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TOPIC: "When Qin Tian the longitudinal eyes thoroughly bored ground sweep outside toward the window

http://louisvuittonhandbagsblo​ "When Qin Tian the longitudinal eyes thoroughly bored ground sweep outside toward the window 11 months, 3 weeks ago #33275

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Was happened to sprinkle cold water, originally intended to make the viewpoint that the thing in the brain a brain ground share to know for the glory of Yuan Zhen announcing the premature death also can not, in next time,,,, Qin Tian is longitudinal to talk sex and then wasn't very strong, after all he heel Yuan Zhen the glory is regarded as "get in touch with for the first time", a lot of topics he is also inconvenient to mention.
And the glory of Yuan Zhen during a lifetime all at with work properly a medicine to make contact with,
lancel online, be also not good at very obviously long pick up person to need a thing, Qin Tian Zong not seek a topic on his/her own initiative, he also not know what, so the atmosphere in the house is immediately embarrassed,"Yi, isn't that elder sister Shi in the valley?"When Qin Tian the longitudinal eyes thoroughly bored ground sweep outside toward the window, he suddenly saw a figure for acquainting with, unbearable eyes a bright,
See that put on Jing beautiful voice, in the heart of Qin Tian Zong one concussion, almost directly rushed out house.However he finally still profoundly absorbed tone, give°ed own excited emotion to quell down and calculated in the heart how to approach this previous incarnation and the most intimate woman for oneself,
lancel outlet.
The glory of Yuan Zhen hangs to make pill the experiment of building in the heart, so also has a little the absent-minded,, doesn't notice longitudinal excrescent facial expression of Qin Tian.
"Uncle Shi troubled your along while today, Zong in the sky now take leave, another day come to ask experience of the chain medicine with uncle Shi again."
The heel of Qin Tian Zong is in the glory of Yuan Zhen nearby more than 10 years, he almost can judge the mental activity of the Zhen glory of a Yuan from the whichever facial expression variety of the glory of Yuan Zhen and saw the idea that the glory of Yuan Zhen see visitor out, he immediately stands up to invite Ci on his own initiative.
The glory of Yuan Zhen smells speech indeed as expected facial expression a loose, ceremoniously requested Qin Tian Zong to stay an after, then order a medicine kid to see visitor out.
When Qin Tian Zong hears an outside that small ground step that acquaints with a voice,, Qin Tian Zong discovers that his/her own body was incredibly free from control ground to shiver for a while.
What outside comes in is an about 20 years old girl from the yard, the girl wears a set of shallow gray of work properly apothecary apprentice full-length gown, back stay a thick and long whip son,
Possibility just the cause in nursing medicine grass, full was a dirty Zi on the girl pure white face,
Louis Vuitton Suhali Leather, the girl's face small I5 but fine, the radian just right of face type, a pair of eyes were big but had absolute being, imitated a Buddha one Wang pure spring, can make people see through her heart.
"Hui son, you first the handle knob head live to put for a while and accompany this senior to turn 1 turn in Yin cloud Feng, then send to senior to go out."Just the Qin Tian Zong speech shows unintentionally and takes a walk Yin cloud Feng to walk again, so the glory of Yuan Zhen
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