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Nike NFL Jerseys that old starts slowly an article rising wine and pouring one cup
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TOPIC: Nike NFL Jerseys that old starts slowly an article rising wine and pouring one cup

Nike NFL Jerseys that old starts slowly an article rising wine and pouring one cup 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2312

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Although Long Yuan Shan cans not compares with that fragrant Ge,is also a front door greatly parties, how ability from you this and north the person of the road say three four, today secret at at present, can get the real strenght that to see a mountain way in cloud an elder brother!"Say that drawing out a short sword from the bosom is horizontal before chest, sees toward the black noon.
The mountain in cloud also keeps silent, just eyes dead dead of stare at the black noon of in front.But stand the middle age by the side of the mountain in that cloud, but is a mask to block the whole face and bare a pair eyes that gleam ray of light, the tights in whole body thin gray.Can not tell this person come from which door which send, let people all all the time at feel him that Duo Duo pressing vehemence.
Three what person cast covetous eyes on looking at black noon, a cool breeze pared off the whole body of black noon a while, immediately feeling the whole body was ice-cold, the hand is tiny to tinily tremble for a while, the black noon is quickly steady to live mind, the such as ache feeling continuously spreads and make the tooth Zhi that the black noon bites Zhi of ring.The station of thin and feeble body solitude imitates a Buddha in that light drizzle some shiver ……
Sudden a ray of light one Shan but lead, listens to of"ah" of a such as ghost cried to generally bellow a laceration silent, every drop gorgeous and red blood drop the of disorderly stone that mix up with carefully a light rain to spread to fall in this summit of hill, the mountain in cloud dares not believes of looking at the person who takes a mask.
By hand the Wu lives his/her own left arm, if not that oneself just hid in time, probably have already become a corpse at this time.Eyes of mountain in cloud were bad to mercilessly stare at to just make a surprise attack own of the mysterious person who wears a mask, the this person attack completes in one breath to be rated as for an instant perfect, but mountain in cloud but is a Tu is felt by this hand some surprise, the speed of the other party was too quick.
"Your life is big" hoarse voice which the person who wore a mask spread, but which wear the person of the Shan of linen dress to see the condition like this is tiny to tinily retreat this step, facing the person who takes a mask sees go, the short sword in the hand sends forth one light red, the momentary bloody breathing fills the air in this hazy light drizzle.
Orange evil very tiny facing the person who wears a mask saw one eye, also not know is just thinking what ……
But even now together bright bluish green color China light one Shan but lead, see go to the black noon again, the body around presents the bluish green color ray of light that a point orders, as if the light of that glowworm in the dark night order generally.The ray of light that sees that ordering disappeared in a moment, the raindrop in the light drizzle became more and more bushy.The bluish green light of a sting eye is shone in glory in the sky the body of black noon on, the split second shines on of surroundings of the person cans not open eyes.Pawn everything while disappearing a while, long grass black noon as if also the phantom is generally missing a trace and shadow
54.A spool of The Cang water-chapter 46 fracture
The dark cloud one slice in the sky of to this place collect to come over, original some bank of cloudses of deep ash became to dim more at this time, mountain breeze as if the in power generally roar and shout of the facing mountain rush toward and immediately faint a sky secretly.
The voice that bombs Long Long resounds between the valley, originally closely of light rain, the in a flash becomes such pouring, heavy rain of the Hua Hua almost the feather work properly and white the dress Shan of the Ze sprinkle of soak through.
At the mountain way of this mire on.The feather worked properly to see an eye be exposed grain of rice under the sort raindrop, look in the eyes in some convex now cant not bear to, the mountain way became overdo to looking at to once walk, the fan receives of the fog spirit isolated eyes and sighed a way in the heart:Probably make track for not to ascend!Then the Chan hands weak body of white Ze, the sweat bead mixs up with the face that the rain water works properly that spring onion white from the feather on the slide, white Ze remain collapsed and fainted, the body works properly along with the feather of drag along slowly facing to below the hills move.Is in the moment some faintness, it is too tired to don't know as well still because of what ache produces.
The feather works properly the eyes facing white Ze of bright Ying Ying to see.The name of Ze that the lips were tiny to tinily move to move, in a soft voice call white how hopes that the white Ze can wake up at this time.Back how much the person of self-discipline is held up by the black noon, but cans not resists how longs at all by the ability of the black little Xia, that false secret will be also discovered by the person of self-discipline.The feather works properly an in the mind to silently think.
A few surprised thunders ring out, the feather worked properly to return to reality.The rain Lian that looking at this to cover with.Almost could not see the mountain way of front.The feather worked properly first time in heart to feel terrified existence.Heart in that kind of the meticulous thoughts and feelings climbed to come up.The feather works properly to exceed a step very carefully and forward and exceeds an one step to is that so difficulties each time ……
Snow orchid arrives at orange evil in front, tiny owed to owe a body to mean to have been already saluted.The orange is evil to see an eye snow orchid saying:"The Holy Mother body whether peace and health?"
Snow orchid is tiny to tinily say with smile:The "thank an orange the uncle concern about, the Holy Mother is very good, just younger generation toward the uncle of orange salute salute for a while" orange evil look in the eyes didn't change, "boon"1.
Rain Lian is more and more heavy at this time, but the orange is evil don't have some raindrop drop to fall with the dress Shan of snow orchid."See to you still keep reading frost son" orange is evil to once turn round back to slowly say to this snow orchid.
Snow orchid heart tiny tiny one earthquake, but face on don't change, didn't say what."How?Don't think an answer?"The orange is evil to still keep cross-examining, an appearance that isn't willing to give up.
"The uncle of the orange to that black dress boy?"Snow orchid slightly takes saying of question and seem to be transfering a topic."Boon" orange is evil the answer of taboo is not."That black dress boy innate intelligence accompanies good, but the heart bottom isn't enough malicious" orange is evil to still keep saying.
Snow orchid quietly listens to, could not see an orange evil look in the eyes, be saw can not surmise an intention with evil orange, either just waste mental exertion."?"Snow orchid is some to without thinking ask out.
"Boon?"Orange evil simply time way.The snow orchid heart a burst of trembles, doing not know the orange is how evil to bring about an evil of this fairy again of rains and winds.
"Frost son is too a heart kindness, irresponsible this heavy term that demolishes God's way" snow orchid listens to, but the body is tiny to tinily shiver, the lips shiver to say" orange does Bo Xiang make use of rain long grass to demolish God's way?"
The "wrong" orange is evil to lightly say, have no to downwards say again of meaning.
Snow orchid also knows the evil temper of orange isn't asking, but turn head to looking at those three persons of self - disciplines who is foolish on the spot, along while one hoarse roars to say:"Still roll not and quickly!"The wrath in the heart also only vented toward the person of these self - disciplines.Once those 3 people listen to this words and would was to respectively resist sword to fly to walk.
The orange is evil to become overdo tiny to tinily say with smile:One Zheng with very tiny"Ni son, chop in two to remember fondly" snow orchid, but facial expression is the time with no variety way:"Thank an orange uncle concern"
The orange evil smile ordered to nod to say:"The black dress boy has already below the hills arrived to go at this time and finds out him quickly" snow orchid ordered to nod to mean to have been already known, immediately the vegetable hand draws out numerous begonia flower petals from a perfume satchel and reads definitely in, the facing thunder-storm hands over the air adding to throw to go, the ice begonia flower petal that sees an orchid color sends forth light sheen, facing below the hills of the direction fly.
Snow orchid facing orange is evil tiny to bend from the waist to say:"The younger generation excuses to leave".The orange is a little bit evil to nod.Snow orchid to far go to of the mountain fly.
Rain more rain more heavy, the grain of rice is general of the raindrop drop fall at this.Black noon the ache of whole body often spread at this time, but he can not also stop a step, he knows at his after death someone is making track for toward the direction that he escapes.
Continuously heavy rain drop falls on black noon, dress Shan have been already soaked through, make the black noon feel to have no not at of ache feeling.He quickly rushes, here could not see a front several rices of mountain way on, depend on existence white a little bluish green color ray of light on the Ze body.Look for the figure of white Ze.
On the mountain way of mire, original a bit wet slippery, and the weight of a pair individual, although white the body of the Ze seem to be very is thin and feeble, the feather works properly to still is that so careful, because the vitality greatly harms, he can not carry on resisting sword.
In childhood drive white the elderly gentleman was sent to learn some skills of fairy way without the sorrow alliance, but like this faced thus big condition also just helpless difficulties ex- go, because white the cause of the Ze, she had to devote of look after.
"Work properly an elder sister" one shouts, the surprised feather works properly whole body cold sweat and turn head to see go to but is a black noon to run to come over to the this place.The heart just a little relaxed down.But the white Ze remain collapsed and fainted at this time.
The proper feather works properly the direction of facing black noon and sees go again, at this time but is the figure with no black noon, replace of but is on working properly the benefit sword facing feather and rushing toward, the benefit sword once wears raindrop to send forth the voice of"bang bang" ring, making the feather work properly has to draw off backward, the feather works properly and takes out an and carries foot spiritual influence and holds up "circular fan" in a moment,
Nike NFL Jerseys.
This the circular fan is a white the elderly gentleman send to work properly for feather of an absolute being machine, but be not what medium and sky seal.The weapon used by the person of self-discipline that is just general.The voice of "bang bang" for listenning to rings, that is beaten off the benefit sword to return to.Immediately after a voice says:"Still go, also have the two times the son, bond maid" feather works properly at this time of the forehead fall, accompany with raindrop on the continuous low sweat bead of continuous downfall.
The feather works properly to slowly put white Ze at a piece of rock on, slowly stood to stare at that the voice spreads of direction.Because heavy rain continuously spreads to fall to make eyes the scenery that can see surroundings, can not see too farly.This is also because the feather works properly of self-discipline fairy the way is to come home very much.
At in the moment also situation like this can force hard support.The voice that"the bond maid didn't be hard to support, handed over to me that white dress boy to round you deathless" point engraves spreads.The feather works properly once the silver tooth bite, the facing voice spreads of the direction shouted a way to"do not think that" to have no voice, only heavy rain continuously falls low at the miscellaneous and disorderly rock on of voice.
The feather works properly to coagulate mind and listens to the whole voices of surroundings.The voice of benefit sword suddenly spread from the all directions and mixed up with to wear deeply the voice of raindrop, the facing feather worked properly to right against the face rush toward."Circular fan" takes some algidities of icinesses, horizontal the feather works properly of before the body, that benefit sword will arrive feather to work properly the time before the body, suddenly edge of sword a turned to once round feather to work properly to keep making a pounce upon white Ze.
The feather works properly heart a surprised, would be to quickly return to body to chase that benefit sword, the eye sees make track for to fail to catch, the feather works properly rapid of threw circular fan to go out, but is beat to win that benefit sword, benefit sword and circular fans be all swayed to go out, but the feather work properly of body but be hugely spoiled dint, fall down at the mountain way of this mire on.
But at this time again is a benefit sword facing white the Ze direction rush toward to go, the edge of sword sends forth cold of sheen, the person's eyes showing off all soon could not opened.The feather works properly a heart way not good, quickly climbed the ache of neglecting the oneself, make a pounce upon white Ze thin and feeble of body, but still slow one step.Be that benefit sword will pierce the chest that the feather works properly of, a pair of small hand of reds held tight.Is small black to burst upon again.That counteracts the backward dragging along of the dint to the hilt of a sword of benefit sword Ye.The hair in blue falls along with the raindrop drop.
But at this time the energy of black noon whole body well all had no, only have all all the time at ache of felling, everywhere shuttle in the body.Suddenly the distance spreads Yin cold laughter, that laughter tore open the voice of this Bo and pierced this each person's ear.The black noon silently and tightly forces maxillary joint, bear with to have no place not at of ache feeling, outwardly pull hilt of a sword.Because he knows this if oneself's loose hand, will work properly feather and white the Ze is dead.
The feather worked properly to slowly breathe heavily tone at this time, becoming overdo to looking at the fordone black noon slowly smiled already.The lips turn over black noon of light facing to say what, the black noon just continuously shakes head and forgets the black noon of ache and put out strength of drag along Ye hilt of a sword, but oneself has already didn't more strength to obstruct the direction of benefit sword.
The black noon how hopes that the time like this can stop.Heavy rain still spreads to fall between the mountain and wear the tick-tock voice ring.The feather works properly not to dare to succeed in escaping, because she knows benefit sword thinks to be piercing is the chest of white Ze, not own of, as long as oneself succeeds in escaping, so white the life of the Ze will over.
But the feather at this time work properly to have no energy to move again white Ze, she flounces a muddy mountain way to want to stand hard, but is have fantastic idea.Is nerveless to see the Ze is toward the white that pale of face, be like the look in the eyes of an elder sister similar care, looking at white Ze ……
"Die!"The voice of algidity loudly tores to grasp this each person's heart, the black noon tightly holds hilt of a sword, don't dare from open, make an effort of set up with props body backward Yang to go.
Suddenly that drags along benefit sword hard the body that the Ye wears black noon.The facing feather works properly to rush toward to go to, a tore heart crack lung of shout a voice, the blood mixs up with raindrop to continuously flow to drip at this on, the feather works properly a corner of mouth to still hang one smiling of silk idea.Black noon drive scene like this surprised Be getting more foolish.
Feel die for the first time is thus of near, nearly not ability again Be getting nearer, even that breath is also that so to come close.The heart palpitates is such quick, the disorder of the brain one, head the felling that soon blast open is full of the nerve of black noon.The feather worked properly to run out the last silk of strength to have, the hands of spring onion white, daut the face of this black noon, the lips faintly open to match ……
At this time white Ze drive just that shout that tores heart crack lung wake up with a start, in a dazely opened a double eye.At present act makes him dare not believe and cans not believe, either.But immediately that black eye pupil slowly became blood-red
55.A spool of The Cang water-chapter 47 powder long grass
"Kill the station is at your at present person" white Ze of continuously resound this sentence in the brain, but know in the heart station the person would be black noon before oneself's eyes.
He is some dare not believe of lowering the head and seeing the feathers that an eye lies on the in the pool of blood work properly, the former feather is vivid to sprinkle, is concerned with ? own scene to present one by one at own of at present.
Drift on water heavy rain to continuously float to fall, the white Ze slowly squatted down down, the small hand Zhan unsteadily dauted the feather works properly of cheeks, although have been a bit ice-cold at this time,still can feel weak remaining.
The white Ze is tried the energy of running out his/her own whole body to hand the body that the feather work properly, but finally white the Ze is that small and weak body.
The white Ze seems to be despair at this time, nerveless sit on the mountain way of mire on.The breeze remains in the roars, rain continuously floats to fall, the often air lightning flash once rowed,
The white Ze vision stagnantly looking at feather to work properly the icy cold body is greatly very probably a stroke already, a words also can not say it and free to that heavy rain to"wreak havoc" own dress Shan.Fog spirit is more and more thick, raindrop drop the voice that fall at the disorderly stone on"bang bang" loudly spreads.
White Ze heart in have already become one regiment snarled hemp at this time, the center of the chest slowly becomes ache to get up, white the Ze didn't feel these, still is eyes to have no absolute being of looking at at present everything, rain Lian, fog spirit.The sky in gray.Is the whole good stagnation general ……
Still take that benefit sword in the black noon hand, the place point of edge of sword orders fresh and red blood to fall along with the heavy rain continuous drop, good the black noon didn't realize that the variety is such quick, quickly unacceptable.
The black noon still stands in heavy rain, the raindrop received his eyes and in the moment became some faintnesses.
The black noon really wants to make oneself's eyes misty and can not be able to see like this at present world, at present this scene that kill, the blood-red color can't even be seen by oneself, while the friend lose, the helpless facial expression can't shows oneself, either and knows.
The sky one blares thunder and mixs up with the voice of "bomb Long Long" to resound by the side of the ear of the black noon, 1 cringes.
This is the black noon for the first time frightened thunder.A burst of metal is touched the voice of ground to loudly resound surroundings, the benefit sword is from the palm of black noon the slide was probably a black noon to see the body that the feather works properly and see white Ze that despairing facial expression, thoughted of just take place of everything, abruptly of awake come over from just of the Leng absolute being.
The lips are tiny to tinily shiver, the tiny title facing white Ze sees go, but heart in is compunction very much, is stopped down not and dare again to white the Ze see.Because the black noon knows, feather's working properly in the position in the white Ze heart is many Gao.
To a youth who just lost parents, the feather worked properly to be like a mother dialogue Ze to look after with quiet attention ……
The black noon doesn't dare to think again as well, finally still slowly shut last eyes, really want to escape now this place, but behind have how much person is chasing himself/herself, the purpose is the secret of white house.The black noon fiercely shook to shake head to try to get away from this kind of viewpoint, but fact be so, how is also ability again not at alternant.
In heavy rain, a pair youths all dare not believe this reality, after all is still a youth, can this kind of stroke that come all of a sudden how can bear!
Imperceptibly a sharp knife the Bo neck that arrive black noon already on, be black noon to respond to come over of already is already late."Do not move, the otherwise small life is difficult to protect" voice spreads from the back, the black noon didn't move, for everything of at present occurrence.Is output the very strong compunction feeling in the heart, wants to beg to die just at this time.
"White dress boy, soon white secret in the house hand in otherwise your this friend will die like that!"The air conditioner in the words is hundred percent
The white Ze seems to don't hear, the vision remains stagnant ……
The black noon takes advantage o that person at this time unprepared, a will that sharp knife Duo in hand, jump in the distance, lookinging at of look in the eyes iciness at present person, say:"Secret?Have already been getting more nonexistent!"
"What mean?"That person asks a way
"The secret has already made me ruin, as for contents I have already recorded in the brain!"The black noon slowly says
The person of that self-discipline after listenning to, tiny tinily knit the brows to lightly say:"How do I believe you?"
The black noon still keeps saying:"Mutually don't believe with you, but what I want to do is to let the secret disappear forever!"
"What?"The person of that self-discipline seems to dare not believe his/her own ear and looking at black noon and seem still not understand black noon talk satisfied think.
Another surprised thunder brushes past each person's ear, the thunder just fell, listenned to"burst"1, the fresh bloody liquid ordering splashes at white Ze the face of the pallor up,, the person of that self-discipline has some gapes at this time.
Black noon at this time of the corner of mouth blood direct current, on the face but present this the smiling face that don't exert looking at white Ze, slowly facing white the Ze walk to, eventually still didn't walk to white the near front of the Ze, the black noon takes out that from the bosom black of Xiao, run out own last silk of energy facing white the Ze threw in the past and lightly said in:"Little elder brother, the brothers didn't owe you what!"
The thin and feeble body pours at white Ze of before the body.White Ze the body Be tiny to tinily shiver, the small hand touched touch his/her own face on of blood drop, mix up with raindrop, the face became blood-red and tooked a look the face that the black noon doubled eye closes tightly again.
The white Ze lips shiver at this time and raise head to looking at at present of the person of the self-discipline, the small hand tightly holds black noon of that the Xiao of the black.The look in the eyes becomes full of bellicosity a while, the eye pupil in black becomes a bit blood-red.White the Ze all over the body and suddenly appeared unclearly invite invite of the powder color fog spirit around white Ze.
"" Of one bellow, as if the ghost cry wolf Hao general.Have already grown a greatly terrified felling after letting people listenning to.
At this time the person of that self-discipline already pour on the spot.The person of self-discipline how can't thought of small and weak white Ze, either, how can suddenly like this terrible strength.
But white Ze at this time but is by hand digging this what, continuously dig, often turn head to see a pair individual that an eye pour on the ground, seem to be very unwilling to part with.
Being different will the finger of white Ze already blood stain spot spot, different small pit of meeting a square digs like, the white Ze then and slowly drags along the body that the feather work properly to inside.White Ze use the energy of along while just cover up like.
Toward the feather works properly of the last home knelt down to do obeisance a pair to do obeisance, then walked to flank in the black noon and started to hand the body of black noon.The hoarse voice reads a way:"Small noon I can not drag along feather to work properly elder sister, I hand now you arrive a top and show you to persecute to death those people of yours are how to dies" immediately, the white Ze starts to hand black noon slowly the facing top of hill march forward but go ……
Rain still keeps floating to fall, but the color of raindrop slowly becomes some pink!The rain Lian of one powder color floats to fall in the sky but next as if one slice the very small flower petal float to fall from the horizon but next ……the mountain breeze gradually change of Be getting larger ……
Not distance, the orange is evil to looking at at present everything.Heart way:"Good boy, with oneself die to change to that white dress boy be not pursued and arrested, is a piece of good burst, regrettable ……" thoughts of this, tiny shook to shake head
56.Volume 2 goes into an alliance-chapter 48 long pole way fairy
Tong cloud four match, the north wind roars!
Absolute being state, this year winter, together country, month mountain city.
Month the mountain city is surprising cold, very valuable outside that a moat, all knotted layer very thick ice, thick get you even can nowise take a lot of doing ground to rush into big car to up drive to pass by from the moat.
The heavy snow suddenly stops, but the sun falls in of twilight but brought larger chill for the earth, the sky in have no star, can't even have a month.
With, the earth seems to be particularly of blackness, connect snow, have a liking for to is all ash black that is fond of to receive.Let people feel more of chill.
Month mountain city inside, the pedestrian is also far rather usually many, in addition to those merchant prince Hao Gu of thick in addition to big Jiao, who be willing to emit so big chill to walk down the street.Have a few big cars, the Lian cloth on the car is to put very strictly, the handle bars type that leave to rush through a car,
Cheap Lancel Bags, shrink a head, the of hand jelly is red.Shiver in the chilly northwest breeze, mumblingly complain the chill of the weather in.
But lead to the southern avenue of the south of city up, suddenly rush to come to a Jian horse in whole blackses at this time, is a mouth right away up tiny stay some middle age men of short Zis, back carry a lance.Wearing on the head is this place but is a rare skin hat, even covered up ears.
Therefore, you can not see his noodles to permit under this kind of ray at all, feels in so cold weather,, he sits the body right away to is still to stand dead straight and imitate this kind of sting bone for Buddha cold, not and greatly mind.
There is house by the side of the street don't calculate too big wine to spread, at the moment but is a party of many distinguished friends.There is a small and very shrewd man, suddenly from in walked out,
mlb new era hats, drive once the breeze out of the door blow and aroused to work properly to beat one cold Zhan, complain of saying:"Is very cold!"Backed two leave body in the door, stretch a head in the outside" Pei!"The ground is a , Cui one mouthful.
One title saw that man that rides right away, but was to see one eye, appearance with surprising look.Again a burst of breeze is inheritted, that person forbids not to live once the cold head shrink, and then drill to return mother's home an inside.
The man right away slowly puts a horse, imitating the Buddha didn't see this person, once the hand press and press the skin hat worn much lower some.
The aroma of wine, from the decorous cotton door screen inside deeply come out, the person right away smelt this kind of smell, once the mouth close lightly, be like make every effort ground to inhibit the desire that wants to go in to drink two cups.
The horse's hoofs knocks at already snow of the freeze piece up, send out the voice of a kind of very pleasing Zheng Zheng, is like a gold machine mutually shot send out of the special voice.
The horse is also a horse, this horses and others, let people have a kind of stalwart felling to look.
Take that kind of finally the voice of the pleasing Zheng Zheng, this horses and others far go gradually.
Once rounding a not well-known temple is a south door.Soldier's son that guards a door leans on a red Ying gun to stand in the shadow that takes shelter from the wind inside the city and also sees this person's one horse slowly ride a city to go and looking at right away the knight's heroic bearing, can not help lowering the head a praise way:"This boy can be really great!"
Ma Chu city, walked a little bit and quickly, but still wasn't speed that the person who walks faster in this kind of weather should have, along walking on the boulevard was a , the horse unexpectedly stopped down, under old Yang Shu that a stub Be getting more withered tiny kick feet.
The man right away, seem if have air that need to be, on the noodles, the dark gets very.
Say at him, time imitates a Buddha to lead specially and slowly, on the face of dark, also peeped out some anxious, he lightly wears a palm with the empress handle shot of horsewhip, from the language way:"How does the ground still don't come?"
Led a short moment again, his etc. get impatient, and then want to go forward, four attend to one eye, see he sign location horse, on all sides boundless unmanned vestige, wanted to think, and then stopped Ma Jiang, canceled to want the mind for going forward.
The night is quiet terrifying, only the breeze pares off withered tree branch, voice ever and anon send out that kind of to"brush", is this to have no star to have no month of cold at the mid-night the only audible voice that let people.
Knight's facial expression right away more and more doesn't bear and jump down a horse, the Fu is on the ground and stick with the ear full was the ground of ice snow to listen to a long time, suddenly face up peep out happy expression, jump, ice snow is stained with he all of a faces BE, he is also not concerned, with put on go to, don't feel cold as well.
He took out a tremendous handkerchief, the handkerchief was white,, is as the most disproportionate as the clothes on his body, but he receives this handkerchief on the face, only 1 pair brightly delivers bright eyes, the crevice between the skin hat and the hand towel in, the whole absolute being stares at afar.
Have no how long, indeed as expected spread on the boulevard a burst of rapidly of hoofbeat ……
In the month mountain city, the wine at the side of street spreads, unauthorized biography in the door come stuffy hum of voice, the very thick cotton cloth screen is slowly drawn back by an old hand, a burst of bise sewed to blow to come in and made the persons of inside all feel the algidity of one silk along with the door, all could not help beating to cringe, in succession of see to the doorway.
The old that sees full head grey hair walked to come in, the whole body was clean and neat, but is that beard is some dry and hard grays, the linen full-length gown of whole body.
The half body sweetly stepped to come in, but was what things pulled some, almost fall down, that old Zhan unsteadily stands, another hand stretches out an outside to run out his/her own energy again pull what.The wine spreads the persons of inside are all some curious.The store is small two also joy ha ha of looking at jollification.
That old is to know what the ground spreads toward the wine inside see go, but was the cloth screen that was tiny to tinily smile to smile, draw back cotton to back to go out.The wine spreads to say inside a young men at this time:"Old man's house is big cold sky of of wore whole body full-length gown and really admired!"
That person just finished saying then and had a man with bushy beards all over the face to say:The person in"see him the appearance of that as skinny as a stick too frail to stand a gust of wind, seem is be blown by the breeze to go out" finishes saying to roar with laughter.See to that man after being public to listen to.That man is smiling to suddenly see wine to spread the persons of inside all see go to toward they but is a laughter Jia however, selfishly start to eat vegetables,
Is proper public and all don't understand in succession old man why again after going out, cotton another cloth screen is drawn back, a bamboo pole stretched to come in, bamboo pole how not bulky, but is have some long, when that old again enter into wine and spreads inside, wine's spreading the person of inside is a burst of to coax and smile.That is long long of bamboo pole top, hang a very small canvas to up write:"Long pole way fairy" is four words.That old was tiny to tidy up own dress of Shan, seem the out of hearing wine spreads inside of coax to smile of voice.
The facing store is small two say:"Is small two, give last sake" store small two hear the old call he, then endure smile, the favour answers the way"good type" just wanted beat wine seem to thought of what returned to body towarded the old say:The old in"old man's house, ashamed inside the store is getting fuller, you see" after listenning to tiny tinily sighed tone to say:"Let it be, I from sit on this long pole on" store is small 2:00 nod to beat wine to go.That old also ignores public, selfishly sit on the long pole on.
A young men see at this time scene like this then and slowly stood to walk to that old before the body deep Shi Yi Li to say:The old in"old man's house, ground jelly cold, although this ground is unlike outside, finally still keep having a little chill, please to my position to sit" tooks a look this young man and ordered to nod, station start to slowly sit down before walking to the seat along with that young man.
That old tiny smile way:"Young man,
discount new era hats, I see your fairy work properly of the spirit accompany good, whether have already done obeisance to go into without under the sorrow alliance?"That young man ordered to nod to say:"The true dark secrets of old Sir!But is after younger generation go into alliance but assiduous study fairy magic.Up to now but is a have no acquisition"the old Le the Le beard say:"Study fairy magic not on the first the Lao of a pair day, but this small brothers is to have never seen to decree by destiny of the person is just" young man after listenning to tiny nods.
A small and very shrewd man towards the old to do with malice at this time of ask a way:"Old Sir from number long pole way fairy, would be fairy!Can"is proper to have nothing to say of, the store unauthorized biography comes to the sound of horse's hoofs, would be at heart a bright continue to say" can say next outside right away of the kind of touching of person?"Which the old listen to behind but is to don't smile, eyes are tiny to tinily shut up.The persons in the store all see to this old."Black horse, right away a mouth ascends tiny stay short Zi middle age of man, wear and the north skin hat" old shuts eyes tiny tinily say, although the voice isn't big,the persons in the store all listen to very realistically.That small and very shrewd man favour station starts to facing doorway to walk to ……
After waiting that small and very shrewd man to come back, arrive at the in front of that old and say:The old in"the fairy, the small eye Zhuo, violates openly fairy to please to forgive offense" says:"The fairy you does me too much honor, I ability dull, just understand thoroughly a little humality"
Hear this, people in the store in succession all the facing the old see go, look in the eyes in be full of of respect!
After that small and very shrewd person listens to, the favour takes out a silver to put the in front of the old to say with a smile from the dress Dou:"The mean person listens to rumours a pair white house in the year ago capital city exterminate whole family, origin fairy way the secret and snow idea absolute being sword, can have this matter?"That old is tiny to sigh tone to say:"The God's way is boundless, but is a humality dim moonlight, white house of the matter a pair in the last years pass on a message a lot, but things of the past as if vanish like bubbles clouds and mist, this matter small fairy also have no from understand,, listens to that have one person still in the world,is among the missing"
That small and very shrewd man seems to don't find out what ground.Just lightly ordered to nod, once turned round to sit to return to.
The store is small at this time two have already carried a pot of sake to come over, that old starts slowly an article rising wine and pouring one cup, the mouth inside still hums misty of emphasize, finish huming to drink one mouthful to let go of the quilt and enjoy in retrospect.The person of sweetly an out of this world drinks Qiong syrup jade dew of felling!The wine spreads the person of inside also respectively eats respectively of food, the wine spreads medium slowly resumed the equanimity in past, only outside street up traverse strong bise and very few urgently and in a hurry rush into the person of road.
Night, abnormality of silent, people of month mountain city are very afraid cold ground the early early rest went.Had on the street order brightness of shining, the wine spreads in, that old remains taste over there which sake, that wine drinks very slowly and very for a long time pass by, he drank half pot, often of dynasty door outside wonderful eye's seeming is waiting a person and also seem he have already indicated meeting someone come ……
A burst of pleasing clop spreads from the distance
57.Volume 2 goes into an alliance-chapter 49 Is dark to rob
Together the country Lu Feng city
Although at this time the sun Gao Zhao, people walk but is suddenly and momentarily lead.The breeze shouts of blow, as if the ice skates generally stab each person who run about down the avenue doesn't dare to stop over half to engrave on the street noodles.
Each ones all bind strictly actually solid.Occasionally have several rich family childes who wear woolens and flannel Ao but could not feel.But is scatteredly walk on the avenue on.
White mansion original address door front,, appeared a pair figure at the moment, all is the glorious dress of vegetable white.Look good reach an officer to show the house of Huan.
This is old a little the damaged site of mansion lookinging at this white break the wall Zheng appearing lost in thought of Zheng, that old, eyes stare at to fix attention on to ex-ly break a wall damaged site and slightly took some cant not bear to with indignant look in the eyes.
But station at he after death of the muddled small young girl, but is to see arrive like this a condition, frightenedly hide very much at that old of after death.Very long that old corner of mouth is tiny to have muscular spasms for a while, the lips Be tiny to shiver, want and say many words, arrived a mouth side the innumerable words change into invisible again.
Repeatedly of the breeze once blew, the little girl cans not help of 1 admire and, the small hand pulled the dress Shan of that old, the unwilling appearance of one face.It says in:"Grandpa, we return to, I am some frightened!"That old well didn't hear generally, still facing a white mansion that utter darkness that is burned already the shapeless front door looking at.Noodles' permitting is equanimity very much.
It is that eyes to pour in, suddenly a pair way is only and suddenly cold now, don't know as well is that old to feel that pulling of young girl Ye still have already made a firm decision in the heart, but is see he still keep becoming overdo, the look in the eyes becomes kind a lot of, tiny tinily bend to bend from the waist, squat down in front of that young girl, lightly say with smile:"Be getting more hungry?Walk grandpa to take you to eat some things to go"
That little girl is a bit reasonable at this time, the small hand takes out the Pa towel in a blue from the pocket and slowly wipes going or staying's tear stain between the Sai for that old.The old deeply absorbed an one breath and towarded that young girl to love to pitily see one eye and then and slowly stood up and pulled that young girl to walk to the street of distance.
The Lu Feng street in the city center goes north not much and far, a gold bluish green impressive-looking city gate pours to reflect at people of at present, in this looking after of winter days the sun light it
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