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TOPIC: "Looking at these be frightenned the younger brother of hardly recognizable as human beings

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The iron rod hasn't begun to work, the throat of youth has already together and deeply appeared of about two Li rices son, the son isn't deep, but just right laceration windpipe, the youth plants down from the car all of a sudden, Wu wear own throat, helplessly looking at a blood continuously go toward outside emit, because the windpipe is mown 1:00, the but again can not immediately depart from this life, but again can feel that oneself slowly moves forward toward the jaws of death and breathes heavily thick spirit to imitate a Buddha to kill a pig generally,
"Ha ha."The son dragon touched touch the steel knife in the hand:"The knife method of this new invention lets the other people quietly waits for dying really not bad, that can compare to fill cement pillar much greater."
"."Suddenly and violently walk youth after death of the girl sent out a scream, for this kind of girl, son in the mind dragon is unspeakable to disgust, rise, the knife falls, the girl's skull such as ball general, rolled in the ground.
"Mama of,, have an accident."The youth of behind sees a form, a draws out the weapon dynasty son dragon on the car to rush, the small miscellaneous fish certainly can't be the opponent of white shark,, 1 faces to face personally, these youths fell flop 78, a Wu wear have a sore throat bitterness of pause for breath,
See the other party so fierce, other youths all peeped out terrified facial expression and could not control feelings hereafter noodles to draw off.
For these small miscellaneous fishes, the son dragon isn't hasty either to understand them, in the his eyes, these people's seeming is already to kill a person, because of the tonight, the person of drag-racing clan, must die, , slowly spark a smoke, slightly absorb an one mouthful:"Where are your eldest brothers ."
"Who his mama seek me."These youth after death not distance, take on a neck Mu the blue hair youth of the thick gold necklace ride black Ya Ma Ha to fly soon of dynasty this place Chi, after death still follow not next 50 drag-racing clan to suddenly and violently walk youth.
"Looking at these be frightenned the younger brother of hardly recognizable as human beings, the blue hair youth cuts up rough of then everybody's head up mercilessly waited upon one stick, :'Made, such a productive."
"You are a drag-racing clan eldest brother, teddy boy,
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"Is quite good, I be, you chopped down me so many younger brothers, let go of knife, I stay your whole corpses."
"Tonight, all of you must die."Sub- Long Shuo.
"Mama of, is your his mama getting more crazy?Lao Tze is here more than 70 persons, and still have more than 100 persons to just rush through toward the this place.Your his mama with what can make us die"listen to a son dragon so a say.Originally return calculate quiet of the teddy boy was suddenly great anger.
"Did the drag-racing clan person arrive together tonight?"Listen to teddy boy so on saying, the son dragon suddenly smiled.
The teddy boy sees a son dragon so on smiling, the whole body is suddenly a burst of to be afraid."The card seller is to have how,
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