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ray ban wayfarer tortoise earthquake brain
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TOPIC: ray ban wayfarer tortoise earthquake brain

ray ban wayfarer tortoise earthquake brain 11 months, 1 week ago #108118

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Once exchange blows, also ability by dint of forestry previous of openings, reckon a capability of forestry stronger than him and not only 1 times!Wrap a dissimilarity although it is said the born nature make however, doesn't choose speech, but at this time forestry since having already said can't begin with him, after experiencing a forestry just a little and deeply the capability of , wrap a dissimilarity also living to swallow next mouth the words of the side, don't dare tree again strong enemy.
Be much more than wrap a dissimilarity, connect after the Gai of wrapping different opposite help the four greatest elders the words for hearing a forestry, the facial expression is also a bit tiny don't get up naturally.In the forestry, wrapping the dissimilarity is the soil chicken tile dog, and their fighting skill and wrap a dissimilarity also and differ not and greatly, more probably still rather wrap a dissimilarity, that they calculate what?
It is leaf to know an autumn to pour drive forestry one language wake up with a start and collect however discover that oneself unexpectedly stayed whole body cold sweat in a short moment, the forestry fighting skill had no so terrible, is only because at the beginning in the transmigration of soul palace, when the forestry is at the life and death door the leaf knows that the autumn has been watching under Taiwan, he kills the hand of opponent to break too cruel, ground Lu, earthquake brain, Wan heart, cent corpse, teaching a person can not forget at all, with as for the in a flash that sees a forestry, the leaf knows don't aware of self in the brain in autumn of floating and thinking of this act act....
"This is the task scene, not is kill a scene.Killed me to have no advantage....He should can't begin."The leaf knows that the thunder that the autumn lightly vomited an one breath, concerned to a face didn't peep out together strong say with smile:"It doesn't matter and just thought of some matters."
"The breeze is four elder brothers, the leaf is some to hear Gai to help inside whole is a hero, how we see today of Be just strong Shi Ling Ruo, with much generation with little deceit."The leaf knows that the autumn slightly took to carefully see one eye forestry once again, and dispute bad station together after, intentionally showed unintentionally a silk despise to sweep to sweep the Gai before the body to help four greatest elders.
These four old in, Wu Chang Feng's temper is the strongest, also can not stand to arouse most , be since come forward an one-step Nu way:"Like, good.I originally don't think as well little with many deceits, at present at the right moment you the square has 4 people, we also have 4 people, our subordinate sees true effort's seeing is Chiang-Nan chivalrous man skill Gao Yi Chou, still I wait northern hero dint to win penny!"
Once the words sound fall, in the Wu Chang Feng's hand steel Zhang, abrupt however release forward, order to wrap a different chest.This steel Zhang has thick thin goose egg and releases current trend of events to carry furious wind, is very domineering.Wrap once the different long-handled sword block, the Nao body is straight up, stretch hand and then go to Duo that steel Zhang.Wu Chang Feng's reaction is faster, at wrapping different right hand don't to, wrist then on trembling, the steel Zhang collects however turns over to fly
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