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TOPIC: "On the first

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The old agriculture says:"Person of hometown, I say for you, a year two familiar easy, is a wheat to directly grow a bean after accepting, ground all need not plough.Can also to made the ground pear growing the corn in night behind.The autumn harvest directly grows wheat again behind, are here although is a mountain area, weather good, a year two familiar have no problem.Moreover, you see, this wheat Kui so breadth.If we at this line of be apart from of point last corn seed.Wait time of familiar wheat,, the corn also grows and mowed wheat, this inside became a jade, rice farmland, equal to exclusively grow with this ground early corn, carry out like this for a year two familiar, in view of the fact early corn.The yield of the corn is still high,"
That old agriculture thought along while.Just say:"I have never grown, can I cut and polish way interest that you say to become."
Liu Yi is funny in popular support,
new era caps online shop.Want don't go me to say it dry Yao?Strike while iron is hot,
new era caps on sale, say:"Person of hometown, otherwise we try.If can go, to the gleaning in autumn you hand over more some provisions for army and support us to beat devil.If don't go.I compensate your money.I don't walk here of, in autumn I am again come
The old agriculture dismantles tobacco pouch from the belt, pack a pot of smoke, order to finish absorbing, just say:"You are eight road soldiers, the troops that beats devil.Although I don't know a word,I can also peg out a good person bad person.I cut and polish you is me like.Become.My old man follows you to experiment 1.Being a stem isn't and very also unimportant, originally carefree is also carefree."
Liu Yi Min tooks a look Li feeling and is apart from stub to tell an old agriculture, let the old agriculture seek seed quickly, take advantage o to take off dibble.
Leave an old agriculture.Liu Yi Min says common people simple diligence in Shandong to the Li jade, the land is also rich,, to everywhere, the task in each work brigade.The base wants fast expansion to grow Gao Chans, such as corn and red Zhao...etc. to bear early farm crop, the improvement plows mode.Raise food yield, work out a food supply problem.After waiting machine factory to set up, the first essentials line system sews thin machine, whets noodles machine and squeezes people's livelihood machines like oil machine,etc and reduces the workload that the logistic supplies produces and also needs to develop modern style agriculture tools,, such as building and plough...etc..
The Li jade doesn't know Liu Yi Min in belly and all exactly has what things and saw one eye Luo glory Huan,
new era style hats, see government Wei different speech.Say for the your book courage:"On the first, you say of the thing, I hear that the abroad has, Tienjin and Shanghai may also have something to sell.But we are here have no.Be want to produce to also produce not to come out."
Liu Yi Min smiles and answered:"As long as there being machine factory, these things all not a problem.
After you return to, the viewpoint seeks some experts of agricultures more and concentrate first the strength expands in each base for a year two familiar.As for I the machine problem for saying, you need not worry and do it slowly."
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