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lancel handbags prices dared to also say made by nature
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TOPIC: lancel handbags prices dared to also say made by nature

lancel handbags prices dared to also say made by nature 11 months, 1 week ago #100371

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It is soft.
Han Dan just when feels deeply about world to build thing magic, suddenly sees the river surface of equanimity fiercely and for no reason arise ten thousand Zhang billows and and then drop, the river water from here dashing surge gets up and then has an endless wave flower and quietly overflows for a sky, river, keep falling for nine days.
Han Dan frighteneds and settles Jing to see go, sees two the general huge monster is such as the lion and pursue in water front and back of the bottom and tore to bite to entwine and arouse river ripples of water wave Tao in a sky for sky, until overflow.
Han Dan has never seen those two monsters, however just between one eye, but also associate Qi Lin very miraculously very naturally.
Is true to have never thought, the human life year by year flood disaster, the way is a rain water to, but where know, this chief criminal, but is these two Qi Lins.
Originally, these two Qi Lins is two pets that the goddess the Queen Mother Huan keeps, extremely touch with spiritual, Wang Mu often throws it with the food and see they contend for robbing and then report it with smile, as time passes, these two Qi Lins, not only became to contend for robbing of bad habit, and as for ill nature that still accomplished to contend for spoiling, hence usually make track for dozen to tore to bite, arise surprised sky of billow, also Hun however regardless of.
The eye sees here, Han Dan Nu rises from the at heart bad living to the Dan side, immediately pull out to ask for a sky, sword, dive into river, make track for to kill Qi Lin.
Two Qi Lins see cold light one Shan, one person immediately dives into river and then knows that the future isn't kind, distributed a leg while signing, and the Wu life rushes to escape.
Han Dan runs quickly in the land, in the water but some mutually the form saw Zhuo, some kind of pursue under, tired get neither dead nor alive, not only didn't catch up two monsters, but also throw the shadows of two monsters all cleanly.
Is helpless under, have to climb to go ashore, hope an ocean interest to sigh.
But two monsters see him helpless to he and together and together swim across and make threatening gestures the ground challenges to him, spirit he keeps wanting to throw up blood.
But at this time, listens to a familiar voice ringing out in the ear:"Han Dan's brothers, well since departure?"
Empress Yi?Han Dan lifted to see to go to while signing, the fruit saw match-maker smiling all over since then.
Is depressed and not talking much in heart of pure loyalty, abrupt however see him, although is a reunion long separation, also naturally happy don't get up, at that moment just light say:"I O.K., and you and brought together recently how much to dog men and women?"
Match-maker inclined his one eye:"Could not vomit ivory in dog mouth, I bring together of, that is all made by nature, all have a fate."
"Be not, connect forehead prince and princesses Long Jiu this kind of obviously doesn't take to adjust of gathered a cake of to go to, dared to also say made by nature?"Han Dan disdainfully says.
"Do not say this."Match-maker mysterious ground of Xi Xi sees on all sides and depresses voice to say, " I send you a thing."
In the speech, he hides to hide ground to pass over here a bow and arrow from Yan in the cuff of sleeve:"This is in those early years I
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