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white ray ban wayfarer Turn an eye
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TOPIC: white ray ban wayfarer Turn an eye

white ray ban wayfarer Turn an eye 11 months, 1 week ago #107067

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Cent, such as gold just pretty good absolute being achievement can calculate up and most to differ a ly, nine sun absolute being achievement and easy Jin through half catty and eight ounces, if Long Xiang Bo achievement achievement guard and fully can call ascend four achievement method it most, and Long Xiang Bo if achievement the heart method isn't whole, if well-found be very likely to be meeting ground article last rank!But this fighting skill self-discipline is too difficult..."
In the forestry hand this Ning solid easy Jin through Mi book suddenly downplay and disappear without basis.
"Gold the pretty good absolute being achievement just greatly became, nine sun absolute being achievement and Long Xiang Bo if achievement broke time inside impossible break.The absolute being function generation that the that time waits to see this legendary Bodhidharma to create in person to I what surprise, heart method lift achievement become can 100 poisons not invade, not the sleep don't eat and go cloud to resist breeze, the world of 無敵 !100 poisons didn't invade to pour not to need, it was to go without sleep or rested to pour, went cloud to resist breeze to let the public blood seethed."
The flash across in brain easy Jin pays close attention to method comment various important, forestry hands' embracing a leg is sat down with a kind of uncanny posture and slowly shut eyes....
Turn an eye, and then led for 23 months, period has been saved and cured life without the sorrow, but as Sung Jie son says must keep and harm long recent years, Sung Jie son and Xue Mu Hua mutually talk to cure a reason, the forestry also would is this Chuang hospital and lives down, be formally had already looked for a door into the path by self-discipline to the easy Jin, the left arm adjusts a reason after various valuable medicine material of Xue Mu Hua and resume quicker than in the imagination ascend about 1 times, as expected in less than half month master blood vessels isn't problem among them!
"Lin Xiong, Lin Xiong!"Unauthorized biography in the door comes to Xue Mu Hua's hasty noise of shouting, in the forestry heart on moving, immediately started to sit from cross legs, these are two to come to month to get along with, for the identity of forestry, Xue Mu Hua naturally clear, the relation of Sung Jie son, so 2 people also fit together by brothers at this time, certainly this brothers form of address also however the oral communication calls, praising with Joe Feng segment to knot a righteousness gold an orchid the nature can not mention in the same breath.
"What the matter let Mr. Xue...."
"Lin Xiong quickly comes with me!"Xue Mu Hua's pushing away door don't wait forestry to finish speaking, an once pulled a quick of forestry right hand room, way:"Xue Mou has a big enemy to come, Lin Xiong although it is said fighting skill peerless, but the left arm didn't reply can in no way strong from luck achievement, so Xue Mou intends to pretend to be dead to seek refuge.Sung Jie has already substituted Xue Mou's decoration to work properly a Shi Sa Du's powder, you hide into tunnel first, then say with my 2 people."
Big enemy?
The forestry is one Zheng, immediately recall, should be the time that a few senior younger brothers of Xue Mu Hua come at this time, but they on arriving, should
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