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Rogers crawled from her home naked, bleeding and screaming for help, a neighbor told police. The community's gay community responded swiftly, and hundreds turned out for a rally that weekend outside the state Capitol. On Tuesday, four Nebraska gayrights groups that followed the case released a joint statement crediting police for conducting what they believe was a balanced and thorough investigation.
That prevention might even escalate behond stern words. It is every citizens and Christians duty to protect themselves and especially the weak and poor. I humbly submit to you sir that you might benefit from reading your Bible, the federalist papers and the us constitution and perhaps even Blackstone's Commentary..
Peschong said the department spent thousands of dollars investigating the case, but he stressed that the case will not undermine the department's trust in people who report hate crimes. "The FBI, the Bureau of Fire Prevention and the Lincoln Police Department have spent an exorbitant amount of time and personnel resources investigating this," he said. "We aggressively investigated this.
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