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TOPIC: dead and injured also necessarily and miserably heavy

http://throwbacknfljerseys.web​ dead and injured also necessarily and miserably heavy 11 months, 2 weeks ago #33300

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Of method.See Tang Yin's peeping out don't bear of color, the son Ying hurried arch hand salutes and says:"Big king, the end will oppose war capability and characteristics of soldier to all know not a thing, so don't dare to wildly talk, however green far city to our army to close importance to, once falling into the hand of enemy's soldier, set up an interest and south china sea two cities then lose reinforcements and logistics replenishment, change precariously, but Be garrisoned to 300,000 officers and men circumstanceses of two cities, also will not very optimistic." This pouring is fact, the green far city has to save, and is the key how to save, Yin You You says:"Now that the eldest grandson Yuan is great to want to beat with our army a positive decisive battle, the our army keeps company with to would be, I immediately call south china sea of plain soldier and three water soldiers, with keep belonging to the soldier and soldier from eagle soldier in sky unite as one place, with rather soldier definitely a dead war!" The son Ying arouses to work properly a dozen of Cold War, repeatedly puts a hand and says:"Is not satisfactory!Big king, the eldest grandson Yuan is great though valiant general, but is also the Zhi that can govern the country Anne's nation will, since he wants to decisive battle with our army,,, that certanly will have already had hundred percent confidence, big king if match a soldier to squared, isn't matching an enemy morale of troops idea?" Smell speech, Tang Yin takes an eyebrow, the Ni wears son Ying and sneers at to ask a way:"Son Ying, you but think 300,000 brotherses of our army to beat however 300,000 great people of eldest grandson Yuan?" The son Ying thinks so,, but the words can not say so.He positive color way:"Big king,,
cheap 59fifty hat, the our army has already advertised for a war to approach for two months in a row, the whole army officers and men is all utterly exhausted, and enemy soldier beginning come suddenly way,, the morale is just prosperous, the will to fight is just strong, do face to face cross swords, the our army suffers a los, moreover, 300,000 to 300,000 positive decisive battles, even if the our army finally can win victory, dead and injured also necessarily and miserably heavy, enemy Sun 1,000, my Wu 800, this is the fighting of animal courage, please big clear example of history king!" Quilt Ying so, Tang Yin insists again, became ordinary person.He is wrinkly the eyebrows deeply saw son Ying one eye, dissatisfiedly the way of Du Rang:"This not go,
louis vuitton handbags cheap, that also not go, you tell me, how should the our army do?" "This king, I have been aming delving into the geography of the east of river and discover that a place extremely suits to establish Fu recently,
cheap mlb hats from china."Say words, the son Ying hand orders river east region,
lv outlet store, say:"It is here.Here the ditch Qian maneuvers and therein and even if ambushes 100,
louis vuitton handbags on sale,000, 200,000 people, the list sees also can not tell clues from the outward appearance, and here is apart from green to far only have 100 remaining inside, if the our army can lead the enemy to the here, not only make the riding of country's soldier more become useless of thing, also can beat soldier rather caught unprepared." "?"Tang Yin lowers the head to cautiously look into the ground of the finger of son Ying
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