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oakley titanium sunglasses China good feet trample at cellular phone up.
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TOPIC: oakley titanium sunglasses China good feet trample at cellular phone up.

oakley titanium sunglasses China good feet trample at cellular phone up. 11 months, 1 week ago #106002

  • tse56mnmda07
Shout the attention of two middle ages be immediately attracted to the voice.
China is good and China the east ordered to nod towards seeing one eye, at the same time lightly, the figure was one Shan, and the emergence of the uncanny sort is in Chen Chen's in front.
Don't wait Chen Chen Jing to exhale a voice, China was good to stretch out a hand lightning flash of sort of on Chen Chen at 1:00.
Chen Chen Zhi feels at present a black, the in a flash lost consciousness, while her body also softly poured down.
One of the cellular phone"Pa" holding in the hand drops at ground up, the cellular phone inside continuously spreads Lin Hao to anxiously shout a voice.
"Morning morning-morning morning-how-what happened-talk quickly!Exactly took place what matter-follow rat quickly Wang Dao lives of place-"
"Mao Ca" is a , orotund Ga however!
China is good and the east 2 people of China answer the body that Chen Chen falls flop, among them, China good feet trample at cellular phone up.
But at this time, air suddenly flash across a dark shadow, make a pounce upon China good.
China is good cold to hum a , ordered to nod to China east.
China east the hands grasp Chen Chen's body, the foot is one Deng, and the Teng is empty to start to jump, then falls in the window edge.
The dark shadow of air immediately gives up China good, turn but make a pounce upon China east.
But China the good figure is one Shan, block at China the in front of the east.
China east takes Chen Chen lightly on jumping and falls on the window, then direct from 3 F upstairs kept on jumping and disappeared to disappear.
"Zhi Zhi-"
The king of rat is greatly hasty, the sharp claw son mercilessly grasps to China is good.
China once the good hands jilt, the rat king's body pours to fly but goes to, close behind China is suddenly good Teng empty start to jump, on rat Wang Shen who puts a leg to sweep in the sky.
Is a to sad and shrillly bellow to ring out!
China after being good fall to the ground probably is to own self-confidence, see all don't see a rat king, the figure is one Shan, fly from the window.
"Mao" of a , the rat king's body hits to fall in the ground, at the moment of it has already all over been a blood.
The vision that hopes good disappearance of China, mouth inside"Zhi Zhi-of low call, be full of helpless, be full of unwilling.
Don't know to thought of what, collect in eye present on putting on the color of firmness, bit to grind teeth, shout loudly 1:"Zhi-"
Accompany with interjection, the body suddenly fierce Cuan rises, sees a dark shadow flash across and has already fallen on the veranda.
The vision hopes
China is good is drilling into a black to speed a sedan of inside, sail out of the room later on.
"Zhi Zhi-"
The rat king looks up at sky to roar loud!
In a flash, the ground jumps an one and other rat from the all directions Tu.
"Zhi Zhi-"
"Zhi Zhi-"
The interjection rises everywhere and seem to at respond to rat king is general.
"Zhi Zhi-"
Is an again
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