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Buy new era caps online "The tiger cub feels that what mother said is quite right
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TOPIC: Buy new era caps online "The tiger cub feels that what mother said is quite right

Buy new era caps online "The tiger cub feels that what mother said is quite right 12 months ago #2863

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"H'm?Examination ……"she contemplated a short moment and suddenly thought of a person, " tiger cub, the flower knows matter son that you examine?"
"Flower?She ……"she this asks, son's pouring was like a 懞 .Ever since that time get into Gao Kao to review, he no longer contacted with flower, his purpose was to let flower concentration the energy prepare for Gao Kao,
Buy new era caps online.Today, mother this asks, he didn't know how to answer.
"H'm, this flower ah, don't know to test as well of how,"Speak of flower, the mother is to worry his/her own daughter is similar to remember, " hi,
discount new era cap, that time that tests Gao, the another kid's father, mothers all round at doorway in the school to stay by the side, wait ……own perhaps of the kid test one last what matter son.But she ah, mother drive'double rules', father went out to urge a style to go to, the home connected one the persons who test a field all have no.That day in early morning, I bought a bottle of mineral spring, a bag of fruits to send her to enter to test a field.She sees me, excitedly that cries!Is easy to read and then shouted me several voice'mother'!Is alas,, so good kid, life how so bitter, face to up tested a field and then have no personal concern?At noon, all of every families are parents to get the kid has a meal to the restaurant, improvement living;I the small hotel took one lunch box for her from iron feather.She eats cleanly, the little bit didn't also leave.Hurtle this kid, this firm and uncompromising strength son, in the future also wrong not.Tiger cub, two of you since fell in love, you will good like to the somebody else, H'm, don't see the son whom you are a provincial governor now, she is to go bad a molecular daughter, now that talked feelings, have to respect mutually, can not despise a somebody else;More not ability three hearts two ideas spend heart!"
"Mother, I know.In a couple of days I seek her."The tiger cub listens to once the mother say, the in the mind was very sour, felt that oneself has a little son sorry flower.
The "my meaning is ……" mother wanted to think, "she just finished taking part in Gao Kao,, is exactly a hot cooking stove pit hot Kang head of.Homework hasn't forgotten, let her help the course that you take lessons Gao San isn't quite good?"
"H'm, all right!"The tiger cub feels that what mother said is quite right;At the same time, the flower actually tests of how?He also really concerns about.In case that the somebody else entered alongside the sea university,, but oneself went to college of artillery;She cans not finds himself/herself.Wasn't that oneself to break promise,
"Now that you agree,, stop waiting.Is simply, tomorrow seek her to go!That kid stands duty.The examination finished foolish in the home,
Lancel Handbags, where don't go as well.You meeteach other and chatted well,, two people in the future all go to university, how contact?"
"Like,, mother, I tomorrow seek her to go to."The tiger cub obeyed a location to nod.
Tiger cub house live of small
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