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lancel luggage "Liu Tao
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TOPIC: lancel luggage "Liu Tao

lancel luggage "Liu Tao 11 months ago #106906

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?"Zhu Ying simple and directly asks.
"BE, I have already promised."Su jade Juan the open heart answer.
"Who do you promise?Promise what?How to promise?Promise to how much ?……"Zhu Ying eyes Su jade Juan to ask question in a row.
"My promising to help village Wei will set up a school, the village Wei will set up with Su each even 20,000 dollars money, again launch other villagers to contribute money, can donate how much calculate how much, the funds differed from me and Liu Tao 's whole.I is 130,000 dollars money, Liu Tao about 23 ten thousand dollars!"Su jade Juan such as solid answer, let Su set up a text dumbstruck.
"Do you want to throw away 130,000 dollars money like this?Will never go, you tomorrow seek a president to say clearly, not ability these money!"Zhu Ying scathingly says.
"Mama, I have already promised village master and president, not the ability is promise and then denies!"Su jade Juan smile's saying.
"You are this wench, I will be grieved by you, seeing to you is supported by the book silly!Don't go ……130,000 dollars money!"Zhu Ying stammerly says that imitating a Buddha is very worried.
"Old woman, you don't be too worried, there are words slowly saying!"Su sets up a text to change direction what Zhu Ying concerned to say.
"Mother-in-law's adult, you not the important step is hasty, so will harm body!"What Liu Tao concerned says.
"Liu Tao , you marry my this useless daughter and sooner or later want to produce your patrimony to hurt light, when the time comes ……when the time comes I how to start to get you?"Zhu Ying shakes head to say sadly.
"Mother-in-law's adult sets up a school to only spend more than 100,000 money, these money still a jade Juan earn, you say too seriously, jade Juan in fact a very good housewife!"What Liu Tao smiled says.
"Are you this wench, forget to have no money day how to lead?You tomorrow, tomorrow ……go to and pick 100 catties to turn in the town fatty come back, see how, dare also so Sa money?What is the row?Good heavens ……130,000 dollars money!"Zhu Ying again helpless again say sadly, and repeatedly shake head.
"Old woman, the son-in-law is here, you don't want so, not afraid drive son-in-law's joke!"Su sets up a text to connect to coax to take to cheat of say.
Su the jade Juan and Liu Tao see this situation, inwardly feel funny, but don't dare break into laughter.Zhu Ying deliberates very for a while, then changes direction Su jade Juan equanimity's saying:"Jade Juan, your bank card?You go fetch to me, I can not make you make a mess of like this!" <b
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