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TOPIC: teach seven to travel​usel/​m teach seven to travel 11 months, 3 weeks ago #14015

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Help south the seventh independence Jing have a brigade and help a southern independent fielding brigade and live the independence of visiting the county to mix third trip regiment, live the Japan's Imperial Army of Qingdao 12th independence Jing have brigade, with one action destroy Lu in, gum Lai, the gum east and Qingdao of day false influence, and the earth supports the our army battle of our army in Shanxi and Xu Zhou's front line.The battle expects an exhibition target behind is exterminate Japan's Imperial Army first o eight divisions and halt a virtuous county, Cang county to guard a soldier."
After receiving Liu Yi Min's telegram, **ponder a long time, again and again consider before map, feel Liu Yi Min's appetite too big, this eighth division but the Japan's Imperial Army's old-brand division, once the our army surrounds eighth division, the Japan's Imperial Army by all means don't hesitate the whole price rescues, fight beat into stalemated status very easily.But with thought of Liu Yi Min this time is concentrated our army trump card to teach a to travel, teach three to travel, also has already taught four to travel, teach seven to travel, teach eight to travel, ride soldier's trip, the air defense trip, artillery trip, engineer corp's regiment, heavy machine gun regiment three war, teach two to travel regardless a troops still a thermodynamic power, all from a distance lead Japan's Imperial Army eighth division, plus with have fully beat have no have, adopt of again is the war method that rounds to order to beat to aid, Japan's Imperial Army the eighth division want to succeed in escaping to reply to put out destiny to seem to be not too probably.And, the west of the Lu to have already taught two to travel, Lu west the Jing have trip and the place bear arms to lead long to make one o eight divisions and teach six trip Zu the enemy of the shot virtuous county, Cang county, teach five to travel, the southeast of the Lu pay brigade and Tai-an to pay brigade and Lu southwest Jing have trip,, Tai west Jing have trip lead long to make Jin river bank road south the enemy of the segment, completely can in Japan's Imperial Army's reinforcement greatly go to before solve an enemy.
Picked up a pen, ** want to wire back approval,
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Baltimore Ravens Jerseys, this was fully.Of the infantry trip,
Wholesale New Era Hats, two trip class scales brigade, a ride a soldier to travel, an artillery trip,, have already approached to travel class scale of heavy machine gun regiment, engineer corp's regiment and Gun heavy regiment, calculating down that is already an old the soldier who travels the Gui mule Hu Li up when once organized Qi Yao to hugely met for great battle.Good words of making.Settle Shandong for the head.Is Japan's Imperial Army Be large-scale to match to round.With guidance teacher troops material of excellent, do it have vegetable, conductor of emollient.That is also not afraid impish son.Greatly not make the Jin river bank helping the line line and gum to still render up devil to walk.If this war wins, the guidance teacher is in Shandong of the strategy return space mostly
**Being difficult isn't next, give again,
NFL Jerseys Outlet, Peng and wood, Liu and Xu Bao, give° the Rong notification of accounting of Liu Yi Min them,, request them the form opinion.
And Peng wires back to say, with the troops of guidance teacher, exterminate eighth division to have no problem, should grant a battle plan.
The wood and Nie wires back to say if offend to open to help after the south troops can be brief to rest whole, completely can look for battleplane.The whole Jianses first lies prone division and independently mix seventh division, even can extend results in battle further.We also very
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