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TOPIC: even if lend money everywhere

http://www.visitheartofengland​.com/competition/Wholesale-nfl​-jerseys.html even if lend money everywhere 11 months, 2 weeks ago #34962

  • rzyeihuyj88
, No longer giving Wang Lin any is polite,
Although Wang Lin doesn't think that oneself is the dragon in the person, however after owning a lucky stone, also feel that oneself is a socialism to is four good youths, how arrived Hao Lin Peng to incredibly become a discard here.
Wang Lin's sense of pride is the strongest, although can be low voice to Lin Peng of Hao for the sake of a car,, however Wang Lin cannot helped but now, "uncle, you say this words what mean, although I there is no the ambition of the Gu of Hong, however is also much stronger than the Yan Qiao."
"Yan Qiao?I see you still not equal to Yan Qiao."Hao Lin Peng sneer way.
"I will let you to my in different light."Wang Lin really cans not stand this person, the sentence sentence harms a person.
Wang Lin just thinking get away, Hao Lin Peng sudden ground of You You say:"You have to want to marry my daughter all right, we beat a wager, if the wager won,, and I help you."
"Gamble me have never lost, how wager?"None of Wang Lin knows how mahjong has fun and like this say also however for contending for returning to some faces.
"I give you 100,000, you become it 5,
black gucci handbag,000,000 after a month.If you attain, I allow daughter supply you, such as if can not do it me to rather let the Lin Lin beat kid, you hereafter don't be harassing her, either.Certainly, you must adopt legal means, wager's inviting that day me will cautiously check."Hao Lin Peng has much of self-confidence, Wang Lin Yi month isn't likely to complete this matter.
So difficult matter, even if Hao the time about 20 years old of Lin Peng him/herself can not do either, Wang Lin a burst of wry smile.
"Does the uncle think that I lost to settle?"Wang Lin depressedly asks a way,
gucci handbags on sale.
Hao Lin Peng doesn't cover up his/her own viewpoint as well, answer way:"Yes."
"Like, this wager I beat."Wang Lin heroism your work, incredibly promise down.
Hao Lin Peng in the mind sneer at, see come still young, so easily emotional, however is also good, like this also solve bother.
The Hao Lin entered room, always the side ear listens to the action of outside.When he hears the hearts that Wang Lin incredibly answered this wager to invite, jumped off a building all have, with Wang Lin current condition, this absolutely isn't likely to attain.
Unless win 5,000,000 big prizes.Not to, in 5,000,000 big prizes, still have to hand over more than 1,000,000 taxes...
The Hao Lin makes a decision, even if lend money everywhere,must let Wang Lin Yi month Zheng enough 5,000,000,
None of Wang Lin knows how from the house of Hao Lin come out of, looking at 100,000 bank cards of hands, Wang Lin doesn't know is should be happy or disappointment.
This matter was originally favour that helped Hao Lin, till the last and incredibly turned into and the Hao Lin Peng's bet.
Wang Lin
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