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www louis vuitton bags dedicate at Wang Ye
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TOPIC: www louis vuitton bags dedicate at Wang Ye

www louis vuitton bags dedicate at Wang Ye 11 months, 1 week ago #100581

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Black beard openings way,
"Being small will think, the Cui presents Bin and connects all and all perhaps can't thus careful, perhaps pure for the sake of a little bit little trouble, diagram simplify matters just!"Cui far medium the kindest surmise others of idea, still let his that's right this time, the Cui presents Bin to really simplify matters for the sake of the diagram province heart, therefore direct Zhang Tian fluently send back of the green Chuan guarded a soldier to right on the spot see escort and completely regarded as captive to treat at first and the slightest also have no the least bit the feeling of the comrade.
"H'm!Is reasonable!This Cui's presenting Bin to also really calculate up is a "talented person" and divided 30,000 soldiers soldier don't say everywhere, the most important food grass big camp and west door unexpectedly send so order troops guard, on the contrary is the most safe mansion Ya in city but fully have 5,000 crack troops protections,!Ha ha ……afraid of death to fear him this degree, also be regarded as an unique!"Zhao Kang Yun looking at on summary of rules of table reach the enemy soldier troops of painting to organize a defence diagram, unbearable lightly smiled.
"Great commander soldier speech it has a reason, small will also have together feeling!This Cui, connect 2 people are indeed a match made by gods ah,
www louis vuitton bags, match have no, of one mind, all is similarly faint Kui inability, again afraid to die!"The Cui is far medium to is also a face to deeply agree lightly to smile, disdainfully return to way.
"Great commander soldier, now is already two more cent, whether can prepare to act,!"The stone is from the tiger to these affair usually also interest in the nothing important, once say even if, directly the openings pleases fight a way.
"Now not just time, again etc., your 2 people descends first to prepare, four more beginning engrave to begin!The Cui far wins to get 3,,000 soldiers to pound at an enemy after the soldier a soldier big camp, purpose be disturbance enemy's soldier big camp,
official website louis vuitton, set fire to burn a camp, manufacturing disorder;The stone gets 4,000 soldiers to take the offensive west from the tiger city tower in the door, must take advantage o it unprepared, with one action but next;Originally lead 3,
loui vuitton outlet,000 soldiers to directly take the offensive mansion Ya and hope to present Cui the Bin Be capture alive to capture alive, dedicate at Wang Ye!Hope various will with one mind join force, strive to kill an enemy, with one action take back green Chuan, turn round war situation, share sorrows for Wang Ye!"
Zhao Kang Yun sinks a voice to issue order,,
louis vuitton uk, the facial expression is moving, however heart in also is to have no bottom, the exactly green Chuan city fully has 130,000 at this time remaining near guard horse, even if remove soldier Liu to weigh 100,000 people of camp aged and weak behind,
louis vuitton bags official website, only regular near Wei soldier contains more than 30,000 persons, troops fully is a square triple have already been used remaining.
The task that can complete Wang Ye to hand over to give successfully, the situation really allows of no optimism, just matter already to this,
louis vuitton louis, in addition to depending on to account behaviour, don't also have no his method;Account now for it, only take advantage o to guard soldier Shu in guard against, tired slack moment, make disorder, offend it unprepared, kill his
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