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gucci shopping online The Ao does obeisance a to see and sneer at a
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TOPIC: gucci shopping online The Ao does obeisance a to see and sneer at a

gucci shopping online The Ao does obeisance a to see and sneer at a 11 months, 1 week ago #107008

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Chen Wei Chen strong two brotherseses drink a way:"Do not want to die, roll for old man!"
To the utmost see the place led for doing obeisance Ao flesh and blood all is horizontal to fly in fact, since Chen Qiang, Chen Wei got into den where dare to also make moves, stand at Kangxi is also the business with no way before the body, hear words two brotherses that the Ao do obeisance staying back 2 towards seeing one eye, silent at this time.
The Ao does obeisance a to see and sneer at a , right leg again before stepping, this steps Chen Qiang Chen Wei again back 78 just live, to them, the task just arrests Ao to do obeisance, protection Kangxi but is that the Xiao is soft is thin with beard of this, they naturally have no a necessity try very hard to, also have no that courage to try very hard to!
Kangxi's look in the eyes is tiny to twinkle, the Wei at the side of body small treasure has been already climbed, although unclearly some dithers but still keep towarding Kangxi to say:"The small Xuan son trusts and has small laurel son here today, the Ao does obeisance and harms you to certainly want to pass by in the body corpse from me!"
This sentence says firmly, can not help an in Kangxi's heart warm.
The condition of the injury that the Ao does obeisance can not delay any more and back to walk before the body from Kangxi at Chen Qiang Chen Wei, the whole individual then and immediately hurtled up and hated in his heart and at present 3 people are this small eunuch the first knife then harmed from already of groundwork, is that the fragrant ash stove that this maid-in-waiting tosses let oneself double the eyes get hurt, would again after be been organic by that bodyguard can take advantage o.
Looking at Ao to do obeisance to come forward, Kangxi is always very calm and steady, in his eyes thus with the circumstance that the Yi needs Lao under, even if still keep capturing to can not hold him, but the oneself can't has too big danger, either.See the Ao does obeisance of the boxing Feng is a , Kangxi's shadow of human figure woulds be 1 to twinkle, the hands change the Zhang used "the gossip visits Long Zhang" to visit Dou with it to get up, Kangxi is on this Zhang method really the nothing important scholastic attainment can talk, can the Ao at present do obeisance is what circumstance, again add one side Wei small treasure often make a surprise attack two times, more pregnant empress Zhang Tao take weapon to wait for an opportunity but, the momentary Ao does obeisance unexpectedly is even could not touch slice Kangxi's dress capes and fight medium forgive to roar repeatedly, double eyes because the blood is stained with to seem to be ferocious terror more.
"Burst!"The Ao carries on the back to again put on a wound after doing obeisance and take Zhang Tao , this knife's effort Kangxi double the Zhang quickly hold firmly Ao to do obeisance a left hand one Be anti- to button up, the Ao does obeisance subconscious to lift a leg and then kick, but Wei small treasure but suddenly rush toward in the ground, the whole individual lies prone at the Ao does obeisance of bottom half, put out strength whole body the energy embrace Ao to do obeisance, Wei small treasure although it is said is a street bludger, can the energy is not small either, even drive the sea is great blessing Gao like this
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