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sac a mains lancel all kill in fighting.
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TOPIC: sac a mains lancel all kill in fighting.

sac a mains lancel all kill in fighting. 11 months, 2 weeks ago #73345

  • aajp4qmsm74
The teacher all accepts and fixs a fairy with these 100 to reach agreement, the whole activities listen to the Tuo teacher order in the sky of the strongest real strenght, properly, assess merits and give rewards.The best magic weapon fights for theory real strenght.
Is 100 fixing the fairy already iron blood country and top the officer is definitely for the sake of under the knife plank of big fish, for the allotment fees of benefits many arguments finally just works out a project that lets an opposite satisfaction of everyone.
The battle plan settles good, fierce beasts army corps and teacher country in the sky accept the ordinary mortal warrior declining to constitute for a sky, teacher army corps, total 850,000 people, declare 1,000,000 battalions, sit thousand argosies, enter hair to iron blood country.
Meanwhile, 100 fixs a fairy to also take advantage o dead hour to secretly fly to iron blood country permanent stability city sky, a fix a fairy magic trick make the permanent stability city Gao Kong Hei's cloud spread densely,, 100 fixs a fairy to hide at black cloud on.Or sit in silence, or talk to smile, calm down to wait last officer's iron to bit the hook,
Press the plan, six entry-levels give welcome dinner a territory to fix the fairy disguises as ordinary mortal, is run about to book sword according to the plan six greatest city defenses in the island, pick a quarrel a Zi matter,
sac a mains lancel.
These people intentionally annoy iron blood country guard of violent-tempered, guard as to it's beat and scold, hence fix a fairy not to expose an identity, contuse guard, lead come iron blood country government troops to revenge to, after getting into nasty fight, fix a fairy just expose an identity, lend a people iron blood country pupil warrior Ru him, greatly open to kill boundary to the government troops.
Put out a life time Ge to once have been already made,
lancel premier flirt price, fixing the fairy could not without cause kill ordinary mortal, but if the ordinary mortal one who see to fix fairy, in addition to gentleman king, have to kneel down.In token of to the respect that fixs a fairy.If ordinary mortal without cause the one who humiliate to fix fairy, fix a fairy then can greatly open rule against killing.If don't know to repent, even can use to put out city to take into to warn.
Six greatly fix the fairy wildly kills iron blood country government troops in the six greatest cities and arrived afterwards, the hand killing is agreeable, lend someone in a people's civilian to insult and humiliate,
lancel recrutement, gift don't go to kowtow, don't divide armed forces and people, all kill in fighting.
This is also one of the plan of the Tuo teacher in the sky, fix the fairy aggression iron blood country to do a bait to lead to last officer's iron with the minority,
lancel wallets online.If the bait state is too high,
ventes privees lancel, again perhaps last officer iron frightened, if state too bottom, person again little, fear again he doubts,
portefeuille lancel, because hardly have low state Gu body one person enters the one who make to own a territory of touch with spiritual to fix fairy garrisons of nation.Finally settle next fix fairy to do a bait with six low state, lead to last officer's iron, with one action kill in fighting.
Inside iron blood mansion, the square is green to is original to report according to everyone, breaks settle these 6's fixing all of the fairies are entry-levels to give welcome dinner state.
He has already gathered battalion at this time the seaside is together.Prepare to squared for a sky, teacher country battalion,, not arrive ten thousand can not help,, he doesn't want to disturb officer's iron, because last officer's iron comes to can not participate in the war of ordinary mortal,, either.
Unexpectedly six greatly fix a fairy to unexpectedly and first fly to iron blood country
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