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lv bag outlet Four gold warriors
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TOPIC: lv bag outlet Four gold warriors

lv bag outlet Four gold warriors 11 months, 1 week ago #63141

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lv bag outlet

Chapter 163 blurred shadow assassin( midnight)
This blurred shadow very hides and incredibly once hid thunder to receive a gram of official residence and was on duty of an eight class gold warrior.This eight class gold warrior,
lancel bags bb, then admire a gram of grandpa's old subordinate.
Four gold warriors, by turn guard thunder to receive a gram of safety of official residence.
The blurred shadow silently sneaks in and directly was the bedroom that the Chen soars outside, then, grind to a stop down, the bedroom soaring toward the Chen looks about.BE seen by figure, this blurred shadow is slim and slender, imitate a Buddha, an unique color young girl.
The blurred shadow moment gets into the bedroom that the Chen soars,
lancel new york, at this time, Chen's soaring soundly asleep has already been general.
The saint area soul body Ba Bi Long, also just wanted to get into the body that the Chen soars, suddenly, this blurred shadow rushed to come in, Ba Bi Long not from of dozen cold Zhan,
BE who?Bearer the moment of Ba Bi Long responds to come over, should come to assassinate to assassinate what Chen soar.This blurred shadow holds a to chase dark evil blade, there is the slightest no glow-in-the-dark.This dark evil blade, then the red of the drop blood sort,
lancel handbags, expect see than the Long of realistic, this dark evil blade long about 50 Li rices, very meticulous,
louis vuitton handbags prices, pretty much match assassination.
Five meters ……
Now, blurred shadow assassin, is apart from the position that the Chen soars, only have five meters distance,, blurred shadow assassin,, again and step by step, the dynasty Chen soars to walk to, at any time, all can a shot shot kill Chen to soar.
"The Chen soars, wake up quickly and has an assassin!"Ba Bi Long's voice, soar in the Chen of rang in the brain.At this time, the Chen soars soundly asleep still.Also beat to have to shout even.
Shout ……shout ……
The assassin of the blurred shadow then grinds to a stop down and incredibly stares at Chen to soar,, the Chen soars thus handsome United States, she also meets for the first time, thus the youth of unique United States,
lancel bucket bag, descend a moment, will become her ghost Malicious ghost in dark evil blade,
"The Chen soars ……" Ba Bi Long not from of again call Chen to soar, now, the crisis is layer after layer, expect to compare Long also already savings strength, prepare to make moves,
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