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lv bags 2013 just in the over Yan Ping because just and have some ashamed
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TOPIC: lv bags 2013 just in the over Yan Ping because just and have some ashamed

lv bags 2013 just in the over Yan Ping because just and have some ashamed 11 months ago #100547

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Breeze hasty way:"Do not go or not, eldest brother you didn't marry, which have is a first marrying of the younger brother of,
lv bags 2013,, is still that the eldest brother come first, younger brother at after."
Positive while speaking, the doorway suddenly rings out a burst of laughter:"Still divide what successively?Rather marry just together, ha ha......"2 people turn once the head see, is Zhao Feng come, Zhao Feng but the old guest of this villa, probably he obstructed the notification of guard, oneself touches come in and nearby still followed a princess who finish the Yan Ping, this gold breeze country and estimated to is the dialogue that hears behind in 2 people, just abashed the of full face is red,
louis shop, hang crumpling of head hands discomfort to make dress Cape, finish the Yan Ping come back from closing from the breeze bell, is Zhao Feng of adopted daughter, nature live Zhao Fu Li.
Zhao Yue ha ha say with smile:"I say old, don't make people notify 1 to intrude into as well, this not is want to harm to kill a person?"Say still used eye Piao the Piao is over Yan Ping,
lv bag outlet, this finishes chasing Yan Ping more abashed ashamed, stand outside the door don't know to do what good.
Does Zhao Feng say with smile:"Ha ha, bother, I this adopted daughter say to see Wang Ye, the minister accompanied her to come."
Zhao Yue smiles a way:"Over princess Yan just come in quickly, old also comes in and came needless ceremonious."Then to maid's way:"Give adult last tea, finish giving the papaya gruel of princess Yan."
Does Zhao Feng say with smile:"Also come to a bowl of papaya gruel for me, cent of minister of the papaya have already eaten up and have never eaten to have a little Chan for a long time."The papaya is the special product of red rock mansion, the yield is rarely seen, collect down to insolate stem fruit storage,, time want to eat needs to be used once the boiled water cook, became a bowl of sweet and tasty papaya gruel,
lancel brigitte bardot, become the red rock mansion pays tribute toward Zhao Yue of one big special product, Zhao Yue receives meeting divide these papayas to an inferiority,
lancel en ligne.
Zhao Yue hello way:"Old and over princess Yan comes and all sits down to talk."
If Zhao Feng know that Zhao Yue is at will of person, then and consumedly the ground seek a position sits down, just in the over Yan Ping because just and have some ashamed, uneasy of use canthus Piao Zhao Feng,
lancel uk store, under signaling hint of Zhao Feng after, this just sits down,
The maid is very quick before sending to two human faces of two aroma floating papaya gruels, Zhao Feng smell the flavor then neglect image of put a bosom to drink, over although the Yan Ping feels delicious, it is a female kid to then always return,, is just that the article of small appreciate.
Zhao Feng one spirit finish drinking a bowl of gruel,, the idea still has never exerted ground to looking at that way:"Is exactly delicious......"
Zhao Yue and Zhao Fengs see secretly cachinnation, Zhao Yue recruits to maid's way:"Divide the half to the papaya stem and pack well, adult returns to of time all make him take
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