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cheap 59fifty hat stab to the chest of Chu's song.
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TOPIC: cheap 59fifty hat stab to the chest of Chu's song.

cheap 59fifty hat stab to the chest of Chu's song. 11 months, 1 week ago #107047

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The strong soul dint of three territory soul state, an acceleration rushed at Chu's song and wanted first lead the way Chu song shot wound, fight public morale.
"The cripple sword cuts!"Although treasure in the sky believes in the real strenght of lord far super Chu's song,Chu's song didn't shrink back and holdsed have no hard not the ice soul of Cui, split to lap over to attackstone to destroy sword to cut, depend on cripple the sword cut moment layer after layer increase strength, one sword believed in treasure in the sky lord to force to back to return to.
Chu's song and treasure in the sky believed in a lord to take place to arouse a war, the cloud persons,, such as sky, blood dragon and progressive monster...etc. of Chu immediately believed in a lord to launch to storm to the treasure in sky, although Chu's song a square, because have a blood dragon.Progressive monster,
cheap 59fifty hat, Chu's song divides time three greatly three territory soul superior, the real strenght far super sky of treasure believes in a superior, but treasure in the sky believes in the attack soul that the superior carries machine but power biggest,
gucci jackie, if not that Chu's song a square the superior own Chu to expect to win before the song of bow form first grade saint soul machine, be subjected to the saint soul machine attack of a great deal of attack with strong power, Chu's song a square the superior may have dead and injured very much.
"Be subjected to dead!Fu fairy Suo!"Suddenly presented a gold color while being cut by the cripple sword to force the sky treasure backing believe in a lord to approached again,
gucci handbags cheap, good use Long Jin Lian to turn but become, attain the fetter of top-class saint soul machine, it the never thought that Fu tied Chu's song body.
The Fu ties Chu's song,
lancel paris bags, treasure in the sky believed in a lord to peep out a bloodthirsty facial expression and presented one blood-red color lance of chasing and robbed at bite soul Qing ape attack for sky before,, eye in the vision of owner scare under, stab to the chest of Chu's song.
Chapter 615 is delicate
"Your dead expected!"Treasure in the sky is believing in a lord hand,
mlb new era hats, attaining the blood sword of first grade saint soul machine will soon stab medium the quilt Fu fairy Suo the Fu tie of Chu song chest, peeped out a bloodthirsty and satisfied facial expression.
"You are too naive!Three light mirrors defendoof!"Face to die, have no a silk to be afraid on the Chu song face,, together stab the purpose strong light counterfeits in the Chu's song body,, a color defendoofs the body of Chu's song, and the dichromatism shotted into treasure in the sky to believe in a lord.
"Mao Mao~" encounters the low grade absolute being soul machine three light mirror dichromatic strong light attack, treasure in the sky believed in the first grade saint soul machine blood sword in the lord hand to smash, three light mirrors counterfeited of the strong light easily smashed the defense that treasure in the sky believes in a lord and flew its shot to go out, the whole chest became flesh and blood misty.
Between the light of fire carbide,, the situation the whole world upside down variety happened, this makes the owner been surprised foolish by the variety of at present situation and arouses the range of war to also decline down.
"Absolute being,, absolute being soul machine!You unexpectedly own an absolute being soul machine!"Hit and fall and believe in the sky treasure of the lord city and believe in a lord and continuously spew out a blood in the treasure in sky, voice
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