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TOPIC: that guy altogether talks not over ten​/ that guy altogether talks not over ten 11 months, 1 week ago #43804

  • bpyajrugv39
The brothers sister that stays, the flower stabbed to thank humbly here ……your support will be a flower to stab a code word of the biggest power, again with gratitude
Inside moreover a jail,, sees 17 cross legs to sit to close the eyes for a rest over there,
"Eldest brother." Listens to two voice with bright Changs calling out to toward to sit over there of 17 call a way.
That 17 slowly open eyes, the in front stands the man of a statures 175 or so outlooking emaciations,, moreover a the head is a little bit slightly high, but look mouth evil person.
Two people are alongside of a station in 17 in fronts.
"What matter,"17 open an eye to hope 2 people to say,
An among those head the slightly a little higher person say:"Eldest brother, that is newly arrived of how do?Haven't put on the amulet of the Cang of our south till now."
"If the yes, eldest brother,,, outsides all at spread us south Cang didn't press the rules to handle affairs, if this spread to descend, afraid of the brotherses^" another an one or two words make reference to half don't continue again keep on saying, but very the meaning that descends between the lines is again obvious however,
17 wrinkly the eyebrows ask to say:"Yesterday was the green dragon to is it the matter that newly arrivedly didn't wear(amulet) for the sake of that that suffers from severely wounded?"
A pair person's noding should say:"Boon."
"That is newly arrived of what background?Make what does the matter come in?"17 ask to say.
Two people all shook to shake head.
"Do not know,
Louis Vuitton Monogram Wallets, listen to master of none say that newly arrived for these several days, that guy altogether talks not over ten, so that guy exactly what background haven't made to understand now."2 people lower the head to say.
"?"17 knit the brows to say.
"Walk, I go to meeting meeting he."Say 17 slowly stood to get up, Gao Da Dun's figure was like a bay for taking shelter from the wind, the station starts a way.
Inside Yang Hua's jail, he positive[one] person quietly lie on the bed, outside of the affair seem to isolate with him,
louis vuitton authentic, didn't result in a little influence on him.
But this time,
louis vuitton handbags bloomingdales, he suddenly hears master of none shocked voice.
"17 ……, eldest brother."
The back suddenly spreads master of none stammer voice.
Yang Hua turned over a body to twist to come over, sees see when oneself's in front's standing unexpectedly is morning of 17, 17 still a dominant man's vehemences at the moment, one of his face good oddness of conjecture still just bed up lie of Yang Hua.
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