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With disease cure of, can make a modest request in 100 grass Ges."Last home cloud maple reads low Dao to make a noise, the double eye of black jade sort on once rowed a to put on a glow-in-the-dark.
"Recruit to cure?Is the purple crystal placard what mean?"Last home cloud maple secretly guesses.
"Purple crystal placard!The placard list of etc. of the jadeite high principality, these are several decades all rare of!Not the Kui is a fairy family parties, a make moves is a purple crystal placard!"The voice of surroundings people's discussion, but is interrogative that last home cloud maple explains know the whole.
"Yes!However, the rumours are 100 fairies in the grass Ges, all tall person who excels a medical skill, we these ordinary mortal still have an opportunity not to become?"Someone again puts forward question, ordinary mortals eyes in, those monks were fairies.Because, the monk in the their eyes, all is have to fly a sky to escape ground and turn over a river to pour the ability of sea, this if not that fairy, also have what BE?
"Does the monk of 100 grass Ges excel a medical skill?BE the old man says of cure a way?"Last home cloud maple heart in secretly way.
"You know what, each have specialty you have never heard?Even if is 100 grass Ges, is not 100 diseases either to guarantee to cure!Our these people is to don't go, but hears to have a lot ofly spread to fix the fairies also is all specialty with respectively."Moreover a voice rings out, but is also relieve the last doubt in last home cloud maple heart.
"100 grass Ge Yao, H'm, probably can try."Last home cloud maple recites a way.
"Walk, thin son, return to."Have been already disputed in last home cloud maple heart, would not like to stay more here, either, his plan was also finally slowly perfect.
"Thin son, do you wish to go those 100 grass Ges?"Last home cloud maple returns to in home and would is to ask this question.
"The thin son wants to go, hear, are all of 100 fairies in the grass Ges the good persons who helps a life time to save a person.The thin son also wants to study to save a person, but, afraid is that don't they like thin son."Yang Fei Er blinked to blink eyes, exciting way, however make reference to a behind double the eye was again dreary for several cents.
"Thin son, cloud elder brother Feng in a couple of days takes you to go to 100 grass Ges.On the placard say to is January hereafter at all the city recruit to cure, we go when the time comes.Trust good, I will definitely make you fulfill a wish."Mu Yun Feng feels the true viewpoint of Yang Fei Er's heart, in the heart on moving, facial expression serious tunnel.
"That be really too like, the thin son really wants to hurry go to!Wait thin son to learn self-discipline, later help an elder brother."In the heart of Yang Fei Er, the words of last home cloud maple are facts, she always can't doubt that last home cloud maple will be cheated to her.
This night, 2 people chat to arrive to just sleep to go very late, because of, last home cloud maple knows, perhaps after of very long-term he is can not like this the Chang chat.This is also regarded as, end of extravagance.
On the second day, while getting up in the morning, Yang Fei Er has already been missing the figure of last home cloud maple, leave table up of a piece of note.
"Thin son remembers our engagements to admire!The elder brother went to self-discipline and came back in the evening.You take good care of youself by yourself, the elder brother comes back to take for you delicious of-last home cloud maple"the just small word of handsome and talented square present before Yang Fei Er's eyes.
"The elder brother's word is very beautiful!Thin son bad far."Yang Fei Er with deliberation lays up the note of table,, be like lay up oneself likes most of the toy is general.
Remain is that cave, last home cloud maple is quiet quiet sit with the legs crossed, present to at the beginning and falsely copy to hand over to own an eye to stick before the body.
Tightly stare at the invitation card of fixing attention on the front, the look in the eyes of last home cloud maple seems to have no focal distance.At this time, his spirit has already sunk into one mentally dense.
Dim moonlight, disorder, have no threads, this is last home cloud maple the felling at this time.
Half of two-hour period time, last home cloud maple a remain an action on every occasion.Suddenly, his double eye a bright, resumed countenance.And his an at present eye's sticking have already taken back a copper to quit as well.This is in fixed time the small function that a copper quits, can lay up the thing that last home cloud maple thinks.Thus, last home cloud maple just can't fear that oneself sinks into among them, can not from pull out.
The whole body abnormal sweating sprinkles, last home cloud maple as if fight 100 times and general, all over is all felling that has already grown debility.Head as if the paste is general, a brain that glues a dense confusion felling to be full of last home cloud maple.At this time, he can feel the dint of his own soul all already almost exhaustion.
"My sky, really his Niang of malicious, self-discipline way method originally and so difficulties!But, till now I still don't go into the felling of way!The slightest could not feel the existence of working properly the dint as well."Last home cloud maple is quiet quiet lie on the ground, allow the dint of knowing the soul in the sea to slowly resume.
"Do not go, can not take a rest, old man said, be want to take this time self-discipline frightened move a soul of sound.Because, the dint of the soul at this time is the minimal, also most easy blend with voice, hold firmly time!"Last home cloud maple heart in a surprised, suddenly thought of entrusting of old man.
Quickly cross legs to sit down, strong endure the weak impact of a burst of in the brain, last home cloud maple forces oneself to concentrate on, don't dare to divide attention.
"Dint and voice of the soul fusion, how should start?"Last home cloud maple is very not easy to endure to let oneself no longer divides attention, but is some don't know how to start.
"Try to say again!"Mu Yun Feng knows that the cloud-castle didn't is useful and still practiced is the best teacher.
Mi Mi ……Mi Mi ………………
The copper quits medium quiet quiet lie on a soft deck chair falsely to copy suddenly 1 stumble, almost from the deck chair on drop down.
"This, is this in the self-discipline?My frightened the sounds moving a soul was all hit by this boy to fall, the bastard's pole!……Grieve old man."Falsely the shadow station is started and back and forth takes a stroll, from the language is endlessly.
Later on, he stopped a step again, "calculate, ignore, can not take care of too manily.Silly person from have silly blessing, let him go to."Falsely the shadow complete, and then lies from the language once chair and pleasingly hums low.
Exactly a morning, cave in all spread to take the Mi Mi of one silk metre or yes of voice, although it is said is some metre, but this kind of didn't stop again, if make people listen to, will definitely grow crazy.
"Still won't do!It has been a morning since I shouted, but the voice is a voice, the dint of the soul is the dint of the soul.The dint of my soul all has been already resumed, but this is the meaning with no a silk fusion!"Last home cloud maple stops next in Mi Mi of voice, drank an one mouthful oasis, smooth almost the inflammation add the throat of delivering the smoke and lower the head to quiet quiet introspect to realize.
"The dint of the soul, voice, exactly should how mix to mutually melt?"This problem has already perplexed last home cloud maple greater half for sky, but is have no one silk progress.
"Strength, voice, both of does the sympathy order where?"Mu Yun Feng thoughted of that oneself at the beginning makes use of the dint of soul of awakening, is not ordered by ground sympathy that start looking for both.
Is gradual, last home cloud maple again starts huming low, often of, he still needs to come to a stop low language some kind of.Again starts trying immediately.This action , from morning until night, haded been continuously arriving that night two more cent.
"Calculate, Be getting more late, tomorrow again come.Although it is said is to have no some progress, but, on the whole is make an effort.Tomorrow continue!"Last home cloud maple can't for the sake of a matter absorbed in work, in his eyes, there is no good rest, how can have good status again to face a next problem?
Return to a Yang Jia neighborhood, last home cloud maple saw one personal shadow, quiet quiet go back and forth at the door, ever and anon look about distance, be like pole wait for the wife whom the man returns.
Last home cloud maple far and far woulds be to see Yang Fei Er and just prepared to speak up, but is thought of the engagement oneself do yesterday.Can not help, had to living to suppress the words that want to speak in to return to.
"Although haven't comprehended, , still don't talk.If on carelessly comprehending, hurting the thin son can not good."Thought of falsely shadow say of serious result, last home cloud maple has to oneself to comfort he or she's way.
"Cloud elder brother Feng, how do you so late just come back.Does rice in the home all get ready!"Yang Fei Er sees last home cloud maple and quickly run up to come and slightly take the tunnel of Chen Nu.
Looking at the jelly of Yang Fei Er red Qiao face, in last home cloud maple heart one Zhan, some heartache grounds saw eye Yang Fei Er.Immediately, he comes forward the small hand of pulling Yang Fei Er and draws in her house.
Find out oneself to put a good paper pen, the Chinese brush-pen flies to turn in last home cloud maple hand, a line of fly head small word presents-
"You don't want to worry me and look after good oneself, don't wait me.It is cold in the evening, don't go out."
", To, my almost forgetting eldest brother elder brother were already a dummy.The thin son knew that the thin son is some to worry an elder brother, thin son obedient be."Feel to forgive in last home cloud maple written in black and white of deeply idea of care, in the heart of Yang Fei Er a warm, vomited to stick out tongue an explanation way.
"Hereafter must look after good yourself, don't make elder brother worried.Understand?"Last home cloud maple like this write a way, show unintentionally a silk to blame and scold in the look in the eyes.
"Know, thin son hereafter can't still not is all right?The elder brother doesn't want to get angry!"Yang Fei Er a take out a choiceness tiny raise of nose, have mercy on the tunnel of Xi Xi.
"H'm, return to a sleeping now.Tomorrow, I still need to go out.Wait again for ten days, after ten days, we leave go to all city."Last home cloud maple writes.
", The thin son knew.That, the elder brother also takes a rest earlier,!See again!"Yang Fei Er finishes saying, on leaping a to jump ground to leave, left last home cloud maple with helpless look quiet quiet foolish sign.
Time leads quickly, particularly is at last home cloud maple in the self-discipline for sink and immerse to say to is also such.
"Five day, five day!But, remain have no one silk progress.Do I go,is it my method that is wrong?How should do?"The repeated sex self-discipline of last home cloud maple exactly kept on five, but the achievement makes him have no language.Or, there is basically no one silk achievement.No matter is a realization that eye sticks, still the fusion of voice and soul dint, all like this.
Time still keeps running off, already till the ninth day.
Cave in, remain is spread a burst of of hum low a voice.However, hum at this time voice with before had several cents to distinguish.If ask differentiation where, that was little that metre.
That hums a voice Gao low, intermittence, the yin and yang meets delay, having no the composition can talk.
On the tenth day, early morning-
"Ha ha ……to, to, I finally knew.Be getting wronger, wrong!Ha ha ……the sympathy point finally found out."Cave in spread the voice of crary cachinnation, resound through surroundings ten inside.
Chapter 18 jadeite city concusses a thousand years
"My viewpoint has no wrong.Originally, the fusion of voice and soul dint also wants to find out that sympathy to order, however, I am too previous is to pay attention to orotund metre,is some intentionally.Is alas ……see, music good, sometimes is also my weakness!"Last home cloud maple meanly thoughts of.
"Finally had one silk fusion strength, however, this is also too difficult.A day pass by, the fusion of my soul dint and voice just have a silk so just, don't even arrive 1%.This wanting to arrive when is a !After, I still need to control both to divide and combine from such as, see, a years all not necessarily fix!"It sighs in sorrow in last home cloud maple heart.
At the same time, he is also secretly glad, because of, he discovers, this kind of self-discipline bottom, the dint of own soul unexpectedly have results to show long many.This kind of can the feeling know of the progress was it may be said appalling.
"Ten day, should walk!Don't know as well hereafter still the opportunity to have return to this again heavy sun town."Last home cloud maple is leaving a heavy sun town, but the heart bottom is a bit light sad.
Return to in home, Yang Fei Er remains is to don't fall asleep, however, don't wait for at the door, but in the living room.
"Thin son, we tomorrow leave, go to all city."Last home cloud maple one word one word write.
"Really?Too like, the thin son finally can go out."Yang Fei Er sees the handwriting of last home cloud maple, jumped at that time and shouted a way.
"But, cloud elder brother Feng, can we also come back hereafter?I still want to often go home and see and see daddy and mother."Yang Fei Er of happy come quickly, go to also quickly, soon again is have some sad ways.
"Return, when want back and then when come back."Last home cloud maple in brief writes a way.
"Too like, I know elder brother Feng of cloud had better."Yang Fei Er embraces the arm of last home cloud maple glad way.
Spoil Ni ground to looking at this to have some pitiful little girl, last home cloud maple in astonishment discovers, oneself's body was best to be like to have 1 F of the shining glory of maternal instinct , certainly, is just to Yang Fei Er.
"Benefactor, did you want to walk?But, you walk, those three just Zhai again come can how do?"On the second day, hearing last home cloud maple and Yang Fei Er has to leave a heavy sun town, on the town almost all people all arrive at small square and send off for 2 people.
"Grandpa Fu, elder brother say, three just the Zhai have already been beaten by him to run, hereafter all don't come back.Still have, the elder brother will help to emphasize a sun town to find out a powerful supporter.And very quick!Say again, we again be not don't come back, we hereafter also usually come back."Yang Fei Er solemnly became the spokesperson of last home cloud maple and helped last home cloud maple explanation way.
"Thank benefactor!"
"Many thanks to benefactor!"
"The benefactor is all the way careful!"
All town people hearing all is to let go of heart, but is all some to unwilling to partly looking at 2 people, that sincerity in the eye, all has some heart Zhan last home cloud maple.
"Cloud elder brother Feng today throat uncomfortable, he makes me tell everyone, he thanks you for this period of time to our care.Still make everyone rest assured, everyone will definitely have a nice day to lead."Yang Fei Er's meaning is exactly taughts by last home cloud maple.
The figure that looking at last home cloud maple and Yang Fei Er slowly disappears and unexpectedly had many people to all kneel down on son in the town.There is no last home cloud maple after all, they all probably have been family ruined and how can have again later of does the nice day expect?
The dint feeling of the soul knows after death public reaction, last home cloud maple not from once the ground sigh, a heart bottom that profoundly moves to resound at him, once in a very long while can not spread,
The jadeite principality is located in mainland southeast, while the heavy sun town is then located in the southeast of jadeite principality.Jadeite principality all city jadeite city, then be located in the northwest of jadeite principality.Both of distance, little say to also have 100,000 kilometers.This reason that is also last home cloud maple decision to advance 20 sky roads.
On the big way of signs of human being scarcity, a head of only the Cape horse not and quickly and not and slowly run about at on.Horse on, carry two personal shadows.
Front of is a girl with petite shape, jet black follow on the head slippery of long hair firm become a horsetail plait ever and anon jilt for a while, match ascend that to take one silk the lazy good-looking side permit, very is lovely charming.The girl is quiet quiet lie at after death in the man's bosom,, take on the face contented of smile.
The girl is after death a very thin man, the man has a liking for to go to 89 years old, slightly take a beautiful and slender face up, the double of a pair of black jades sorts eye Yi the Yi living Hui, however some Huans spread of look in the eyes, is express what he should be contemplating.
These 2 people are exactly last home cloud maple and Yang Fei Er who leaves for heavy sun town two days.Yang Fei Er feet dint shortage, walked for a day, road, yell a fatigue.In every possible way spoil last home cloud maple of Ni to her, conveniently bought a first-class good Ju in the county city Cape breeze only horse.
This only the Cape breeze horse differ from the horse on the earth, horse conceive here, than of the horse on the earth was even many penny to work properly dint and innate intelligence.This, probably also want to return the world that the root is full of to work properly dint in this.
Only Cape breeze Ma Zai Xiang weighs 1000 catties, as well the day of ability goes 800 inside.This wait good Ju, isn't a general Ma Neng peter.Only the Cape horse is a kind of bewitching monster that is most a low class, be worth of 1,000 purple crystal currencies,, to last home cloud maple of prestige 100,000 purple crystal currencies, return is really a small vegetables is 1 disc.
"Cloud elder brother Feng, you all don't talk all the way, the thin son feels a bit stuffy!"Yang Fei Er is some don't wish a way.
Last home cloud maple is tight the hug wear Yang Fei Er's arm, the meaning is to comfort her not to have to be naughty.
", The thin son knew."Yang Fei Er's drum drum mouth, helpless way.She is a reasonable girl, know oneself when should act in pettish, when should obey.The temper of last home cloud maple, she has already touched as well 7788, know that oneself can not divide too much.Otherwise, oneself perhaps will ask for life to be disgusted with.
Here is just bathed sun county, was placed in the prairie of of bathing the sun county and next county.2 people this kind of marches forward speed, estimating to touch can also just catch up that date.However, last home cloud maple isn't hasty, he has self-confidence to he, and this is the self-confidence that comes from real strenght,
Baseball Caps, not his bumbledom.
"Your elder brother doesn't accompany you to talk, I accompany you to say!How?Young girl, you see me this only Cape Ma Wang but compare your Ma Yao Qiang on numerous times!Come, sit to me here come how?" When Yang Fei Er carefully thinks to turn over, a voice that takes one in fine threads cajolery rings out and make Yang Fei Er's thinking is all one Zhi.
"Who are you ?Why do I want to sit your horse?"Yang Fei Er turns a head to see to nearby that gold color horse on of handsome man, oddly ask a way.
"Well lovely of little girl, I concuss a thousand years, can at last pick up a treasure."That man on the horse just sees pure Yang Fei Er's face at this time, not and from heart on concussing, on the face take more last moderate smiling face.
"I am too slowly to see your 2 people riding a low etc. horse and fearing that you march forward.This just wants to help yours, the kid sister younger sister doesn't want to misunderstand!I call to concuss a thousand years, I am good to friend."Concuss a thousand years to let as far as possible his/her own smiling face more sense of right in Ping-ho is some, Wen Sheng says.Match with to ascend him handsome face and the bright white dress of the whole body Shan, it is extremely good qualities to pour.
"Elder brother, do you know him?"Yang Fei Er ignores the other party, but turns a head to see toward last home cloud maple.
Shook to shake head, last home cloud maple lightly Pie the eye concuss a thousand years and immediately would was to turn back.
"That, do we want to accept his help?"Yang Fei Er continues to ask a way.
Remain is to lightly shake to shake head, last home cloud maple is what person, would be the idea of seeing through the other party for an instant, however, he doesn't want to realize just.
"My elder brother says that we don't need your help, you still keep leaving first."Yang Fei Er honestly towards to concuss a thousand years way.
"The younger sister of the kid sister, is this person your close elder brother?"Concussed a thousand years to have some to angry, however still keep making what oneself expressed a little more moderate as far as possible.
"Not and yes!But, he than my close elder brother still kiss."Yang Fei Er returns to.After death of last home cloud maple but is that once the facial expression move, peep out one on the face silk knowing smiling face.
"Have no white painful this small girl!"Secretly comfort in last home cloud maple heart.
"Hum!It is a to don't thought of and my similar person, make you pack, see me not whole die you."Have a fit while concussing a thousand years to sign, he was last home cloud maple as similar to oneself want to hunt the gorgeous wave concuss of person.
"!I is a jadeite city to concuss the person of house, don't know this brothers BE?"Concussed a thousand years to embrace to embrace a boxing, sounded out to ask a way.While being a more careful person, dealing with an enemy, he will sound out the other party first of real strenght and background.
"My elder brother is a dummy, all of us are the persons who comes from bathing sun county.Is incognizant what concuss a house, elder brother says, let you or leave."Yang Fei Er simultaneously feel last home cloud maple flies soon to write in her center of palm of word, simultaneously toward to concuss a thousand years slow track.
"Dummy?Ha ha ……is really a lazy toad to want to eat swan meat!See I concuss how a thousand years is the Cheng cure you the boy that doesn't know immensity of the universe."Concuss the exultation in a thousand years heart, see the person who comes out to an edge county city to have at him what background, even if is to bathe sun princess to see himself/herself, all want comity three cents.
"That, does doing not know you this have to go where?"Concuss a thousand years to no longer lift more the matter of help, but want to ask around cautiously.
"We want to go all city!How?"Yang Fei Er has no scheming and in a twinkling would is the destination of exposing an oneself.This last home cloud maple letting after death is a bit helpless.
"Originally you have to go to jadeite city!That be really too like, we are together roads, how, we walk together how?Trust,
discount new era hats, arrived jadeite city, that was my world, when the time comes, I definitely invite you well-."Concussed a thousand years to originally want to say yours, feared to arouse to doubt that this just changes you.
"The elder brother says notting to go.We wanted to walk and saw again!"Yang Fei Er according to last home cloud maple writes to finish saying, the man who would be to feel nearby in a twinkling and far goes and rides the next horse to in a twinkling run about wildly.
The dust being raised by the horse's hoofs rushed toward one face and concussed a thousand years great anger, shadow of human figure looking at front to gradually disappear, he ruthlessly vomited spittle, "you wait, this little girl, my concussing a thousand years is settling.There is also that boy, this young master certainly want you to kneel Be begged to me."Concuss a thousand years malicious finish saying, manage reason some deliver disorderly of long hair, this just hate to start on journey, rush forward.
Chapter 19 thousand years all city
"!Elder brother, do you see quickly, is a jadeite city here?Is good, well big, very beautiful!"Yang Fei Er looking at to in the moment imitates a huge monster of Buddha to lie across generally huge city defense and marvels a way.
Last home cloud maple at this time is again deeply not shocked by this huge city defense, come from the Earth in 21th century of he, what once saw this etc. the ancient type of the grandiosity a building!
"Thousand years all the city-jadeite always halt!"Recite that city gate that is up to 20 meters in last home cloud maple heart on of huge word.
"Thousand years all city!Thousand calendar histories, indeed as expected and not and together any rings!"The malicious Zhan Li in last home cloud maple heart writes and cans keep on to exist thousand years all city tremor for this.
"On the earth, never which nation can keep on to exist thousand years of!Thousand years is what endless on the earth!But, here, even if is a No. 3 quality principality, there are unexpectedly also thousand calendar histories.Is extraordinary extraordinary!"Last home cloud maple heart in silent thought of.
The city wall of grandiosity on unexpectedly is sending forth light green ray of light, far and far see go, unexpectedly is really like huge jadeite general, make public bottom tremor.
"Elder brother, let's quickly go in."Yang Fei Er has some urgent ways.
Order quietly, last home cloud maple also wants to see thou city for these thousand years and exactly have the history trace of etc., and then bring oneself how different felling with shock.
Hand over two gold coins, two talented persons get into city smoothly.Mu Yun Feng discovers that this jadeite city really not the Kui is to be called jadeite city, because of, he discovers this city in, unexpectedly be full of green everywhere.And, is that kind of the jadeite sort take one silk transparent green.
On going into the city a door, would be a big way that could not hope a limit, the celadon floor spreads of big way, give people a kind of felling that is beautifully green and not too to spend Shao.Road both sides, strict actually and on the spot plant to grow to be up to the big tree of ten meters.This kind of tree is the special product of jadeite city, called a jadeite tree, exactly this spread all over is whole all city of jadeite tree, give the person the felling of a kind of body place jadeite world.
Is a delightfully fresh medium take the flavor of light aroma to be full of the whole city defense, make last home cloud maple spirit all for of a flap.
"Not the Kui is a jadeite city!Absolutely call ascend this name."Sigh again in last home cloud maple heart.
The house of big way both sides is also to have much of a special feature, a lot of houses unexpectedly present the form of tree crest and far and far see go, is like the crest of big tree general.
"Elder brother, do we want to go where now?"Yang Fei Er is curiously seeing indiscriminately everywhere and asking a way.
"Seek a trip store to live first bottom."The finger of last home cloud maple quickly revolves in Yang Fei Er's center of palm and writes a way.
", Know,
cheap mlb hats."Yang Fei Er is in response to the way.
"'Is beautifully green', this trip store unexpectedly spreads all over a lot of street, see to is an all a not small influence in city set up."Last home cloud maple and Yang Fei Er turned a few streets, unexpectedly discovering that here am on the biggest trip stores of almost each street was to be called beautifully green.
"Thin son, live here!"Last home cloud maple arrives at an avenue that closes to all city the center up, point at to be called'beautifully green'of the trip store write a way in Yang Fei Er's center of palm.
", Know."The exciting way of Yang Fei Er.She is to see the travel a store of extraordinary, see that stylish but isn't a beau to decorate, Yang Fei Er early wanted to go in a to try.
2 people slowly head for that trip store in, this trip store building is exactly to form the form of tree crest, give people a kind of felling that melts body great universe.
"Halt!The beautifully green reception accommodation has a meal of guest, don't receive visitor's visit."Two big and strong men in the doorway a see last home cloud maple and Yang Fei Er have to get into among them and unexpectedly is come forward to raise hand to impede a way.Two big fellow despise ground Pie the eye last home cloud maple 2 people attire and random become overdo to go to is a despise in realize 2 people.
"We are to come to stop for the night!Your this person how so?"Yang Fei Er is would not like to, she hasn't comprehended the meaning of the other party.
Last home cloud maple lowers the head the coarse cloth of tooking a look oneself black Shan and see Yang Fei Er again some rustically attire, this just knows the meaning of the other party.Dare feeling, the other party is to think 2 people had no money to consume here.
Unclearly wrinkly knit the brows, last home cloud maple doesn't want to cause trouble and take out a purple crystal currency from the hand, directly bright before two human faces, that meaning is naturally obvious.
"!Is two adults, sorry, sorry, is a mean person to have an eye not to know Mount Taishan.Is two to just come in quickly and quickly, small Be getting more disrespectful."Once the big fellow see last home cloud maple at will would be to take out a purple crystal currency, all of eyes is a bright, know, he is just a year of wages, also a purple crystal currency,
custom NFL Jerseys.
Last home cloud maple is lazy must and 2 people dispute and take the drum facial of Yang Fei Er walked into hall.At this time, the cent , in the hall, has already been many people to drink wine in the food while being already an evening supper.
"Hey!The adult came and came and smallly received 2.Excuse me, , does 2 want?"A bellboy a see someone coming in and quickly coming forward entertainment.
"We want accommodation, also have and have a meal."Yang Fei Er has never entered this kind of situation, a bit weak infirmly way.
"Good Mao, does 2 want several etc. buildings?"Bellboy eyes a bright, accommodation of words fee but want to greatly get many.
"Want, want the best room."Yang Fei Er comprehended the meaning of last home cloud maple, quickly translation way.
"!Be really too like, 2 pleases follow me counter."That bellboy exultation, in this way, his be divided into but more high.
"2 please first security deposit of consigning the one purple crystal currency and etc. rooms to is a gold coin for a day especially."Arrive at a counter, the person of reception, have been already changed a have a liking for to have much of the purple color for several cents of young woman.
Last home cloud maple facial expression immutably hands over a purple crystal currency, immediately, arrive at 3 F at the next two people of leading of bellboy on.Although the consumption here is very high, last home cloud maple don't care.In his eyes, it is also rich to will enjoy, otherwise can take money crosses or bear again!It obviously is all impossible.
"This is this store three wait room to leave especially of unique a , two still have what demand?"The bellboy respectful voice asks a way.
"Send to ascend you the best meal here, quicker."Yang Fei Er says according to the meaning of the last home cloud maple.
"Good Mao, 2 pleases slightly make a rest."Bellboy this just urgently treads to leave.
"This room's returning is really a cow!On the peter on the earth the best room in the five-star hotel."Last home cloud maple walks into that to wait room especially and arrive at veranda up, the Fu looks at the jadeite scenery in the whole citieses, the heart bosom greatly opens.
"Elder brother, has the thin son still never lived so good room, more beautiful and a lot of than home here!"Yang Fei Er lies on the huge but gorgeous big bed and shouts a way.
Laughing behind one's backing in the heart is a , last home cloud maple spoils Ni ground Yang Fei Er who saw the eye jumping like sparrows and immediately and again becomes overdo to see toward the scenery in the city.
"Tomorrow, tomorrow is to carry out planned of time.I need to seek a place that suits me fines self-discipline at once, otherwise, time but white white wasted!"Last home cloud maple looking at a high big glorious king of distance palace, but is already tour by imagination a thing outside.
Loudly appeal to the public at Yang Fei Er small call in, 2 people sent the last meal the bellboy to entirely eat light.In the evening, under Yang Fei Er's request, last home cloud maple helplessly and she sleep on a bed.However, 2 people are always mutually respectful and attentive, naturally have no what exorbitant of contact.In fact, Yang Fei Er because depend on last home cloud maple to just insist on last home cloud maple not to leave himself/herself too much.
"What do you say?Did you really see those two people?Is a dummy a beautiful young girl?"In a luxurious room, a voice that takes one silk concussion rings out.Is this person, is exactly have already gone home concussing of two dayses a thousand years.
"Yes!Young master, I listen to your order, all always in awake 2 people's trace.This afternoon, I finally saw 2 people.Those two circumstances that person is being like said by young master!And, young master, your affirmation could not guess, they unexpectedly live in the trip store of our house."A voice that takes an endless idea of trying to please depresses an orotund way.
"What?Do they unexpectedly live and concuss the trip store of the house in us,
discount new era cap?Which house?"Concuss a thousand years exultation, quickly ask a way.
"Big way in the center up that, mean person personally see."The try to please of orotund time way.
"Ha ha ……be really too like, you this boy is quite good this time.Come, this gold coin was yours."Concuss a thousand years to directly fling out a gold coin to roar with laughter a way.
"Many thanks to young master, the mean person can serve young master is the luck of mean person."
"H'm, you continue to stare at 2 people, once having what changes, momentary tells me."Concussed a thousand years Pie at present person, formally way.
"Back bottom!"
"Ha ha ……does a dummy also think with my Dou?Little beauty, you finally still could not escape my palm heart!"Treat that bottom the person leave and concuss a thousand years to cannot help but roaring with laughter any further.Seem, Yang Fei Er is already that the thing in his bag is general.
Next day, last home cloud maple and Yang Fei Er changed whole body clean dress Shan, immediately 2 people come out to travel a store, the facing is all whole the most huge square in city to walk.
Recruit to cure a general assembly, hold over there.
Chapter 20 judges an officer
The jadeite square, the square of the jadeite biggest city, covers to fully have up to thousand.The whole square all uses value not the thin jadeite stone spreads, accept 100,000 people also not is problem.
At this time, this in normal times in seem to be some open spaces square on, but is a huge crowd, dense one, imitating the Buddha has to support this huge square to explode generally.
Bomb ……
The voice coaxed to make is unexpectedly a Jie sky but rise, living an earthquake to break blue sky, spread whole all city all directions.
"A lot of persons!Elder brother, so many people, how do we pass by?"Yang Fei Er has already known that this time, last home cloud maple comes of purpose, so, also know that last home cloud maple prepares to go to recruiting of square the center to cure Taiwan.
At this time radius 30 meters of huge recruit to cure Taiwan but is to have already been livinged by the dense crowd to surround, basically permit not to get others to press in.But those persons who want to take part in to recruit to cure a general assembly, then have already stood on the on the stage, far and far see go to should be have to approach 100 people a top and bottom.
At that Gao lead other giant platforms of five meters in the places in the square on, in addition to 100 people or so contestant outside, and three personal shadow stands centrally and sees that situation, they should be the judge officer who recruits to cure a general assembly beyond doubt.
"Leave, heel tight I!"Last home cloud maple writes a way in Yang Fei Er's center of palm.
"!"Yang Fei Er already didn't idea, have to darling in response to the way.
"Who is pushing, didn't see ……" last home cloud maple just front further, then someone became overdo to come to roar a way.However, also don't treat him to finish saying, would was a burst of misty bottom darling of spirit to step aside a way.
"Yi, how am I just was?Is an illusion?Oddness!"That person treats last home cloud maple just slowly once came to absolute being after walking, muttering way.
At Mu cloud Feng simple soul of under the dint function, 2 people arrive at to recruit to cure a set successfully under.
Recruit to cure a set to unexpectedly there is still a turn of glorious dress big fellow guarding for a week at this time, make stranger not depend too nearly.
Last home cloud maple pulls Yang Fei Er to directly think the on the stage walks to, and ignore brocade dress big fellow.
"Stop, the stranger can not close to recruit to cure Taiwan."A big fellow that closes to last home cloud maple cold voice drinks a way, Gao Da Dun's figure has already held up going to of last home cloud maple and Yang Fei Er road.
"My elder brother is to come to take part in to recruit to cure a general assembly, you with what don't make us enter?"Yang Fei Er is infirmly weak way.
"Take part in a game a proof proof?"The big fellow stretches out right hand, the cold voice asks a way.
All of last home cloud maple and Yang Fei Er are one Leng, 2 people unexpectedly all don't know still and have so one thing.
"Have no, have no leave."Once the big fellow see 2 people facial expression, knew a circumstance.Coming forward will push away to stand fore the noodles talks of Yang Fei Er.
But, also don't need big fellow to run into Yang Fei Er, his right hand's woulding be is directly helds tight by a hands and stopped in the sky difficult enter a very small amount.
The big fellow frighteneds, is held tight by the left hand of last home cloud maple, he unexpectedly has a kind of impotence, the left hand of the other party is iron pliers to generally make him helpless.
The right hand that at random throws to open the other party, last home cloud maple starts to pull Yang Fei Er to prepare to leave.Set next public see 2 people like this do foolish things, immediately is all a burst of to coax to smile.
"Do not need my to save to cure, I walk be, waiting you to come to beg me can have no so talk."Last home cloud maple ignores completely to the public derision and like this thoughts of in the heart.
"Etc. lets them comes up." When last home cloud maple and Yang Fei Er prepares to leave, one acquaints with for 2 people of feeling of orotund make 2 people stop under step.
"Is him!"Last home cloud maple sees the arrival being not been wrinkly to knit the brows by ground to the person who recruits to cure a set edge.
"The elder brother is that to concuss a thousand years."Yang Fei Er sees an arrival person, an eye woulds be to recognize an other party.
Lightly location nod, last home cloud maple saw the eye concussing a thousand years and pulling Yang Fei Er to would be facing on the stage to walk.
Concuss a thousand years face up peep out satisfied air, just he was betwixt surrounded by many participants, didn't see pure 2 people.Until own under charge comes up to tell oneself, he just the interest is blunt blunt ground to pull 2 people.Concuss a thousand years to like this help last home cloud maple, nature be not sincerely, but-
"Is slow, you are two to be hasty, we are all having a competition of medical skill superior here.Excuse me, , you are two who want to take part in?"Last home cloud maple that concussed a thousand years Pie under the eye set loudly asks a way.
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