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TOPIC: Not.Did oneself fall in love with her​era-caps-online.html Not.Did oneself fall in love with her 11 months, 2 weeks ago #43928

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The captain that rounds a member can also call that it is a Cape head, each Cape head usually manages 5-6 expert person;Control some eldest brothers of Cape head to also call ward chief, I am placed in this position,, can be regarded as an intermediate member, the amount probably could not has 1,000 people, and economic quite good galaxy in the neighborhood is each to have 8-10 areas;Ward chief on is the deluxe member who controls a galaxy, we usually call his leader,, but the leaders are obeyed orders to household this of the meeting of standing committee, at 11 standing committees on of is it the sixth term that always grow??Gram Lai Si?Qiong?Mo especially.At standing committee and always grow of, there is also an executive committee, there is the activity group that seven performance persons and they control, these people accepted education of various training and system since the childhood, was the elite of household, was also the spare staff of important galaxy.My person like this if not that being staineds with point blood relationship relation,, perhaps even the ward chiefs are all dry not arrive ……"
These ancient households are in the coon age luckily survive come down, they know well-trained usage law, there is tight organization, the illegal activity is all participated in by front organization, can break a limb to beg to living at any time.Under the huge protection net that a huge sum of profits weaves, they breed as the germ and tie up to round in the mankind's social shadow such as the poison rattan sort.Li Er has no good will to this kind of organization, but can not deny their vitalities.
At record the statement of monster after, Li Er makes people take him next jail,, then deliver the data collecting to Lu Ke Na Er.
If want to draw up a tight plan,, these data is still far far not enough.Hence, Lu Ke Na Er sent two groups, one goes to saint Mo probe especially, a secret base that goes to Lin Jia, hope that Lin Jia has Mo especially the important data of the household.
Passage of time cent of penny, Li Er is more and more anxious and fretful uneasy, he always feels wood can the son is suffering terrible of pain and sufferings,
authentic louis vuitton handbags, he not understand why he will concern so this girl,
l0uis vuitton handbags, only because is she her own classmate?Not.Did oneself fall in love with her?Not!This is more impossible!Totally just once saw her several noodles,
lancel handbags.To, see her, see she is the whole understand.He feels that he soon grew crazy,,
lancel handbags 2013, already beyond control immediately want to see her to excite.
"Damn of and all almost threw life, still not enough?"He fondles the wound before the chest, with full intention confused way,
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"Lee."The ear suddenly rang out six voices in the even valley, must be that what happened, otherwise even valley six is a word to can't say, either of, Li Er immediately raises head.
Even valley six stand on his in front, keep the distance of one meter, hold a piece of silver bright gold all alone
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