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TOPIC: stay to have a half Chinese foot grows of jet black long Ran

http://buylancelonlineshopping​ stay to have a half Chinese foot grows of jet black long Ran 11 months, 2 weeks ago #34874

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, Also don't come out to meet."Green dollar son but don't realize these four gold A bodyguards at all, but the palatial directly blunt gold color Lang Lang shouted 1. Don't know that the green dollar son used as well what occult art, although the voice doesn't calculate greatly,the voice immediately resounds but rises everywhere in the group of islands sky. Bomb Long Long under, the whole each palatial inch corners hearing of ability a time of time this. "Green dollar son, you since came, that came in and then walked, want this Hou to mutually face not to become in person?"After a long time, also spread a light man from the gold color the palace voice,
black louis vuitton bag, although be very and far separated,,listen to wait a person at Han Li an ear in, equally clear abnormality. "Hey Hey, territory however so.That old man Don't mention it,,
authentic gucci handbags on sale!You took road,!"Green dollar son after listenning to, tiny however a smile of hurtle those four soldier bearing arms order way. "BE, the elder generation pleases come over with younger generation!"Four gold A bodyguard hears the sound of spreading of the person in the palace, the heart neutrally engraves a loose, an among those quickly polite time way. Hence, signs and green dollar the son is under leading of four soldier bearing armseses and immediately once wore a discrete light act and kept into the palace of group of islands to fall. A small after the son time, the meeting's green dollar son proudly sits at the hall of a certain excrescent comprehensiveness in. Han Li then politely sits by it. On the seat of host of hall ……wear gold color Long Guan and wear the middle age man of gold color full-length gown, the sitting of air equanimity is over there. "Way friend, this way friend unexpectedly has already matched a body to fix for middle for,, is that you know oneself a big limit to face, accept of spread pupil not to become in person?Is like this young and then have state, pour also be good enough to inherit your teaching.However talked last time old strange there,, listenned to its speech,
louis vuitton cheap, what you accepted seemed a female pupil!"The gold hat person suddenly opened mouth. The this person noodles is like white jade, stay to have a half Chinese foot grows of jet black long Ran, a cultured shape. Is exactly this place host, named "the gold Yan waits" of an and green dollar Mahayana with general son existence. Han Li hopes this person,
new era, the sword annoys all over, after neither doing not twinkle various jewel of gold color ray of light can not help some language of having nos, have several clear white green dollars on the whole in the heart son in times before the meaning of the words. "Gold way friend, you can admit mistake.Han Xiao You isn't my pupil,, but one is old to know just.The way friend should still remember before hundreds of years, a few small generation lead some under charges to suddenly go into here, and still ask for to float
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