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lancel 1er flirt the ghost sea is under this leading of vehemence
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TOPIC: lancel 1er flirt the ghost sea is under this leading of vehemence

lancel 1er flirt the ghost sea is under this leading of vehemence 11 months, 1 week ago #104679

  • hueztrnb81
Settle, double eye in also break out relentless of vision, direct that cruelty breathing crest in ghost roar sky return to.
The ghost whistles the facial expression in sky to slowly fall calm, the tone compares with just also a little bit soft some.
"This I know,, this is also the problem that I so have been vexing for several years.Listen to the tone that you talk, you seem how know to do?You are affirmative you can save such as the heart?"The ghost roar sky sinks a voice to ask a way and still keeps taking one silk distrust in the tone.
Create sudden cachinnation of boundary absolute being to get up, loudly say:"I can certainly save her, otherwise I wasn't this creating boundary absolute being a white to be?"
Create boundary absolute being one language fall in, an arrogant vehemence suddenly from explosion of his body come out, the ghost sea is under this leading of vehemence,
lancel 1er flirt, immediately vacillating.
Chapter 570 discovers water son
"Create boundary absolute being?Do you say that you are to create boundary absolute being adult,"The facial expression in ghost roar sky suddenly on changing, the facial expression becomes much nervous.
Create boundary absolute being lightly on smiling,
sacoche lancel, way:"My that right, has someone ever pretended to be me?Ha ha, you are a hell ghost clan of which pay?What I remembered guarding the east night ghost sea before is ghost water of the east ghost one clan, don't know you and ghost water is what relate to,"
The ghost whistles the facial expression in sky to immediately become much polite, can mention the name " ghost water", he already very certain at present identity of this old.
"Return to the words of creating the boundary absolute being adult, ghost water is exactly my father, however, he in those early years because gave offense to the ghost emperor's his majesty, have already been issued order kill, now this east night ghost sea from boy I control.Create boundary absolute being adult, just the boy is stupid, gave offense to create boundary absolute being adult you, also ask you to forgive."The tone in ghost roar sky completely civility, this felling nature that let to create the boundary absolute being listen to liked many,
lancel handbags for sale.
"Is no harm and no harm, all of this are the small affairs,
lancel bags, even if is I see a stranger, will be also very careful.Is alas,
lancel 1876 taupe, ghost water ghost water, have never thought him to unexpectedly die so early, is that ghost Hao exactly what is the row?Ghost water but his close younger brother,!Is alas, however say these now the nothing important has been already been used, ghost Hao that guy is regarded as for the sake of the ghost clan but dies and also dies courageously on the whole.Is alas, now five boundaries greatly disorderly, dead of the person don't know to also have how much,,
sac lancel 1er flirt!The sky of the roar, the joys doesn't welcome I go to your official residence and sit for a while, conveniently I also solve a problem for your madam, her current circumstance, perhaps only use my to create then the dint of a life time can cure of the place that is eroded inside her body completely.Hurry, since you are the son of ghost water, I will definitely help yours with all strength."Create the face of boundary absolute being up take one silk
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