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lancel premier flirt Wasted me to treat you as a friend ……
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TOPIC: lancel premier flirt Wasted me to treat you as a friend ……

lancel premier flirt Wasted me to treat you as a friend …… 11 months, 1 week ago #106474

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"The Hong is light to smile to smile, but disappears what joys color.
"Still say to have been this appearance?At the beginning in the city copying month, you not just now so!Remember over there, you for the first time heel my sexual intercourse, it is how strong just to resist.Now, with a head of the moderate small monster is general, Hey!"East Qiong says, that hand then and more and more uneasy divide.But the vital part of underneath has been already been discarded and makes him a bit anxious and fretful.It is to suddenly make an effort to seem,lancel premier flirt, a certain malicious vigorously promoted in the Hong a , Hong then of an ache get up.
For the scene of this abnormal condition, Chu's male has no idea to scrutinize.Because in his heart, suddenly curled up the violent radicalism of a burst of exasperation, a lot of things also in a twinkling understand to come over:
Now that Hong while copying the city in month, already heel east Qiong, so afterwards 2 people get along with of time, her this"friend" be not have been hypocrisily flattering himself/herself?
Still remember at the beginning east Qiong the first eye see himself/herself, explode the old grudge relation of coming from the F and star soul palace, also knew that the father is Lin Yun(Chu's cloud).Now is thought,lancel handbags usa, must be a Hong to tell the east the Qiong.Although the Hong didn't know the real identity of Chu's cloud at that time, as long as to east once the Qiong said,1er flirt lancel, again associated a star soul palace that several days to pursuing and arresting of Lin Yun, the eastern Qiong of old crafty huge Hua settle however can think deeply all these.Is also say, own in fact of identity and many secrets, shoulding is all Hong to reveal the Qiong is to the east!
Wasted me to treat you as a friend ……

Chapter 57 is complicated mental state[this chapter word count:3303 latest renewal time:2011-01-30 21:00:00.0]
Hong simultaneously give east the Qiong lightly massage wound, simultaneously lightly say:"In fact,lancel online, the Feng isn't a too bad person either, only have a little glib just.When the time comes, pour a not worthwhile heel also he disputes too much."
"You could it be that had a liking for that handsome?Hum!The boy in"east the Qiong is some get mad, " gives Chu the male to send letter secretly,lancel bag, damn!"
Originally the Feng let rain Qi take a letter for Chu male last time, originally thought done in complete secrecy, unexpectatively east Qiong but clearly.Rain Qi also feels some oddness:Not to?Remember at the beginning the Feng fills the letter to own of time, flank basic nobody.
And Hong and east Qiong subsequent dialogue, also then and quickly untied question.
The Hong is some don't understand of say:"Is not that that do you arrange intentionally,louis vuitton outlet?"

lancel handbags outlet nine wreath demon's under charge in Chu's male in the skies

sac lancel flirt quelled own emotion
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