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lancel purses have no an interest
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TOPIC: lancel purses have no an interest

lancel purses have no an interest 11 months, 1 week ago #100338

  • abgd4uxzao
His majesty, leaf's maple this time make me come to protect his majesty, and still make me find out some informations that come a person who assassinate the his majesty."Later on Xiao about to leaf the maple speak to all of the words said by him to Zhu Cheng Xiong listen to.
Zhu Cheng Xiong says with smile:"Leaf's maple leaf's maple, you despised my imperial house too much, these day so much assassinate, ain't I similar to live thoroughly?Look back you,, incredibly let the traitor do'assassinate a department'leader, is this irony again?"
Toward at present Xiao to go, Zhu Cheng Xiong again says:"Now that leaf's maple make you come to protect me, that doesn't can be like what he expected,
lancel purses,, you are leaf's house'assassinate a department'leader, although empire in know leaf's house secretly'three'of the person is very few, however as long as have so 12 to know and then go."Peep out the smiling face that a silk conspiracy succeeds on the face, Zhu Cheng Xiong says:"If empire owner tomorrow all understand'the person of leaf's house in the tonight assassinate empire emperor'this news, how does that people of this world meeting treat leaf's house?"
See go to the Xiao, say:"Just you will is certain to die."
The Xiao line in earnest says:"Belonging to the next life is what his majesty saves, now his majesty demand, belong to bottom return this life to the his majesty,"
"Like, that you begin."
The Xiao line is slowly kept starting and take the decision for being certain to die to see in the vision to Zhu Cheng Xiong, the together jet black sword only and in a twinkling once rowed Xiao to go and the distance of Zhu Cheng Xiong's, have no an interest, one handle the black bright double-edged sword have already put at Zhu Cheng Xiong's left chest,
valise lancel, just although the sword body once wore the left chest of Zhu Cheng Xiong, but sword is nearly but nearly avert from the vital part of human body again, can say that Zhu Cheng Xiong's wound looks very heavy, in fact however is a little bit more serious of the skin external injury is just.
A shot namely walks, the Xiao line turns round to outside fly Lue but go to the imperial palace and was a Xiao line to just leave, Zhu Cheng Xiong towards empty the room concussing says:"Construct as far as possible,, I want of news,
chanel bags."
The voice of a nihilist rings out"is"
The imperial palace thoroughly seethed this night, the empire emperor met a sting and almost died in the assassin's hand,
maroquinerie, the imperial house starts out a great deal of superior to round Jiao,, that assassin later on,
lv purses cheap, the terrible war skill tumbles down towards bumping, a building being under the terrible energy attack mutually, under many commonnesses the person is fought a spread, the bellowing of Long Long voice continuously resounds through in the imperial palace, although the assassin is still strong to the extremity, but finally die in an imperial house many strong cooperate,
This night many letters are from the imperial house in spread to go out,
lv hand bags, many this night
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