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discount new era hats Imitate a Buddha to see through her heart thinks to be general
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TOPIC: discount new era hats Imitate a Buddha to see through her heart thinks to be general

discount new era hats Imitate a Buddha to see through her heart thinks to be general 11 months, 4 weeks ago #2309

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Get generally!
This very obvious anti- makes and lets the country emperor of Mo become angry from embarrassment, want cure it offense, the but again begins because of being afraid of their real strenght not to dare.
However, from time immemorial, in spite of which emperor, care most of in addition to river's mountain would be face and self-respect.For any person who dare to violate openly or humiliate them, all not kind give up.Can not wear to issue order clearly, then it and secretly play tricks.
But the free and unfettered army corps gain of the punishment would be-forever be forgotten in the national capital outskirts.
With, this then determined to want to join the conviction of free and unfettered army corps without the Yuan more.
Is invincible, brave still at secondly.Being the most important is their heavy feeling, heavy righteousness this.
Have no Yuan and red dress 2 people day and night and travel at double speed, finally on the last day in July arrived at Mo of country national capital.
On going into the city, the red dress then lets to have no Yuan to stop over to a biggest wine shop in city, while oneself leaves alone.
Having no Yuan has never asked her to do what, just the shining on of darling does.Is positive such as all the way for the attitude of red dress, that sort is estranged.
After leaving red dress, Shu in heart however some easy.Had no Yuan to loosen tone of at the same time, and then can not help dark scold oneself:The jade has no Yuan, you at feigned what?All the way the always cold face towards a somebody else, intentionally of go to estranged.Isn't a responsibility?What greatly not of?
However, though he much foreign such ascend red dress, that lonesome and quietly beautiful Mou son towards saying from the son, canning 1 rightness, he still keeps cannot helping but putting an estranged attitude.Don't disgust, but a kind of take precautions against a mindset.
After red dress tells him the whole, in his heart then unclearly invite about of feel uneasy.This kind of is uneasy, imitate a Buddha to be fearing a kind of thing back ……come back yes.Once had, that kind of very deep, the but again let him painful and matchless felling.
Why will appear this felling, he cans not know.However he but matchless believe firmly, this kind of is uneasy, don't have no reason.Just at present, he still doesn't know just.
Entered Inn, and then paid silver.Is small two then take him to arrive at a common room.This day day and night walks faster really hard, with, small two after leaving, he then much run down on the bed and shouts to greatly sleep.
The next day had no Yuan to just open an eye and then hoped to see red dress.
Have no surprised feeling, he getting up of slow logical arrangement Si, washing of slow logical arrangement Si Shu, using of slow logical arrangement Si the red dress put in the food on the table.
The red dress sits upright, the noodles is expressionless to stretch out a hand, the center of palm of white Zhan put a Tan wood do of make card, across a few Chinese feets, have no the Yuan can also smell to above spread of Tan wood joss-stick, the Qin person's the bottom of one's heart.He stops action, raise head, once connected to make a card.
This makes although the card is done by Tan wood, unlike gold, can above of wood grain but very fine.Match with a Tan wood, the flavor of some vicissitudes of lives.Turn one side again, the jade has no a Yuan double eye a bright.Make card this side, impressively have two'free and unfettered'of black form of written.
This is the soldier card of free and unfettered army corps!
35.The second previous incarnation this present life-chapter 4 is decadent
In those early years, free and unfettered regiment scale very big, the number had 200,000 remainings around.Is the country biggest large unit of Mo, but those early years, free and unfettered general for the sake of accurate distinction oneself person, then especially idea wear the person chopped down national capital with south the Tan wood of 30 inside outsides is Lin Zhong's all Tan woods, cast into the one and only Tan wood to make a card.
And free and unfettered general vegetable to cover up shortcomings of is also from here and since then.
"This is the soldier card of free and unfettered army corps, had it, you canned freely come in and go out army camp."Red dress light explanation way, she doesn't hope delight in a sudden for an instant of have no Yuan, in the eyes deeply one silk smile an idea.But is very few ……
Lonesome voice, calls to return his rational.The general card puts into Jin, he orders."In a short while go to army corps?"
She moves to open view, make him not have opportunity to see disappointment for he's eyes.Return to way:"The nature is the sooner the better."
Smell speech, his 23 people, then fill the food on the table into stomach, way:"That leaves."
2 people a front of one empress Inn, have no Yuan fore, red dress at after, 2 people are separated 4 to walk down the street.
Red dress originally for the extremely beautiful, go together with that free from vulgarity and matchless lonesome qualities, naturally eye-catcher.And have no Yuan, is also a handsome and talented person, let alone, after had Long Zhu in the body, on his body, then unclearly invite invite deeply moderate and strong vehemence in.At this time, in outsider's eyes, 2 people would are brilliant scholar beauty-extremely go together with.
But can only cherish, one person fore, one person at after.But 2 people's facial expression is again thus cool, livinged to rarely pull up distance, the Tu added sorrow vexed.
Having no Yuan naturally felt that the neighborhood spreads, the discussion voice slightly take to sigh, eyebrows a wrinkly, don't take care of as well.He doesn't know that how after death red dress is, but grasp sex according to red dress, wanting to come will not put people's discussion as well in the mind.
Think and this, he then and selfishly walks,
And fact, also positive such as he think.Red dress with is having no Yuan after death, is that the one is cool on the extremely beautiful Jiao Yan, is a pair of cold and crystal-clear like the beautiful Mou of cold pond, for an instant not in a sudden hope have no the figure of Yuan.Deeply wear complicated and grieved.
But this , in people's eyes, then becamed another opera again-settle is this little two people to act peevishly!
Come out city gate, be to see free and unfettered regiment that white blue to symbolize the sky freedom free and unfettered military flag after, 2 people stopped a step at the same time.
Red dress still station at leave to have no Yuan 4 to open outside of place, light way:"The woman forbids to come in and go out army camp, you wanted a person to go in.Hereafter occupy, the mountain forest seeks me after then coming."
Have no the head of Yuan Han, the head doesn't return as well.
"……Is careful."
He is quiet to sign for a long time, slowly turn head, but disappear red dress of figure.
Sighing is a , he faces upward, and the military flag hoping that to flaunt just raises a step to come forward for a long time.
The jade has no Yuan to hold a soldier card, easy to accomplish of then get into army camp.
However, but this isn't the achievement of soldier card, but ……he can not believe, so big army camp, but connect a soldier who guards a door to also have no.
Military advance after, follow everything seen by road,, also make he deeply the Cu has eyebrows.
Can not help question, this is really that that is world famous, declares invincible free and unfettered army corps?
Is dirty in the moment, confusion unbearable scene.An is sallow and emaciated, out at elbow soldier anywhere but sit, they or pour on the ground, or depend and asleep greatly feel in canning not telling the tent of the original mess, again or round and gather into one regiment on the gamble.Their cachinnation wears and scolds dirty words in mouth, as if group of ruffians in the city well.Even lead it.
But the food for powders of ground, on the face combine none sort the soldier should have of self-confidence and heroism, but is very full and decadent and despair, is waiting dead generally ……
All these, actually and what is the row?
On entering free and unfettered army camp, the jade has no Yuan to immediately lock eyebrow, don't dare to believe of looking at in the moment confusion unbearable scene:Is untidy, sallow and emaciated soldier or pour on the ground, or depend on the tent, or round to gather one regiment on the gamble.There isn't any the self-confidence and heroism that the soldier should have on a face, but is slowly decadent and despair.
"What matter did the free and unfettered army corps take place?"Nearby and suddenly after one person, he then pulls that person to ask a way.
The person being grasped by him is as well equally untidy dirty, out at elbow.Just look in the eyes but not others that sort despair or decadent, anti- pour to peep out one face frivolous touch kind.
He is quickly to up and down conjecture some kind of Yuan of having nos first, saw have no Yuan clothes only fresh, brushed past one silk taunt in the eye.He smiles of look like loafer, the tone is frivolous."Have never seen you, newly arrived of?"
Have no Yuan intuition of Cu eyebrow, Han head.Ask a way again:"Actually took place here what matter?"
The flavor of his irony more very, "what matter son,
discount new era hats?BE isn't that you give offense to what power expensive, so be arranged to come to this?"
Have no Yuan to shake head."Not, I voluntarily come to three soldiers."
That person immediately roars with laughter and leads to focus attention.But his Hun however don't feel, once the corner of mouth pull and at will say:"That roll quickly."
Have no Yuan the noodles have no facial expression."Give me reason."
That person's sneer:"Free and unfettered army corps don't fight!"
36.The second previous incarnation this present life-chapter 5 argues
Smell speech, have no Yuan don't peep out a surprised or surprised color, come from that way of anticipating of person:"I know."Red dress while being as early as to come then free and unfettered army corps present situation, say to listen to with him one by one.
Besides, the free and unfettered army corps ever and in public gave offense to Mo of country emperor, the slightest regardless of and whether Long Yan has Sun, again because of can not get use to a dynasty win the false looks of official hierarchy, often speak not lousy, give offense to many have power to have power of person.Hence, that has intention to in the emperor not intentional of tolerate under, then and much foreign as to it's difficult.
Deduct military payroll, the decrease supplies is the matter that often has.More very, some powers Be expensive to literally seek some of borrowings, prepared to take some non-commissioned officers, the Chong was a slave.
Tend burning attach the mean person of power to the in multiple layers bullying of the free and unfettered soldier, afterward the fruit is naturally very serious.In those early years, was asked for the free and unfettered soldier of Nu to courageously rise to resist, valiant of they are under the leading of the superiorses of strategy guide being some to excel art of war and almost offended into national capital and killed into an imperial palace.Is all to declare the national capital guard of elite soldier all enemy however.
The end is still emperor Wang Pai Chu ability minister, take turns to persuade more, and promise many advantages just advise to back them and eliminated to solve this some kind of disasters.And that several officials who take the lead to bully a free and unfettered soldier be also decapitated to exhibit to the public, person's head is hanged last three days and three nights at the free and unfettered military flag, clearly show world.
This news , in those early years, it mays be said cause a sensation world.No man doesn't know that no man not Xiao.
But also after that, the free and unfettered soldier was regarded as to truely head for to decline.
Arrange intentionally at the emperor king under, they lack a food, lack dress and lack weapon.Want to let they on the battlefield, the but again is afraid that they are asked for surrender by other nations.After all they all of each are to train to have plain officers and men.Have to settle they are in the national capital outside, occasionally seek borrowing of some impressive-lookingses, scatter they.
But more than 10 years later, today, the free and unfettered soldier doesn't reply former brilliancy again.The number only has empty tens of thousands, but the aged and weak maims mostly.
Just such as have no Yuan see like this at the moment.Full is the noodles of the dirty mire up, the one dies ash, which still have to at the beginning maneuver battlefield, is one silk striving to kill an enemy heroic?
"Do you know?"The way that that person indeed as expected doesn't believe:"That do you return?"
Hear sounds, this person is also regarded as the young, just an untidy face, unkempt appearance, really can not tell outlooking.Only a pair of black bright eyes, Shan's wearing doesn't believe of ray of light.
Have no Yuan short cut:"Did not you also come?"
"I?"He satirizes a to smile:"I am different, I have no choice.Enter, don't go."He shakes head the way of swaying the brain:"See your person mold dog kind of, Lao Tze receives to advise you 1.From which return which go, don't covet to free and unfettered army corps to set up achievement establish a career!"
Set up an achievement to establish a career?Might it not be does he have mind reading not to become?Have no Yuan in the mind to secretly think, way:"I am similar to you, have no choice."
Free and unfettered army corps at present how, think that necessarily red dress' settling is clear.Can she but a word not lift and still want him to come to this.Be showed from this, he is to fly come here can not.
That person on listenning to, but insolent cachinnation.But this time, but unmanned attention."Might it not be did you also give offense to those dog officers?"
"Not, I just want to leave."
Seldom, that person's facial expression Shu however a positive.The weird look in the eyes up and down conjectures to have no Yuan and hangs up a lips way:"You have a kind."Say, is 1 with the hand."That is the commander-in-chief debt, you checked in and then went to that,
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Have no Yuan to lift a head to hope to go, then see a tremendous tent, be located in encampment the center."Thank."
He raises a step to leave, but hears taunt:"Hoping you can support was a little bit longer, didn't be like previous those timid guyses, could not stood in a little while,"
His pretending don't feel, moving forward an alignment the lord is before debt is just preparing into.
"The superior of iron is like Huai like this to grow, not will he five horse cent the corpse be regarded as cheapness he!Only make you issue order to punish him to work now, you why still hesitant!"
One is proud, the wild voice is from the debt inside spread, the Duo Duo is pressing.
"Does the Huai grow?Hum."Together louder and clear voice rings out, the feel like thunder bombs a Long sort.Take just some little impatient with despise."The free and unfettered soldier only has of indomitable spirit good man, who is a Huai to grow!"
Front an orotund sneer way:"Free and unfettered soldier?That is formerly!The free and unfettered soldier that is current is only a lousy mire of ground!You see those people of outside, what do they calculate?Or non-commissioned officer?Knows to gamble a sleeping just everyday, person like this, return calculate up is an of indomitable spirit good man?"
"That in strict superior's eyes, a group ofs know that a dozen of houses rob to give up and cheat common people, Lien Chan's fields have never ascended, one person has never killed as well and wore the benefit sword between each waist have never been stained with a drop of blood of call non-commissioned officer?"The iron superior is obviously to cut up rough, the voice is more loudly.
The strict superior's voice rings out again."Hum, if the free and unfettered soldier is really useful, also can't till today all didn't°yet a presentable commander-in-chief!"
"That is just horary problem!"The iron superior firmly says.Deeply wearing one is resolute.
"Time?"The strict superior sneers at."Already livelong 20 years!Cloud is free and unfettered to say of that sooner or later will appear and lead us, unified all people in the world exactly is who, he is where,, these we all don't know!Just persistently wait for again and again, face those mix Zhang thing of bully and satirize, we are persistently of endurance,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys!This kind of day exactly and how long would end!"
"So you are querying general now!"
1 of Pa has no Yuan to believe firmly, inside's settling was what things ground.
37.The second previous incarnation this present life-chapter 6 isn't in the right
Yesterday didn't renew of reason:Studies is busy ……have the cause that three doorways try on the second day, so the Yi good luck didn't renew, but had been being studying ……so, dear everyone, beg your pardon Yi good luck accidentally ……who let we are also a very small, and the student of wretchedness?
Fruit not it however, the morrow then listens to that a strict superior a sneer way:"General?Hum!If Lao Tze didn't record wrong, he is dead for livelong 20 years!20 years!Is a dying testament because of him, we livelong more than 200,000 battalionses station here.Can be deprived by those dog officers our food supplies, also ignore the world person's irony and mockery, proceed without hesitation of stay to wait here.But you tell me, so many in the last yearses, we persistently waited for changing to come what!"
More than 20 myriad people shout!Survey the world, and then have which army corps like this big scale?
At the beginning free and unfettered soldier, regardless go where, all is ten thousand many focus attention.They are hero within hearts of common people, to gallop about battlefield, ten thousand man Mo Di's heros!
Can at present?
More than 200,000 crack troopses, become empty today however 30,000 shrimp soldier's crabs will, among them aged and weak wounded and disabled mostly number!This would is compliant end!
In the tiger eyes that iron superior Nu stares also the flash across is one silk pain, however turn to namely die in a sudden.He is positive to permit face to face, the language center of gravity is long way:"Is old strict, I also know your se yearses not lead, the in the mind suppresses to bend.But the words of general, we have to get to obey."His complexion a positive, serious way:"Just of words, my aming don't hear, you have never said as well.Like, descend go to, this soldier will handle."
"That you obey!"Strict superior loudly way, take the meaning of the desperation of a silk."I in no case will keep on waiting again!"
Have no Yuan to feel a burst of furious wind rushing toward noodles since then and taking a thick heavy sweat flavor.In front debt the Lian be uncovered, one person goes in quick time, in his shape etc., country word face, the outlooking is common, a pair of sharp tigers eyes Nu stares, and the wrath didn't fade.All over send forth a kind of domineering vehemence.
This person obviously just on the spirit head, a debt, saw without the Yuan, don't grind to a stop as well, is cold to hum 1, kiss Xiu to leave.Later on, and then there is a same side angry person following to leave.
See them that touches kind, remember again proper just hear of, have no Yuan slightly on deliberating, can not help a sighing ……see, the free and unfettered army corps is also that one regiment is disorderly.
Slightly sigh, suddenly arouse the vigilance of inside iron Heng Yi."Who!"
Having no Yuan is whole the whole side to permit and slowly follow.
Not big main debt, decorate simple and direct.Entrance both sides all have already placed weapon.The side of the one more is several woods that put soldier's book.The center puts a tiger skin, tiger skin on, there is a book case.And then head, sit 140 come year old, tiger carry bear waist on tiger's back, not the Nu wears the man of casual wear from the Wei.At this time, it be not doing stare at in a sudden for an instant to have no Yuan.
The book case is previous, one person is greatly bound by five flowers, casts away ground up.Form collapsed and fainted.
"Who are you ?"The iron Heng Yi tiny Mi attracts attention, breathed conjecture to have no Yuan.
Have no Yuan to come forward several steps, one gift.Take out a soldier card again, steady way:"Newly arrived soldier."
Smell speech, iron Heng Yi took back the vehemence of shooting the person, the double eyes changed to return to Hun muddy, again have no previous keenness of that sort.He is carefree to carefreely once take the small volume of one side, with turn over to open."Does the jade have no Yuan?"Is cool to lift an eye, a have no a Jing dozen to adopt of touch kind.
If isn't the roars voice that before heard him that vehemence forcing a person, have no Yuan still true meeting drive he to receive.At the same time, have no Yuan to also feel a perplexity ……he signed outside the door at that time, but strict iron 2 people but selfishly say, didn't discover him.
He Han head way:"BE."Iron Heng Yi is like this doing a drama.That is being unique is possible, would be him to realize really never ……however this to him, but is again good however of.
After all beginning to suddenly arrive, too dazzling always not good.
The iron Heng Yi right hand pays chin, the left hand at will closes before the body that small volume and go toward a side a throw."Oneself goes out and literally seek a piece of place to sleep."The words fall and put to offer for sale to have no signal that the Yuan goes out.
Have no Yuan to nod, leave.
The everyones all say that the dynasty sun is prettiest.Because pawn everything clear deportation blackness of for an instant, horizon black and white interleave, a feel like fascinatingly and incomparablely battle out of war ……
However, but Feng rain Han has been liking setting sun.She loves most, the setting sun falls the split second of mountain, remaining stays an of horizon the rosy sunset of the fire.
Whenever by this time, she then feels heart bottom of a certain, upsurge an in fine threads felling for hoping.Is warm, again quiet and peaceful.
She at will sits on the summit of hill, on the lawn of green lawn.The corner of mouth is wearing a smile, the look in the eyes softly hopes setting sun and follows with eyes it to slowly fall into low hill ……on all sides in addition to she outside, empty none person.She has already unloaded the veil, at the moment, cut off the beautiful facial appearance shines in glory in the setting sun under, go together with a corner of mouth that to put on to smile an idea and seem to be matchless to inebriate a person ……
However, top of head Shu however ring out the voice that a burst of wing claps, her upset Ning eyebrow.Lift once the eye see and indeed as expected see a cleverly made and snow-white pigeon son, just and in the sky and back and forth hover around.
Is breathed to sigh, she takes back view, and then hopes toward the setting sun.Don't act.
……The father is still to give up.Such as painting Dai eyebrow tiny Cu write, hospice in heart feels to gradually elapse.Eyebrow eye, gradually clime to one silk sorrow color.Is the cause, these several days that she has never answered the letter, the father's letter is gradually multifarious.Start a beginning, she also opens reading, but when see full is idea of pressing in the letter after, then resolute of destroy it.After, also no longer see.
Must figure way, let father's unable to find she just goes.She thinks a way.
The beautiful Mou takes to reluctant to part with and look around make her feel on all sides the heart rather calms down to annoy of lovely view.She should leave ……today, suddenly had this kind of viewpoint.Now that the carrier pigeon can seek her, that father also necessarily knows that she was here.He once said that big elder gave her the half year, so half year after, she if still didn't go home, so the father then and certainly visited relatives from come.
By that time, return and stay, then from don't get her.With, if think a lasting freedom, then have to seek one more place, and is the place that the father can not seek to just go!
Just thinking wear, while the top of head hover around of the carrier pigeon suddenly is frightenned, rapidly clap wing, also neglect if the task completes and turns around and then escapes.
This etc. unusually draws the attention of rain Han, she suddenly lifts up head, hoping of consternation the carrier pigeon fear far to walk.
Isn't in the right!
She immediately thinks a way:This kind of pigeon son is their Feng clan to raise and train, but not strange rare monster.The clansmen delivers a letter and always uses it.It removes speed strange quick outside, also have another great characteristics-after letting out, if didn't reach a purpose, was also a letter don't arrive a receiver's hand in, it then can't come back.
With, common even if rain Han doesn't read the letter a piece, also is up dismantled from its body first to destroy again to the letter.Otherwise, it then can't leave, but have been being like previous that sort and in the sky and back and forth hover around.
38.The second previous incarnation this present life-chapter 7 acquaintance
Rain Han looks around on all sides, but has no detection.It is thus clear that the other party fixs for, settle however Gao too she.Rain Han right hand explores short sword toward the waist and fisted the hilt of a sword in fire red, cold way:"Come out!"
The summit of hill one is silent to have no voice.The setting sun elapses, the color of the sky is gradually dark.The cold breeze is whistling, the cold idea in rain Han Mou also along with increase."Might it not be does you like to hide a dew tail to make some dirty tricks, but don't dare to contest with rain Han directly?"
The words sound just fell, the rock that rain Han foot signs suddenly softened and started tumbling down.Rain Han a surprised, the toe lightly orders and flurried moves out of the way.
"Small old son however conjectured you more in a short while, does little girl's child why the need for make offensive remarks?"Old voice's at the back that together takes to smile an idea rings out, the rain Han falling to the ground quickly turns round.Sees a white dress of at present old man, qualities dust, the snow-white long beard is several vicinity district noodles, old and full is the face of crease up hang to kind and genially smile.
Though, he is kind and genially smiling to her.Can rain Han eyes in of take precautions against but have already increased don't reduce.
Is this person before don't know to use what skill, unexpectedly and silently have no making of voice interest the carrier pigeon fears to escape, and then makes strong and tough big stone's suddenly softening , now, is more unconscious emergence.Various evidences express that being this person settles remarkable!And not definitely, is that she can cope with of person.
Think and this, rain Han then and first Shi Yi Li, way:"The younger generation momentary feeling urgently causes bad break, hope elder generation don't want to blame,
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The old man roars with laughter."Is not strange, not strange."And then way:"If Be getting more strange, this time task again how reach?"
Rain Han not know what meaning he is, but also not want to bring calamity a body.He since saying isn't strange, that she also can leave.At that moment short cut:"The color of the sky is late, the younger generation should walk.Elder generation takes leave."
Old man's smiling face is light, one Yang hand.The soil wall of one noodles one Zhang Gao rises straight from the ground, blocks in rain Han before the body and makes her in difficult pass.
Angry expression of rain Han noodles one Shan but lead, look back a way:"Elder generation is this He Yi?"
The old man says with smile:"Deep countryside wood, the human relations is rare.Saw a little girl's child very easily, wanted to pull naturally to accompany oneself under play chess, drink."
Is really such?Rain connotes a gift time way:"Regrettable younger generation chess the skill is poor, the capacity for liquor is the most shallow."
The old man puts a hand."That is let it be."But when rain Han is thinking that he now forgets about it, but he momentarily again way:"That let's then come to discuss."
Say, also neglect rain meanings wish, then withdrew to go to a soil wall, and without telling anyone started a topic."Is proper to just see the small bird that you fly oddness, the leg is best to be like to bind thing.Is a book?"
Brushing past one silk in rain Han eyes is upset."BE.I am just wanting at the time that book dismantled, house's elder generation but kicked out it."She takes advantage of an opportunity a beginning calculate Zhang.
The oh of the old man is a , is suddenly realize."Is really a book?Can see you that touches kind, I still think to is a vexed person's small bird, so just kick out it."
He of words, rain Han naturally doesn't believe.But also bear a heart way:"The elder generation actually wants to say with rain Han what, might as well come straight to the point."Must be beat around the bush.
The old man ignores completely to this words, anti- way:"However your this kid is also true cruel, put so big household to ignore, a person alone run this out-of-the-way place.How?Might it not be want to learn old man's house to live as recluse forest?"
Rain Han Dai eyebrow a pick.Old man indeed as expected have have since then, all clear to her background background.What identity is such Gao Ren actually?
Puzzle in the heart, rain Han light way:"Elder generation immensely resourceful, omniscient.Might as well guess."
The old man smells speech and hang a head to ponder, is true in the guess."Might it not be ……" he lifts an eye and smiles to looking at rain Han, the voice slightly can not smell."BE let go of the whole, the heart has no miscellaneous read?"
Have no Yuan to come out a lord debt, asked many people at third hand, at last and finally found out to ownly dwell of-one is broken-down, the tent of the mess inside.
The Yan wears a nose and has no Yuan to uncover debt Lian into.Suddenly, a rock is big of the fist then beat to come over, have no Yuan body compare head first one step reaction, the body is one side, hid pass by.
"Good!"One drinks colourful, have no Yuan steady live a body of form.Settle Jing to hope to go, sees shape high big, the dish Sai beard Zi, the face reading is crude and uncivilized, bares the man up the body to just and full of beansly looking at him, gleam bellicose ray of light in the tiger eyes.
Have no Yuan a smile:"Where."Hence see he still think a continuous power, favour one gift, way:"At under the jade have no Yuan."
The big statures sees have no Yuan not to want to begin with him, Shi Shi however pendency double arm, have spirit have no strength:"Iron soldier, similar to you, is a new soldier,
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Have no Yuan point to nod, again to flank see.Very small tent inside, put simple and direct.Five beds, two big wood cabinets are used to put clothes.But five beds, there is an empty, is his.Depend the side of door, most outside.The rest is four beds, 2 spreads to fold orderliness, and twos are in great disorder and dirty.Above also someone is going to bed.
Iron soldier dynasty the third bed walk to, return Gu Nong in mouth:"Is a guy of immobility hand again, really boring!"
At this time, the person of sleeping of the second bed suddenly once turned over a body and slept asking of eye dim moonlight 1:"Did the New appointee come?"
Iron soldier is in response to the way:"Come, say similarly with your boy, is a boring person again!"Lo his facial expression, is in the complaint.
That person smells speech, the sitting of then lazy ocean ocean starts.He livings white cleanly, an emaciation touches kind.Only a pair of abnormalities bright eye, deeply clever man's natural character to him.He arrives at to have no Yuan in front and start to hang up a to put on to ponder of smile an idea."You really stayed."
This ruffian's ruffian's tone, be not just went into the camp pointed road for him, that talked misanthropic of society, milli- Don't mention it of who is the soldier ?
Meet again'familiar'person, have no the Yuan is naturally also a polite answer:"H'm, stay.Hereafter take care of more, I am a jade to have no Yuan."
"Call I Mo went."He roars with laughter:"Still have, the army camp inside has never taken care of one phrase.Since came in, everyone was a brothers hereafter.Although the free and unfettered army corps doesn't fight, can solidify to still want."Say, the another cause makes a depressed way:"My encouraging is difficult for it and protect you 1."
Have no Yuan one Zheng, immediately unable to cay or laugh.
Lo his facial expression is obviously a letter not.Mo Don't mention it way:"How?Don't you believe me?"
At this time, iron soldier suddenly the Han Han open mouth:" Mo is very intelligent,"
Mo on listenning to, immediately toe Gao Qi Ang."That is the nature."
Have no Yuan but smile language not.
39.The second previous incarnation this present life-chapter 8 accepts Tu
While speaking, and then 2 people lift Lian money income.Walk fore head of that, 20 come year old, the face reading is beautiful and slender, look in the eyes crazy Ao, the Jie Ao doesn't tame.After death follow one person, the shape is high big, the skin color is deeply slightly black, wear dark in the deep eye.His 2 people all are a soldier to pack, clean clean and neat extremely not agree with on all sides with mess environment.
BE bragging of once Mo see 2 people, then the Lian went to and smile.Show a clean face up full is cold frost, he is cold to hum 1, pull jade to have no Yuan to return to bed, see don't see his 2 people's one eye as well.
Big statures iron soldier, as well such.
2 people coming in refuse to be distracted and also ignore a person and walk to arrive respectively two beds of inside to sit down most .Look in the eyes crazy Ao of that lies down and then sleeps, another one person then took out this book and leaned on in the bedside to read a book.
Have no Yuan to see this, have some fans Mangs.Mo Leng Heng, small track:"Sleeping of that call solemnly, is a rich family playboy, very complacent.Have no a matter not to be going to talk and ask to be rebuffed with him!"
Iron soldier also gathered together to come over, way:" Don't say that of BE.There being still leaf's brocade to read don't asks for, either, his fist is getting harder!"
Once Mo listen to and almost have never annoyed to faint.Don't like a spirit way:"Go!You know to fight!"His Chou see the man of book, small track:"In fine little hereafter talk with them."
Have no Yuan point to nod, but cannot help but looking askance at to conjecture his 2 people.
Setting sun west next, the color of the sky has been black.On the summit of hill, but 2 people discuss wine.
Rain Han drinks the next cup again, noodles up the sorrow color is gradually thick."I know a having given a lot of thought of father."Her wry smile opens mouth:"Also understand everything that he does good for the sake of me.Unfortunately this time, I really didn't want to return to.Float soil adult, you say BE?"
Float soil thrilling drink a , ha ha say with smile:"Let go of not to belong to own thing, the nature is a good matter."
Rain Han nods, continuous way:"Besides I really think impassability, after returning to I return ability how.Continue to be like former that sort, take a veil, take part in various carouse.Can but just apathetic of sit seat up, looking at the face of the false of that piece, nearby say to try to please at me of words.But all these, just because of Feng clan saint the female is highly respectable matchless identity."
Many in the last yearses, she has to the heart door of closing tightly she, make anyone not trail and discover.Inhospitality, estranged and self-contained, is Gao Gao's essential condition in the top.Is only such, then she can suffer enough to differ from a treating of person.It is only such, then can protect the fame of reside clan mysterious nobility.
Though she also has weak in character of time, distress of time, even once had a crary mind.But all these, she can not say to listen to with others.
Is the whole of difficult,
wholesale cheap mlb hats, vex have to a person alone bear take.Canning not be like them is general, easily ask others, ask for help others.Because she is that the saint is female, must extremely clever, omnipotent.
However, who can understand her helpless, her bitterness?
Not, never.Is unmanned!Which afraid is her father, the most painful cherish her father also never.Will say because of his:The one more treads and make great effort again one step then.
The father is always unending to want her to make great effort, she progresses.But have never wanted to make her stop, rest ……
Float soil silently alcohol, the tiny whole eye bottom is concealed a put on to feel pity on.
Rain Han doesn't know he is He Xiang and substituted oneself Zhen full full one cup wine, thin ask:"Floating soil adult is the most mysterious in the people of this world eyes, tallest of expensive, the most omnipotent Long Zu can have already taken place general such as me of miserably matter?"
She not especially idea, just suddenly have this to make to think, then ask.
Float soil to put to take with wine a cup, sigh a way:"Have."
Rain Han is one Zheng.Then listen to him feeling sorry for a way:"The impress of the greatest Long Zu's in the past woulds be like this."Float soil to stare at she is that lonesome beautiful Mou, meaningful way:"Declines at Long Zu of, is that she brought the whole dragon the clan hope.Be respected by the clansmen of she, but also have her unknown bitterness, can not tell of sad."
So ……rain Han Yang head, hand Central America the wine quaff in one gulp."So that's why ……" she light way.The flavor of a vicissitudes of life is very thick."So that impress, end how?"
Whether like she general ……escape?
Imitate a Buddha to see through her heart thinks to be general, float soil light a smile."Yes, she such as you general.After Long Zu stabilized, then walk.Kept off clansmen, lost life."
"Did she die?"Rain Han surprised way.
"Die yes."Float a soil whole eye, the noodles takes a sad way."She helped other people, but killed oneself."
Rain Han is very long silent, momentarily sigh a way:"She is really a cleverness."
Death terminated her life.But leave her fame.In the clansmen eyes, the impress that she is respected most .
Float soil to roar with laughter."Yes, she is very intelligent.Terminate the whole old grudges by own life, exchange happiness for others."
That kid is so silly ……
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