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TOPIC: in his center of palm grind into powder to dissolve into among the lance​holesale-New-Era-Hats.html in his center of palm grind into powder to dissolve into among the lance 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2777

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.This time for the sake of to Su thin proof this kind of place really have a treasure thing and just exclusively arrived to purchase a cake of here all of a sudden.
Wait until all Ning quality stone powders to dissolve into Feng blade, edge of sword temperature already very steaming hot.In this time, bake inside the Han Shuo center of palm of hand another one noodles Feng the flame of the blade, suddenly become to°from the red purple, listens to "Zhi Zhi" the edge of sword in voice emit to have light smoke, this because the heat suddenly cools off of natural phenomena.
"Carefully at 1:00!You are this guy, can't be the lance that takes advantage of an opportunity to take me to do a chain gold indiscriminately experiment?"Su is thin to still keep worrying lance very much and Be reminding Han Shuo caution and being suspicious of Han Shuo isn't with bad intention.
"Take to go,, annoy Dou infusion inside, see peace have what dissimilarity?"Han Shuo didn't answer a Su thin question, but connected lance the scabbard of a sword throws together thin to Su.
Quickly stretch hand lance immediately after, just on commencing, Su is thin surprised to shout a , way:"Became to weigh a quite a few catty,!"
Su is thin to looking at Han Shuo the rock of a piece of fist size, in his center of palm grind into powder to dissolve into among the lance,, she how also think the impassability is just some rock powders, can increase the weight of lance quite a few catty, this is obviously very miraculous,
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"Try Dou spirit."Han Shuo smiles to remind.
Keeping in mind is astonished, Su is thin to immediately annoy Dou to infuse into lance in hand, sees Su thin to just annoy Dou infusion, the lance suddenly shines the silvery Dou annoys of light, the speed comes from a thin imagination of Su quickly.
"How, how may?!"Su is thin to exclaim a , incredible hope Han Shuo,
Lancel Handbags, hurried way:"The lance raised a lot to the reaction dint that the Dou annoys!"
"Is quite good, this is the function of that rock,!You should know, the time in key, your Dou annoy a to go into lance and then can release power,, this among the combat mean what!"Han Shuo Yi's face positive color of say to thin Su.
"I understand of, this means that you can rob to preempt machine, even probably among the combat of neck and neck turn round situation!"Su is thin to exclaim a way, soon after the eyes put hoping of light Han Shuo, way:"Too magic, are you how to attain?Is really unimaginable,!"
Volume 5
Chapter 489 auctions off
"Hey Hey, so I say that the person who know the goods is in this kind of place,
Buy Lancel Bags, still can the Tao arrive good thing!"Han Shuo says with smile,
"Walk, you take me immediately after Tao, I see you are the person who knows goods!"Su thin face jumps like sparrows, a pulled Han Shuo Yi's Cape, pulled Han Shuo and then walk toward noisy place,
Han Shuo is helpless, heart way original Su is thin to say to is host to want
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