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All kicked Piao.
Boxing hand certainly also not is have no income, the wager dish always notes 10% of code will be win the cash award of contestant, as for failure of the boxing hand ……life all have no, boxing field also directly ruin corpse to put out a vestige Be getting more finished, what can not take either.
Don't despise always noting of 10% code only, that is to have already been up to near funds of USD 1,000,000, as long as win up a , so basically is 1,000,000 rich men.
If can kill enough 100 victories to walk out,, basically prestige ascend hundred million that affair that is steady to be to be.
But, certainly that would not° until win enough 100 also go, there are a lot of boxing hands at win 99 behind, defeat in the last field of, why must win enough 100?Because black boxing alliance not is think into enter, want to walk and then walk of, they while sheltering you, also need you pay very serious price, 100 win to leave a field that is a kind of the most direct method, certainly still have other paths the identity that can escape from a boxing hand.
Certainly, these ruleses are what to the boxing hand of the black boxing alliance underneaths, private collect of boxing hand certainly is have no these regular,
Boxing hand the time in brawl also wanting to notice can not leave a fatal condition of the injury, otherwise estimate that wealth perhaps enough he after the treatment expenses of half generation son.
All of the persons who watch a game here are some identities remarkable, and again super and rich, also specially willing to give up and expensive lord son, just can promise the income of these boxing hand and boxing fields like this.
If come in of is all dead of nothing important money to dig or a slave to money, even put up stakes Be not willing to put up stakes how much, the income of boxing hand and boxing field is hard to promise,, that boxing match can't keep on doing as well.
The boxing here hand but take life at put together of,,, have among them one square but inevitable meeting is killed by the shot of, and nobody wins, perish together is also the affair that often has.The development of the boxing hand is very not easy, particularly the boxing hand that is like this real strenght peak,,, if there is no enough income, the so black boxing alliance returns depend what come have a meal?
The boxing field gives the compensating of the rate at this time and seems to be really to without resort to a table in easy eye at the gold.
"Butcher" and"fly a dragon" they respectively compensate a rate respectively is 1.8,2.5, but compensating of draw rate is 3,
cheap football jerseys 2013,
"Fly a dragon" compensates a rate to want compensating of the ratio"butcher" rate Gao Duo, as for that compensating to lead the tallest draw is obviously fresh someone to put up stakes,, Fei is that body that seems to be some emaciations, make him seem to be some bottoms in a lot of eyeses of audiences to annoy very obviously not enough.
Looking at the doesn't really depend table of compensate a rate, the gold is easy of face up peeped out a weird smiling face,, he didn't believe this square of boxing field to will not know both parties' real strenght margin, but end give such one compensates a rate and show very much
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