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lancel usa did you come
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TOPIC: lancel usa did you come

lancel usa did you come 11 months ago #106434

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Soldier so they can receive this four star mercenary soldiers to say that task everyone of the tallest Class that can receive completes together, and has some taskses to more and understandly order a can be received by the mercenary soldier brigade, this also resulted in mercenary soldier field inside mercenary soldier brigade large groups reason!Is small to arrive 5 people's squad, big number 1000 people's large mercenary soldier regiment!
"I can?"
Lowered the head to think for a long time, probably now also only this this way can go, Luo is virtuous to helplessly ask a way.
"Should have no problem, we mercenary soldier brigade the member is many, plusing your words has already had 20 people, at the right moment we receive a task of convoy this time, if you having the words of interest can join to come in!Boon, etc. I make a procedure for you!"
Is tiny wrinkly eyebrows,lancel usa, thought a short moment, that big fellow low voice answered and immediately take Luo virtuous returned to the counter that registers mercenary soldier to first there help to elsewhere manage a brand-new procedure again.
"Bruce's captain, did you come?How, and then did the new member join?"
Before just arriving at a counter, hear hello with passionate attendant way,lancel malaysia, obviously, the big fellow that named Bruce seemed to be here to mix very familiarly general.
"The boon joins a new member, the help registers for a while, and the etc. still needs to serve as duty!"
Ordered to nod, what Bruce smiled said.
There is no accident after some kind of operation procedures, Luo is virtuous very smooth of join among the mercenary soldier brigade that nameds fresh breeze.But more let virtuous accident of Luo of is this mercenary soldier brigade unexpectedly is SAMSUNG mercenary soldier brigade,lancel romania, although the inside pluses oneself only 20 members,discounted louis vuitton, is almost a deluxe warrior, as for nearby of Bruce is also a bronze warrior!The captain that still has them is then a silver warrior, to inside even still have a big sorcery teacher and a deluxe sorcery teacher, the appearance like this makes Luo virtuous secretly of Za tongue, look like this mercenary soldier brigade not to depend on.
Clearance formality, Luo is virtuous to be regarded as loose one breath, under leading of Bruce,lv purses cheap, 2 people toward city inside their mercenary soldier brigade stop for a rest of the place rush through.
This takes for a little times all the way, Luo was virtuous to carry on more to the knowledge concerning the mercenary soldier and the mercenary soldier brigade some kind of bad repair.Answer of getting but is make him secretly shocked.
He knew the mercenary soldier brigade can be divided into five grades, while the mercenary soldier brigade of four stars and five planetses have already changed to be called mercenary soldier regiment, not only someone counts of the restriction are also restriction and task with results to show member real strenght to complete the restriction of quantity,louis vuitton outlet store, it may be said little of again little, listen to most at least Bruce say the whole mainland on the five planets mercenary soldier brigade can't over ten, each

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lancel uae otherwise don't blame me
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