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but have a together soft and charming figure to face moonlight to fly at this time
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TOPIC: but have a together soft and charming figure to face moonlight to fly at this time

but have a together soft and charming figure to face moonlight to fly at this time 11 months ago #105556

  • eytencewjb
The fire is really terror, have to decay strength."The Zhuo feather says, he ate a grain of the Dan that living a source, but the speed of the instauration very slow-moving, his face is also very green, seem to be poisoned, this is demon the fire remain the next quick temper, the Zhuo feather can not also banish, and cans be used his/her own true dollar to slowly erode it to just go.
If the night, Zhuo feather cross legs to sit to cure in the desert, he banish the spirit of an uncanny bewitching fire with the true dollar, if doesn't banish it,,wholesale lv handbags, will continue of decay his body.
Using the Dan medicine can also quickly banish and only want to use that white jade red sun Dan, he loathes to give up to use.
Shine in glory in the moonlight under,, the face of Zhuo feather is very innocent, look very weak, but have a together soft and charming figure to face moonlight to fly at this time!
The Zhuo feather in vain opens eyes, the beautiful woman of clothes that see one wearing a thin yellow resists sword since then!
"Huang Xiao Yun!"The Zhuo feather recognized this woman,, this is exactly that farmland the lover of the little Bin, is also a three pupils.
"Zhuo feather?You got hurt, ha ha!You the dead today expected!"Huang Xiao Yun was originally a little Bin with farmland them have already been together, but met those eight arm thou crocodiles to turn a form, broken out the strength coming out to make them flee elsewhere everywhere, all lost contact.But Huang Xiao Yun in the road returned but met the Zhuo feather of severely wounded.
Huang Xiao Yun's hand holds to fly sword and slowly floats to fall from the air, she sees the Zhuo feather cross legs to sit motionless, and the facial expression is very difficult to see,lv handbags wholesale, she knows that the Zhuo feather was subjected to severely wounded,ray ban aviators 3025, she holds to fly sword,cheap oakley sunglass, dynasty the Zhuo feather walked in the past and still held a piece of jade sign in the hand.
Huang Xiao Yun sees the Zhuo feather hasn't been moving and think that the Zhuo feather definitely arrived a key,, so just can not divide attention, she is also very happy, she walks to the Zhuo feather before the body and rock her that fly sword, see Zhuo feather still keep having no action, she smiles for the Yin two, then a sword stabs toward the throat of Zhuo feather!
But fly sword be kneaded with two fingers by the Zhuo feather at this time,, a flame follows to fly the sword point of sword to spread later on and up, the sword of flying of Huang Xiao Yun is in a twinkling cremated Jin!
Huang Xiao Yun of be frightenned scream a , she quickly retreats, she gets into for a sky, source door in also for a long time, certainly know the affair of three flavor true fires!Just the Zhuo feather lets out of the flame is those three flavor true fire.At this time her face up fearing is full!
The Zhuo feather stands up and towards her Hey Hey to say with smile:"If you begin earlierly and probably still have some hopes,ray ban sunglasses aviator, but your dead settled now!"Make reference to a behind,, the voice of Zhuo feather becomes matchless Yin cold.
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