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TOPIC: authentic gucci "

authentic gucci " 11 months, 1 week ago #100317

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The dream is suddenly late fine the soil escape to disappear, immediately see the absolute being that don't respond not intentional be flown by the shot to sky.
Spiritual influence of dashing absolute being the not intentional body directly hurtle to the edge of platform knot boundary, he who didn't defendoof is unexpectedly put across severely wounded.All these Chen Ming all has already no longer paid attention to, he is sparing no effort to come together spiritual influence to remit together big virtuous dint to break through the absolute being that is been virtuous by the sky to assign name to of body to change cave.
Once break through, then can display a Mi method within three days once, later on re- shut again up.The 4 F 《is big virtuous to go to a body 》 comes out the self-discipline of the big virtuous dint is still very rarely seen, so Chen Ming breaks through the process of acupuncture points is very difficult, a hour later on, having a competition of the eighths all have been already ended, he still just that breaks through acupuncture points!
Chen Ming of the method that the dream is even to took a look to seem to be a certain an achievement in the self-discipline, the clear voice declares a way:"Win on the eighth, the Duo soul believes in Liu Ru Feng.Connect down, have a competition a beginning on the ninth, if not ability at half pillar joss-stick time inside appear on stage to have a competition, then calculate auto give up."
, The dream is even to take a silk difficult to expressly and smile an idea immediately after way:"The abdicator then loses to challenge match qualifications!"
By so doing, the green Yi prepares to wait Chen Ming's self-discipline to complete to appear on stage again to have a competition of the viewpoint also fell through and saw half pillar the joss-stick be been a little bit even to rise by the dream, time penny a ground past, but Chen Ming is still big four absorb all over the body heavy spiritual influence.
At half pillar joss-stick will soon when the Ran exert, the green Yi stands up very simply and says to the even dream:"I admit defeat!"
The war of chapter 89 predestination
Because the green Yi admits defeat, new talent's pupil has a competition of the intermediary heat also immediately end, the sky of high on the stage is virtuous to full of beansly tell offense toward the dream old and many lord in the elder door some kind of, arrive at Chen Ming nearby.
Green Yi and none of green instruments know Chen Ming this is at stem what, see uncle Shi come, the green instrument asks question a way:"Four uncle Shis, little younger brother Shi what is this doing?"
The sky is virtuous big mouth, say with smile:"Is green night this boy to just prepare for the champion, Yin the witch of the evil door incredibly has already turned absolute being to fix in the early years for, the pupil here, the green night probably vanquished her, besides which, , the others basically didn't begin of leeway.Hum, the Yin is these guys in the evil door, this time must Cuo Cuo their drive!"
He loudly delivers declaration here, the Yin of the high on the stage evil You spring of Chu from elder in door but is that the Yin is cold on smiling, own pupil is killed one matter, he early passes the soul card in the door ground crack to know.
"Hum, match a door too much, that boy died and then died and incredibly still killed my ice son!My Rao not you!"
Don't say Chu the You spring facial expression Yin maliciously stares virtuous etc. person in the sky
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