bee mercenary soldier regiment, even is the adoration of a kind of blindness, listens to him immediately after changing direction all people and asking a way.
"You say that in the three greatest mercenary soldiers regiment, whether our bee is the strongest."
A person who obviously and before knows this big fellow who listens to sit on the 1 F to have a meal says:"Yes and yes, you are certainly the strongest, and big cow you are still yous regiment inside the strongest of, everyone says, right?"
Public cachinnation get up, obviously open this fun for the first time.
Sees that call big cow of mercenary soldier, ashamedly touched touch own, say.
"That where ability,
lancel bags, in the mercenary soldier regiment, is the real strenght of the An very bad."
Just the person who talks immediately after way:"Good, big cow, don't brag, said this time you go to where, have what divertive affair."
The big cow hears this and in a twinkling come to spirit and see the persons of surroundings all looking at him with the look in the eyes that expects to hope,
1er flirt lancel, obviously is also concussion.
His whole individual hence climbed to in the table, the owner could see him,, then start relating a way.
"We went to dark forest this time!"
Big 1 cows words let public all exclaimed,
lancel bags dubai.
Mainland actually is have some dangerous places, don't seem to be evil monster forest, although is all evil monster, still very comfort and ease of,
lancel french flair, the certainly evil monster forest goes toward the words of inside very dangerous.
But existence some forbidden grounds,, is an outer circle
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