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The left younger sister was also pregnant at present, at the right moment two kids could do a companion be not,"Is seeing to that left peony a leave pregnancy, stay a Feng temple don't have empress' asylum, see you still don't expose?
The emperor orders a way:"Love an imperial concubine to say of there is reason, all right, that discommoded to love an imperial concubine,
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The cold month kissed an one mouthful to say with smile on the emperor's face:"That minister Qie goes to!"
The emperor spoils saying with smile of Ni:"H'm, careful body, the spirit annoys them then good, don't make them harm you,"
In the cold month heart a warm, order, come out to resist den, cold month discovers that the heart of oneself to the emperor changed and became no longer apathetic, becoming would liked to also become intimate with with him, just she knows, this isn't the love, but the natural affection of head of family,
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Resist den, what cold month see is a full sky of heavy stars, the tonight emperor has never turned over a card, will have how many persons toss around difficult sleep?
Stay a Feng temple inside is also that the lights is bright.
The empress sits before table, the light candle light on all sides covers with, let she chilly face ascend even add several cents golden light.See the cold month go to she doesn't start as well, in the nose cold way:"Do you finally come over, to a tonight temple in,
new era caps online shop, indeed as expected not origin temple one person can not go into sleep."
The cold month tiny sneer wears to sit to ascend she spread red silk fabric bottom Su of Mei embroider the chair cushion of mandarin duck, subsequently derision way:"What ungrateful act can the elder sister do, to have the emperor the jade Zhen for resisting to grant, unexpectedly also don't the night become sleep?"
The empress suddenly twists a head to see her, the with angry look circle Zheng ground hates a way:"What ungrateful act did this temple do?Younger sister don't with the for yourself have much clean and pure.With who entered this city, all don't differ with into a dye vat of huge pomp.Who don't fight, only a dead end.There is no human life on your hand, haven't tainted with a blood?If contending for hurting a person will suffer from insomnia once, this temple promises that six temples contain the woman of , in no way one person can escape by sheer luck."
The cold month is surprised to see her, don't just not understand why does she suddenly deliver a so great temper.Momentary 2 people have no language and calm down in the house imitate a Buddha can hear a smoke dispersed and joss-stick ash scattered voice ……
"You are to want to know that Long Zi in the left peony stomach is really a leave?"The empress is cold the D don't come out a words,, right, this is indeed that the cold month is inquisitive.
The empress is light on smiling,
NFL Jerseys From China, in the eye but spread all over cold ice:"This temple tells you, the left peony is really to be pregnant, don't you ever thought to harm her, can this temple be full of an expectation to this kid!"
The cold month shakes head, wry smile way:"I can't harm her."Left peony needless oneself makes moves, sooner or later one day she will consequently pay for it,
Do peony to hide screen behind, she cuts up rough of vision through
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