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TOPIC: the man of wayside​/Cheap-New-Era-Hats.html the man of wayside 11 months, 2 weeks ago #19923

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And assimilate mutually antinomy, a leech monster demon should can be with one personal assimilation of."Chen Feng just discovers after finishing asking that oneself is also bitten, the wound is unclearly doing a pain now, however O.K. have no quilt leech monster the demon put up at.
"This didn't know and only returned to carry on studying."Kai rice the Rui Be very careful to put leech monster demon into the beer bottle of wayside, then say to Chen Feng" takes your friend first corpse building in the stopping of hospital, notify his family again."
"Need not, he is an orphan, got something to keep.His parents basically has never done the matter that the parents should do as well."Say,, Chen Feng started to embrace a square Chen to walk, the road, Chen Feng very worries a square four words in"carefully in the evening"s said by Chen,, intuition tells Chen Feng, will be very dangerous in the evening.
At night, Chen Feng square the corpse of the Chen after putting into corpse building in the stopping of hospital, and public one arrive at a police station, he square the Chen died said"carefully in the evening" told police officer horse and hoped that they can add to send a police to patrol.Police officer horse also agreed that this is extraordinary period now, they favour in the police station of desperately.
Kai rice Rui have fun to begin medium transparent phial, small bottle inside of is the leech monster of that silver white demon, the Kai rice Rui knits the brows a way"I felt dangerous breathing, good elephant Yi Luo's city wanted to take place what important event similar, see us all concentrated in the police station, there is mutually looking after."Cloth thunder especially and the ghost Dou nod approval, the star sets up but still is just square the death of the Chen but sad weep over,
"Kai Mi Rui says of to,
buy lancel handbags online, the circumstance isn't clear now, we had better be all foolish together."Chen Feng response way" I seek Zhang Lie now, I really worry him, star sets up,
lancel online shopping, you return to take parents to also come over, I am afraid in the evening the Yi Luo's city will have important event occurrence."
Once saw Liu Yue and square Chen's death, Chen Feng didn't hope again see to the nearby cognitive person be hurt, so he and the star set up to leave a police station respectively.Outside the sky Be gradually dark to come down, on the street even personal shadow all have no,
custom NFL Jerseys, only the street lamp is still bright,, the store of street both sides all has already closed tightly front door as well.
Chen Feng and star set up after intersections difference and walk alone on the road, feel Yin the deep Yin is deep on all sides, the atmosphere is very terrible.At this time, Chen Feng sees one male under the street lamp one female embrace each other, Chen Feng soliloquizes a way"they still really bold, is unexpectedly daring to also come out Kiss under the circumstance like this."
Chen Feng Bian walks the side think of Liu Yue, originally they should also have happy future like this, but everythings all ended in advance now.Want to think,
lancel outlet online, Chen Feng wet eye Shan the Shan get up.But after Chen Feng leaves, the man of wayside
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