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lancel umbrella body be subjected to martial of severely wounded
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TOPIC: lancel umbrella body be subjected to martial of severely wounded

lancel umbrella body be subjected to martial of severely wounded 11 months, 2 weeks ago #73331

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To lightly not.Cloud Tong although it is said is a sons of Wan Mao that doesn't become useful, but somehow is also the martial of chain meat stage,
lancel umbrella, to ascend a chain skin stage, body be subjected to martial of severely wounded, steady win!
This duels, Wu Ling Si had better, that he father and son 2 people with meticulous care plan of accounting and striving for and then carrieding out one greater half,
bagages lancel, half year after of martial breeze big match, the martial house of no one to carry on is inevitable to decline, the property of martial house,, will definitely also fall into a prime minister mansion.
Just for an instant, breeze's copying a wood has already thought many gains or losseses clearly,
discount louis vuitton, therefore for pleaing for help cloud Tong, the breeze copies a wood feel like disappear.
Wu Ling lightly coughs a , this just thought of him to just arrive at this world, unexpectedly stupid to forget the law of combing the principality.Just put forward a challenge toward cloud Tong to just proceed from angry, now but became to ride a tiger difficult bottom.
See him again this considerate delicately beautiful younger sister's son, perhaps really killed cloud Tong, that he can have already become historic convict.
And, in this a moment, Wu Ling can clearly feel,
lancel handbags malaysia, true force the universe mirror of chest,, and then had difference to change.
The felling of martial Ling and a few days ago extremely alike, is a warm current of snake form that is fresh and cool to spread all over whole body, then immediately after is a first, continuously nourish Wu Ling's wound.
Wu Ling feels that his/her own wound is in the quick instauration now.Seem breeze shadow wood just as powerful as a thunderbolt sort get one feet, there is no how big power, Wu Ling's bottom is repeatedly uploaded warm, the contusion in the muscle quickly turns Yu to decrease swelling, although ache remain, however, Wu Ling can clearly feel that the condition of the injury is continuously becoming lightly.
Thought of this stanza, Wu Ling cans not consider of the acute pain on the bottom and hobble to walk to come forward in quick time to, see solution language Yan with swords unsheathed and bows drawn vehemence, suddenly of break into laughter voice come:"Good younger sister's son,,
sac angelina lancel, do you have no confidence like this to the elder brother?The martial of easy bone 3 F,, different can not kill me?"
Say, lightly solution language the Yan push to arrive after death, one Yang chin, the strabismus looks sideways cloud Tong:"Kill a fatty, show you today, the man who stand at the woman after death is also stronger than you!Still have, this is in the world even if man all death ray, can't having a woman, either would like to stand are before the body at you!"
"The Jie Jie Jie Jie……"Wu Ling suddenly of again eccentrically smile a , solve language Yan be also been strange by this to smile to get a fright,
lancel handbags prices, quickly depend come up cautiously left see again and again, very long just make a noise to ask a way:"Elder brother, you are all right?This force wanted not to don't compare, didn't relate to,"
Chapter 10 eight Long Xin Zhang
"Ha ha ha ha……"Wu Ling doesn't smile already, at the moment unexpectedly and carefree the cachinnation get up.A pair of swords eyebrows tremble three tremble, Wu Ling this just say:"Younger sister's son, you don't feel
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