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lancel hong kong One by one fight each other
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TOPIC: lancel hong kong One by one fight each other

lancel hong kong One by one fight each other 11 months ago #107577

  • jzdxrwdm76
If isn't Wu Ling so cool head,
lancel hong kong, idea careful person, meet this circumstance, early six absolute beings are ownerless,
louis vuitton handbag, which still have the idea to think a way?
Try very hard to, also want to pay attention to a way and method of, with minimum of the price obtain the biggest victory, this is the result that Wu Ling wants.
Deploy a layer after layer obstacle outside the door of dreamland from the previous force Ling , force the bore Be cold to get into underground;Intentionally put bore to Wu Ling cold get into passage, then do the attack of the most powerful for an instant over there;Arrive again just Wu Ling to surround, Gang the spirit is absorbed of time, he goes for broke and coagulate whole body Gang spirit, successfully break,, everything of all these, can say all to anticipate in the idea of martial Ling in.
From the first, the force Ling analyzed a beneficial circumstance to oneself, own real strenght is as cold equal strength as bore, but, suffer from having no assistant, he unique advantaged of,
lancel purse, is speed.Wu Ling displays to go to heaven as a fairy time that ascend fairy's step with all strength and attain of speed can than cold bore quickly ascend on clapping, is exactly to lean against this,, over three days, then Wu Ling canned once hide the crisis of various each kind.Also is exactly to lean against this, Wu Ling just can establish under the layer after layer obstacle outside the door of dreamland and procrastinate time.
Chapter 237 kills people a Duo treasure
And, even if is with as bore is being cold to fight each other, Wu Ling is also much more made use of his/her own speed up of advantage.
So from the first,, force the Ling made use of this,
lancel miss lancel, is to escape first, fight for more time as far as possible.Waiting until can not escape again of time, go for broke, break with all strength.
Wu Ling now the passage of the body place, no longer belong to the scope of turning the feather dreamland inside, here, the bore was cold don't work properly monster assistant.
One by one fight each other, the cure of success nature of martial Ling is getting aer little bit many.Wu Ling's abacus beats very Jing,
lancel bags in lebanon, very thin, he even thoughted of as early as two days ago himself/herself and bore are necessarily cold will in this passage inside get into nasty fight, consequently and before of exchange blows, he hasn't been making an effort.
Wu Ling already compute good, with the personality of bore cold cruel arrogance, affirm a to meet and then will attackstone to oneself.The bore is cold to his exasperations,
bagagerie lancel, have already arrived the situation that can not repress.But cut up rough, is exactly the chief criminal who lets one personal alignment dangerous abyss.
The bore is cold to definitely realize, in this passage, his bore is cold to have no assistant.And,, in the passage, the Qing celestial spirits sword displays not to open, can not develop an all strength.By this time of the bore is cold,, don't want to fight with Wu Ling Jin's body is also ability not.
But, even if is Wu Ling don't also thought of, the bore is cold will use that seem absorb a star big ¥method general
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