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lancel bags everyone hurries to collect for a while
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TOPIC: lancel bags everyone hurries to collect for a while

lancel bags everyone hurries to collect for a while 11 months, 1 week ago #73317

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Xiao any 《super chain absolute being 》 :Red-blooded details will at under the chapter formally arrive, everyone hurries to collect for a while, hurl Zhang Hong Piao, support Xiao any writes to offer for sale everyone to have a boiling passion,, generous and matchless details,
lancel bags.
Chapter 159 thunderbolt attacks(2)
The stone is wide a stare a way:"Have no the order of mansion lord who also forbid to begin, scold for me now."
Both parties' soldier immediately to scold.
Although both parties have no meaning with begins towards scolding, but.
This scolds and unexpectedly scolds for two hours, both parties who scolded are all tired.The other party unexpectedly some soldiers have already sat on the ground to take a rest.
Just at this time, run a pupil inside the mansion, attach ear widely said a few words to the stone, the stone widely listenned to one Leng,, the favour ordered to nod and called a way:"All together return to mansion, close a tight mansion door."
The soldier is scolding of eager, bent suppressing of this January to all release to come out, saw suddenly let to return to,
lancel premier flirt price, unwilling in the heart, have to malicious stared eight country soldier's one eye, accept a brigade to return to mansion.
2,000 soldiers connect a voice to scold a way:"Shrink a tortoise to return to."Roar with laughter.
The soldier asks a way:"Stone general, why make us return to,
lancel handbags 2012, make dozen not, also not let to scold?"
Stone wide way:"Run a time to do Wu Chang quickly, mansion lord pass, declare important matter."
The food for powder is a burst of to rejoice with wild joy, fly to like run to do Wu Chang.
Do Wu Chang at this time inside, 12,000 officers and mens wear black light AN and hold weapon, to a tee station at do Wu Chang inside, 3,000 pupils then whole body dark red war A, ride at fight a horse on, trail long-handled sword in the hand,
lancel mini flirt.
The owner fanatically hopes Gao Tai on,,
lancel purses.They suddenly receive an order, life in full battle array,, to do Wu Chang to gather, mansion lord already pass, there is important matter declaring.Many officers and mens are delight with unexpected good news, gather with the quickest speed at do Wu Chang.
The square is green at first, river's rain, card eight, stone blunt, stand last officer's iron that the cape floats in the sky after death, last officer iron vision once sweeps and saw of is a pair of look in the eyes of doubles fanaticisms.
The stone wide favour lets the under charge return to the fold, he also ascended Gao Tai,
lancel recrutement.Standing on last officer's iron after death is just wanting a small voice to ask a stone blunt, stone blunt stare his one eye, the favour shuts a mouth.
Just at this time,, and then ran a pupil that takes turns a mansion door, knelt to report a way:"Report a mansion lord, country in the He house waits eight countries to bawl out outside the mansion door and hits my mansion door and also in the mansion door, I sprinkle excrement to pour urine."
The whole body that the all officers and men immediately annoys shivers, but stone blunt stone widely the military discipline have the strictest request in normal times, unexpectedly and neither the person makes a noise, the humiliation and fury bursts out from everybody's eyes
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