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prescription ray ban sunglasses the in the mind is just thinking
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TOPIC: prescription ray ban sunglasses the in the mind is just thinking

prescription ray ban sunglasses the in the mind is just thinking 11 months, 1 week ago #105639

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Do?Chen Meng Xue is my lifesaver, I ain't likely to rush through her to return to, and she can't return to on her own initiative again.I am very vexed ……calculate, I didn't return to as well, where have fun?
Chen Meng Xue returns to a car previous don't utter, the in the mind is just thinking:I am keeping wound currently, if is foolish every day in the home, that will suppress dead.I today not return to, also not go other places, with live Liu Tao to turn everywhere!
Deng Jun starts car and see Liu Tao and none of Chen Meng Xue say where, hence change direction them to ask:"We return to now and still go where?"
"Teacher, have in city where have fun so much?"Liu Tao counter-questions, the in the mind is just thinking:I don't know has in city where have fun so much, let teacher lead the way to literally take a walk everywhere!
"I really don't know where play, do you how want to have fun?"Deng Jun answers by asking generation.
Chen Meng Xue didn't utter a word, Liu Tao saw Deng Jun, and then saw Chen Meng Xue, then as if nothing has occurredly asked:"Manager Chen, do you want to go where?Where better have fun?"
"Ha ha!I want to go to the place that you want, today with settle you!"Chen Meng Xue smiles of answer.
"We go shopping and drive to stroll the whole downtown!"Liu Tao changes direction Deng Jun to helplessly say.
"H'm, is going to encourage under my etc.!"Deng Jun nods to say.
Liu Tao no longer utters a word, the in the mind is just thinking:Chen Meng Xue just says today with settle me, so difficult tie up how to do?
Chen Meng Xue didn't respond, Deng Jun no longer talked, driver's car slowly strolls everywhere.Liu Tao suddenly changes direction an asking of the smile of Chen Meng Xue:"Manager Chen, your mother affirms now anxious, don't you worry at all?"
"My cellular phone hasn't given or got an electric shock an auto to shut down, your cellular phone lends me to beat a !"Chen Meng Xue answers not ask, and stretch the right hand to Liu Tao 's in front.
Liu Tao didn't utter a word, turned a head to see Chen Meng Xue's one eye and touched make moves the machine handing over to her.Chen Meng Xue answered a cellular phone to dial a home telephone and waited mother to answer a telephone and hurriedly said:"Mama, my cellular phone just didn't give or get an electric shock and automatically shut down."
"Dream snow, you are going to the hospital change wound to tie up gauze, haven't changed for 23 days!"What mother concerned says.
"I and president Liu Fu just once changed at the hospital together, you stopped worrying!"Chen Meng Xue says.
"You are now
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