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lancel wallet men 00 at the morale
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TOPIC: lancel wallet men 00 at the morale

lancel wallet men 00 at the morale 11 months, 1 week ago #106592

  • ajcprshh89
"Talked one hammer suddenly toward the head of small fire failed next go, 'bang'a whole head of small fire to richest person have already turned to make minced meat and accompanied with a burst of white to only and unwillingly return to lord city.
After country war launches, but any player is all killed and returned respectively influence all on the battlefield the city bring to life, if at first or brought to life that country war nearby will tire out completely, perhaps even if being dead tired to also beat isn't over.
"The system announces:Evil political power monarch Ma Long responded to the declaration of war of the gold political power monarch richest person's emperor!The gold political power loots the country of evil political power territory to fight a formal explosion!"
"Ding!The gold political power launched a territory depredation war to your place influence!Can launch a surprise attack war after 24 hours, can launch to counterattack a war after 48 hours!"
"Roar!"Shout in the NPC soldier's mountain that the sea is drinking, two systems hint to spread!Because Hong spring the war cut to kill an enemy will a , therefore the evil political power that helps southern battlefield acquired some morale to encourage!The gold political power lost some morale at the same time.Morale system's releasing direct officers and men to annoy is added with data on the NPC soldier's attack dint, while opening hostilities both parties' morale comprehensive is 100:00, is also each influence on the average each have 50:00 morale, if a common soldier own 100:00 attack dint, so he is 150:00 in the foundation attack on the battlefield.
Say is fight to in fact say is compare put together morale also the slightest not in order to lead, the factor of influence morale is a lot of in the battlefield, for example:Cut before will, chop down military flag and offend to break city gate, troops margin and shot to kill to command an etc., can say some absolute advantage that the morale is 1:00, when the morale is battled out by the one party full 100:00, the morale falls low of the one party Be about to defeat completely.Certainly the morale tightly aims at NPC soldier and will get but talk, the player then can continue to insist combat for zero:00 at the morale, however the person like that is all basically some guys that the brain destroys.
"Hey Hey, good, keep on keeping to rob richest person all of their morales to come over!Hey Hey Hey"green loose excitement of clap the arrows Duo on the city wall to say with smile.
"Does not know this first war is who whom beat with, incredibly so quick got hold of some morale" pirate is idle of depend on the deck dynasty Ma Long Dao:"Really want to go over and have a look"
"Get you, water soldier is were it not for you stay in here, am I still really not rest assured!Is true if front the gate city be captured, I still hope your ship
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